Can Mirrors Be Too Much Furniture?

Can Mirrors Be Too Much Furniture?

Most experienced Interior designers go on about how mirrors make a room look more prominent and how you can’t go wrong with them. However, mirrors make a really bold statement in a room full of other furniture. This begs the question “can mirrors be too much furniture?”

Mirrors may not be too much furniture depending on their placement. A home with four mirrors can appear as if it has too much-mirrored furniture, while a house with sixteen mirrors will look just perfect. Getting the placements right is key to not making your home look like a mirror showroom.

In this article, you’ll be learning how you can go wrong while designing a home with mirrors. You will learn a couple of places where you shouldn’t hang mirrors and some of the reasons why you shouldn’t keep too many mirrors in the same room.

Where Should You Not Hang Mirrors?

Can Mirrors Be Too Much Furniture?

People usually link mirrors to spiritual energy. If you’re a fan of mirror designs, you should have read something about Feng Shui talking about how mirrors can reflect energy across rooms and buildings.

Using some of the philosophies of Feng Shui and some actual real-world home design tips, I’ll show you some parts of the home where you shouldn’t hang mirrors to prevent your house from looking weird.

1. Around the Bed

Can we all agree that hanging too many mirrors in your bedroom is weird?

Of course, having one full-sized mirror somewhere in your bedroom is a necessity, but having it across from or directly over your bed is a wrong mirror placement.

In Feng Shui terms, your soul leaves your body when you sleep, and seeing itself in a mirror is startling and can disrupt your sleep. In short, it’s always best to place your mirror in a space where it will be invisible from your bird.

In practical design terms, a lot of intimate things happen in a bedroom. For most of them, you don’t want to tolerate the presence of a second (or third) party, so ridding the area around your bed of mirrors is an excellent design choice.

2. Kitchen

Although a mirror has almost no use in a kitchen, Feng Shui’s beliefs opine that hanging a mirror in your kitchen reflects negative energy to the whole of the house.

In short, you shouldn’t be hanging any mirrors in a kitchen unless you’re comfortable with cleaning off splatters every passing minute. Also, the steam from cooking foods tends to make some fog over mirror surfaces, and you’ll need to be cleaning that too.

3. Across from a Clutter

Mirrors serve many purposes in a house’s overall design. For one, it makes rooms appear larger and brighter, and it also reflects items from across them to create a recurring and balanced design language.

But that only works when it’s hung across the good stuff. Placing a mirror from across a pile of clutter will reflect it and reinforce the mess, making the bad stuff look worse than it is.

When planning locations for mirrors in your home, avoid placing mirrors across places where people are most likely to drop their stuff. If you can get this right, you can effectively hide the clutter in your home while multiplying the elements that contribute to the aesthetics.

Can Mirrors Be Too Much Furniture?

When talking about mirrors and furniture concerning a home’s overall design, there are two essential questions to consider. The first addresses if mirrors can be too much, and the other addresses if mirrored furniture can get excessive.

While these two questions sound similar, they’re very different. Mirrored furniture refers to furniture pieces designed with mirrors, like cupboards and center tables with a mirrored surface, while mirrors are simply mirrors.

Firstly, it’s important not to overdo mirrored furniture, especially when you have kids. A mirror is glass, and glass breaks. You don’t want to keep replacing broken furniture pieces every other day.

Mirrored furniture works best if it shows off some exciting items around the room. However, you should think twice before stocking your home full of mirrored furniture as you’ll grow tired of them as soon they start to crack.

When it comes to mirrors themselves, it depends on the rooms you’re designing. While a single mirror may be too much in the kitchen, other rooms can take as many mirrors as necessary.

Can There Be Too Many Mirrors in a Room?

Can Mirrors Be Too Much Furniture?

Too many mirrors can make some people feel somewhat uncomfortable. Seeing extra persons from every angle you look makes it feel like you’re being watched.

If you have a good deal of people visiting you every day, you should refrain from hanging too many mirrors across the walls of your room. Try to hang mirrors where they reflect precious items like artworks.

In short, there can be too many mirrors in a room. However, there is no accurate measure to how many mirrors is “too much.” While a single mirror could make some people very uncomfortable, a dozen mirrors may look insufficient to some.

But whatever you do, please don’t hang a mirror in your kitchen.

Why Shouldn’t You Have a Lot of Mirrors in Your House?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t design your house with many mirrors or mirrored furniture. Here, I’ll comprehensively explain some of the reasons why too many mirrors may be a wrong design choice.

1. Breakage

Mirrors are glass, albeit expensive glass, and glass breaks. If your mirror cracks or shatters, there is very little you can do to fix it on your own.

Having a lot of mirrors in a house will directly increase the chances of mirrors breaking randomly. If you live with kids, the possibilities multiply exponentially.

If you don’t want to replace broken furniture every fortnight, you may want to mix your mirrors with some glassless furniture.

2. Discomfort

Unless you plan to live alone in your house forever, you shouldn’t spam the whole building with mirrors.

Mirrors, when improperly placed, may serve unintended purposes to visitors, making them develop the thoughts that they’re constantly being watched. This thought is logical, as mirrors in too many walls of a room will give you much more perspective on someone sitting there.

If you don’t want your mirrors to be taken out of context, place them in moderation to avoid creating an uncomfortable environment around your home.

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