Are China Cabinets Out of Style in 2020?

Room with china cabinet

For a long period of time, China cabinets were a symbol of home, as many households had one to decorate their most formal rooms. Whether they were placed in the living or dining area, China cabinets always caught the attention of guests. Restaurants also opted to place these formal cabinets as decoration, since it gave a good impression to the customers. Very popular in the past, could one finally say that China cabinets are out of style?

Although these have been traditionally found in homes, many started wondering if its antique look makes homes look older. Many of the older generations, however, still choose to have these displayed in their homes. On the other hand, younger generations (whether students or recently married couples) choose to go for a more modern approach when decorating their living or dining rooms.

Why do People Choose to Have China Cabinets?

Anyone moving into a new house in older times chose to buy ceramic china, as they have been known to be the best option of platers. These sets come in various sizes: plates, bowls, teacups for guests, salt and pepper containers occasionally, and hot water pots. All of these were to be displayed in an elegant wooden cabinet, which is commonly known as the china cabinet.

Many newlyweds would register for China and chose to receive them as wedding gifts. Nevertheless, the cabinet itself is usually a purchase people have to make themselves, unless it is inherited. China cabinets are known to last for years, giving the opportunity for families to pass them on to generations.

Should You Buy a China Cabinet Now?

If you are looking for an apartment that is classic yet elegant, a China cabinet could be a good addition. They will usually go really well with an 8 seater wooden table, always decorated with flowers as a centerpiece. If you are looking for a more modern look to your new home, than there are various cabinets to choose from, depending on your budget.

You can check all the major furniture sellers like Wayfair or Ikea, but I wanted to personally recommend the #1 China cabinet I was able to find so far around $200. The dimensions make it perfect for a small or medium-sized room, and it will go well with both a modern and rustic style. If you’re interested, you can check it out on Amazon by following this link.

In case you are able to spend a little extra on your China hutch (around $400), I have found an excellent option for you. This cabinet (which you can see in the picture below) comes in several different finishes that will certainly match your kitchen or dining room, and it is made out of good wood. It’s tall, spacious, well-made, and affordable. It can fit up to 12 bottles of wine, and it will last for a very long time! If it sounds like this will be a good fit for you, you can check out my favorite 2019 China cabinet on Hayneedle’s website by following this link.

Home Styles Small Wood Bakers Rack with Two Door Hutch
This is my favorite affordable China Cabinet in 2019

You could also check the offers at IKEA, as they have various options for every style. If you are looking to mix modern and antiques, then thrift shops or antique stores may have options that suit the room better.

If you do decide to purchase a China cabinet, it is important to plan out the layout of your dining room. Since such cabinets are usually large, you need to make sure it will go well with your dining table. We wrote a very thorough guide that shows how to find the perfect dining room table, so you can optimize your space and make it look amazing. Whether you live in a mansion or in a tiny apartment, we’ve got you covered. If you take a look at the link, you will actually find out that you may need a different shape of dining table in order to maximize your space.

What Cabinets Can Replace a China Cabinet?

Open Shelves

A new form of displaying your items in a modern way is having an open shelf. You can build these into the walls, or have them hang from the room if the infrastructure allows it. This will make for a very modern display, and you can decorate the shelf with any items.


If you want to seem sophisticated, then you might opt to display a bookcase. This will require you to fill the shelves, and decorate them with sculptures or items you wish to display. It does not necessarily have to be a display of books; as a matter of fact, it can display any item you want.

Liquor Cabinet

If you like to entertain your guests with cocktails, or a glass of rum on the rocks, then a liquor cabinet will fit perfect in your living area. Having a liquor cabinet will have you ready to receive guests at any time, as long as you remember to restock. Additionally, it will make for a chic living area, and your guest will most likely enjoy it.

Wine Rack

If you are looking to impress your guests, you can use the space to build a wine rack. It will serve to decorate your living room AND keep your wine handy for when guests arrive. This will display a fun household that likes to receive guests, and enjoy a meal with a glass of wine

I don’t know which decorating style you have chosen for your home, but I wanted to let you know about the awesome wine rack I found. It would be a great fit for an industrial, rustic, or traditional home, and it is very affordable. What really caught my attention was the fact that you can not only display your wine, but glasses and other decorations as well. On top of that, it can also serve as a small table if you need it! I personally recommend it, and as you can see, customers have great feedback as well. The following link will take you to my favorite wine rack.

TV unit

If you have space and are looking for a new decoration for the wall in your living room, a TV set might be useful on many occasions. It can serve as a family area to gather the whole family for a movie or to enjoy a sports game. You will also be the go-to home for big events. If you like hosting, then you will enjoy having people over to watch big games, a season of a new show, a red carpet or even to binge watch any show on Netflix.

Craft Shelves

If you are artistic and enjoy the art of craft, then having craft shelves will come in handy. You can equip your cabinet with any material you consider you could ever need to make your craft. Then, you will have everything there to make original birthday cards, posters, or maybe even banners.

Where to Buy Affordable Designs for Your Living Room?

IKEA is always a good option to pass by if it is available in your home country. You can head to similar furniture retailers and find the perfect set for you. Once you have decided what you want to do with the space, the employees at the store will be ready to help you pick out the perfect piece of furniture. If you are looking for antique liquor cabinets, then you might be able to find them at a nearby thrift shop or antique store, as they might be more affordable than brand new ones at a store.

If your idea of the perfect room includes craft shelves, open shelves or a bookshelf, it might be best to contact a carpenter. They can offer you good deals and help you design the perfect shelves for your living room. There are many ways to redecorate a room, and if you’d like to have an elegant China cabinet, then it will most likely go perfect with your decoration plans. Don’t be skeptical that they are out of style; as long as you plan it well, they will look just fine.

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