Can You Mix Dining Room Chairs?

Different chairs

Different chairs in the dining area – this is no longer new. At one time, this reception could be appreciated by the audience of the series Friends – unsuited chairs surrounded the dining table in Monica’s apartment. But now this decision is relevant, interesting and quite brave.

When mixing dining room chairs, it is necessary to show artistic taste and a sense of proportion in order to end with a beautiful potpourri, and not a chaotic jumble. When choosing the chairs to add to the mix, important decisions to make are how many chairs the space requires and which overall theme you are going for.

If you are attracted to this idea but are afraid to make a mistake with the layout, use one of the common schemes below.

Interior from the TV series “Friends”

What is the purpose of using different chairs? First, it is original. Secondly, the different chairs in the kitchen or in the living room – a hint of lightheadedness and carelessness. Mixed dinner groups make the interior youthful and perky. Thirdly, the introduction of accent chairs helps to tie together the dining and other areas of the home, like the kitchen or living room. At the same time, the combination with neutral chairs allows avoiding the excess of color. The idea to mix chairs may also arise if several samples are attracted to the store at once. If you can not decide – buy each of the models you like and build them.

Combination Schemes for Chairs in the Kitchen and in the Dining Room

1. Two groups of chairs: The number of chairs does not matter: two, three, four or six. You can combine two types of chairs in several ways: for example, arrange them one way, group them on opposite sides of the table, or arrange them in a checkerboard pattern.

2. At the head of the table: In this case, the set is made up of ordinary and main chairs. The main ones are two chairs located at the ends of the table. These places have traditionally been intended for heads of family and guests of honor. The main chairs are usually taller and more massive. Instead of dining chairs, chairs can be installed at the head of the table.

Different chairs at the head of the table can look really good

3. Combined 3 types of chairs: two groups and at the head of the table

4. The vinaigrette: According to this scheme, all the chairs in the set are different (according to one or another parameter). This is the most difficult plan. It is important to observe the principle of symmetry: the chairs should be similar in size.

5. Accent chair: All chairs in this set are the same, except for one. This chair should be significantly different from the rest of the style, color, size – or one parameter, or all at once. The accent chair can be positioned both at the head of the table, and in line with other chairs.

Other Principles of Combining Chairs

Above, we talked about configuration options and placement. And now – about the principle of combining the chairs in the set.

1. Eclectic: Chairs of different styles and configurations are mixed, but in the same color or with the same upholstery.

2. Color mix: The same chairs are combined in different colors or with different upholstery. It is convenient to collect a set from one collection. Often, the manufacturer produces a model in several colors at once.

Simple example of a basic color mix

3. A common feature: You can mix chairs that are different from each other at the same time in design and color. However, such chairs should be at least identical in something: in shades, materials, lines, etc. For example, chairs of different colors and shapes can combine a similar tonality (pastel).

Different, but still looking harmonious

4. Independence: All chairs can be completely different and even not similar to each other, that is, independent. Provided that each of them harmoniously fits into the interior. For example, a dining area in a modern black and white kitchen with a turquoise apron can be equipped with the following set of chairs: black leather, white wood, transparent plastic and turquoise with fabric upholstery. All chairs are different, but each of them is absolutely appropriate in this kitchen.

Further Tips

Here are some tips that can help you make the decision!

1. We mix everything up, it’s so much more dynamic! Styles, colors, materials: we mix everything for a dynamic and charming decoration! There are more and more designer chairs on the internet, it’s perfect to play with the mix of styles without ruining your dining room!

2. Several styles, one color. You can choose one and the same guideline: color. The rendering will be less powerful than if you mixed everything together but it will be just as charming!

3. The choice of materials. Metal? Wood? The material can also be a guideline for your project.

4. The stool, the chair’s best friend! If you are really not afraid of anything, don’t hesitate to play the game hard and even mix the seats: the stool is also very practical! He will be your best ally in small spaces!

Benches could be great allies for small spaces as well

5. One chair, several colors. If you have already set your sights on a model, nothing prevents you from playing with the color! Come on, let’s have fun with a colorful composition of Eames, Muuto or Tolix chairs!

Which Coating to Choose?

It is undeniable that the upholstered fabric or leather is the most comfortable but also the most delicate, especially if you have children or animals who like to have their nails done at home. So opt for chairs in polypropylene, metal or wood (the walnut is very trendy) on which you will place a cushion to soften the seat; the same cushion may constitute an additional decorative element.

Contemporary Dining Room Design Chairs

If they fit your budget, yes! Pay attention to the “too much” effect chairs + table + lights, which could be a little ostentatious. Furthermore, it is easy to mix design chairs with more classic or industrial chairs. Try to mix materials and colors that will add personality to the whole. Now, the chairs by Charles and Ray Eames DSW and DSR produced by Vitra are in great demand because their multiple finishes and their Fifties look fit perfectly with the trends of today.

What About Armrests?

Yes, if you have enough space to place one or two models of chairs with armrests, it will make the room more comfortable. In general, contemporary chairs no longer foresee it, but – once again – everything is possible; indeed, it is even advised to mix shapes and styles around any table.

The Height of the Backrest

A high backrest will give a more solemn appearance to the whole, a more traditional side. The high back is also more comfortable. However, low backrests are more contemporary. It’s up to you to choose the one that best reflects you.

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