Are Polyester Couches Durable?

Are Polyester Couches Durable?

Polyester is one of the most appealing sofa upholstery fabrics today. It’s made of synthetic material and has many unique advantages over other types of sofa upholstery materials. 

Polyester is one of the most versatile and durable sofa upholstery materials. Polyester can withstand abrasion and discoloration, while it’s stain resistant and wrinkle resistant. However, it’s also prone to cracking, delamination, and stretching. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your furniture with a new couch, then this article will cover all you need to know about the durability of polyester. 

Does Polyester Couch Pill?

Pilling of sofa upholstery fabrics is when loose strands of fiber form on the surface of the fabric. The strands form when abrasion with other materials loosens some of the top layers of the couch fabric. 

Most people consider pilling unattractive and a sign of poor quality. Though pilling is generally not an indicator of quality, it’s true that some materials of poorer quality will pill more than their higher quality counterparts. 

Like most other sofa upholstery, polyester pills. Pilling isn’t a fabric defect, it happens when excess polyester fibers become loose due to abrasion and friction. 

All couch fabrics, whether natural or synthetic, pill to varying degrees while in use. Nonetheless, pilling doesn’t affect the durability of polyester. The pilling will gradually reduce with time as the excess fiber disappears. 

Pilling usually appears around the areas most used. For a polyester couch, pilling will mostly appear on the cushions where you sit, atop the arm rests, and along with the head rest areas. 

There’s no way to prevent pilling. However, you can make the pilling less obvious by frequently getting rid of the pills and knots that form. You can use:

  • Handheld battery-operated fabric shavers. 
  • Fabric de-fuzzing tools.
  • Handheld pill removers. 
  • Pumice stone pill remover. 
  • A soft brush with gentle strokes. 
  • A small sharp pair of scissors. You have to be careful not to damage the material. 

Is 100 % Polyester Couch Durable?

Are Polyester Couches Durable?

When shopping for your polyester couch, check the fabric level. Microfiber materials are 100% polyester. Other fibers might contain polyester blends. 100% polyester is more durable than blended polyesters and recyclable too.  

Polyester blends are more prone to staining and fading. The blended fibers are also more likely to pill more and for a longer time, even with the lightest abrasion. 

Smooth fabrics, like the ones that contain a satin finish polyester, are prone to punctures and snagging. Thus, a microfiber 100% polyester upholstery will last longer in a home with pets and kids. 

When pilling occurs, a soft brush, lint remover, or tape roller can be adequate in removing pills off a 100% polyester couch. For blended materials, you might have to use a stiffer brush or stronger strokes to remove pilling. The tougher action will result in more abrasion, compromising the durability of your sofa. 

What Fabric Is Most Durable For a Couch?

When selecting the most durable upholstery material for your couch you have to consider your lifestyle. Each material has its own characteristics such as its strength, fade resistance, staining, wrinkling, and pilling. Even though every material will wear out over time, some materials are more resilient than others. 

Here are the top most durable couch upholstery materials in use today. 


Wool is a natural fiber and a fantastic option when it comes to durability. It’s great at resisting wrinkling, staining, pilling, and fading. To increase wool’s durability and ease cleaning, it’s usually blended with synthetic fibers such as polyester. 


Leather is the most durable natural material for sofa upholstery. It’s sophisticated and adds a touch of elegance. It withstands normal wear and tear and is favored by people with kids or pets. Also, it’s much easier to clean than other natural fibers.


Vinyl is a synthetic fiber and offers a great alternative to leather upholstery. It is cheaper than leather but just as tough and durable. 


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that’s tough and highly durable. It’s resistant to abrasions, staining, chemicals, grease, and the effects of sunlight. It’s not as sophisticated as leather or vinyl but can last just as long. 

Do Polyester Couches Stain Easily?

Are Polyester Couches Durable?

Polyester is stain-resistant and adds an extra layer of protection to your couch against hard-to-remove marks. Additionally, polyester is also moisture-resistant, fade-resistant, and doesn’t discolor easily. 

However, some oils can damage polyester and create permanent marks. Beware of grease from food and engine oils. 

Is Polyester Couch Easy to Clean?

Cleaning your polyester couch is relatively easy. A clean damp cloth is usually sufficient for removing dirt, debris, food spillage, and grease off the surface of the couch. 

Since polyester doesn’t absorb moisture easily when you clean with a damp cloth your couch will dry up quickly. The polyester weave will also remain intact, meaning your couch will maintain its looks for many years to come. 

Since polyester doesn’t stain or discolor easily, you never have to use harsh detergents or rough brushing. For most dirt, it can take you only a few minutes to get your couch clean as well as new.

For a more thorough clean:

  • Start by removing any detachable parts and cushions of your sofa. 
  • Sprinkle some deodorizing baking soda and let rest for about ten minutes.
  • Vacuum your polyester couch to remove dirt, dust, and pet fur. Use the crevice tool to get to all the hard-to-reach spaces. 
  • If your polyester fabric can withstand water, take about a quart (or liter) of warm water. Mix with a teaspoon of mild laundry detergent and a teaspoon of white vinegar. 
  • Using a clean cloth, dip the cloth into the mixture and wipe a small discreet area of the sofa. Wait 5 minutes and if there is no sign of discoloration, continue wiping the rest of the couch. 
  • Let the couch dry off completely then return all the removable parts and cushions.    


Polyester is a synthetic material that offers stain-resistance, wrinkle-resistance, and weather-proof material for your couch upholstery. Polyester lasts long, looks good, and is easy to clean. To further improve the qualities of polyester, it can be blended with natural fibers such as wool and cotton.

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