Can You Put a Mini Fridge in a Closet?

Can You Put a Mini Fridge in a Closet?

When you are in the mood for a quick midnight snack, a well-stocked mini fridge can be just the companion you want. They are compact, convenient, and inconspicuous. But the question is, where do you set up this handy, little machine in your room? Can you put it in the closet or in a cabinet? 

You can place a mini-fridge inside a closet or a cabinet so long as there is ample space for ventilation. A mini-fridge will generate heat that needs to be dissipated, lest it builds to dangerous levels. So, if your closet has proper airflow, it can safely house a mini-fridge for your convenience. 

A mini-fridge can be such a piece of useful equipment to have. But you do need to understand that not every place in your house is sufficient for housing a refrigerator. In order to have a mini-fridge that lasts, you need to know where and how you can set it up. And that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. 

Does a Mini Fridge Need Air Flow? 

Can You Put a Mini Fridge in a Closet?

First, let’s talk a little about how any fridge works. Be it a full-size fridge or a portable one, the basic principle is the same. 

A fridge utilizes a refrigerant that travels through tubes and absorbs the heat inside the fridge. So, the inside of the fridge and the things you store in it remain at a low temperature. And as a consequence, the liquid refrigerant turns into a gas. 

But that absorbed heat has to go somewhere. So, the refrigerant, which is now in a gaseous form, travels to coils to unload that heat. The heat then gets released to the environment, away from the fridge. And the refrigerant returns to a liquid form. This is how the fridge is able to continuously keep things cool. 

The coils are usually located at the back or the side of the fridge. This is the reason why the side or the back of the fridge is often hot, even though we usually associate a fridge with low temperatures.  

Now, due to the nature of the cooling process, a fridge needs adequate ventilation. Because the flowing air carries the heat away from the fridge. Otherwise, the heat will start to build up around the device, which can lead to issues in the long term. 

You will notice a considerable decline in performance as the fridge will not be able to keep your products cool as effectively as it once could. If this situation persists, there is a genuine risk that the compressor will start to malfunction and will likely stop working much more quickly. And without a functioning compressor, your fridge cannot cool down at all. 

In addition to the poor performance, your fridge will start to consume more power than it normally should. This can shoot up the electricity bill without you realizing where the extra consumption is happening. 

So, the fridge must stay in a place where there is sufficient airflow. 

Can You Put a Mini Fridge in a Closet? 

Since a mini-fridge requires proper space for ventilation, a closet may not appear as an ideal place to put it. Because a closet may not provide the sort of airflow needed to host a fridge. 

And yes, if the closet is too crowded, you do run the risk of a potential fire hazard. However, you can definitely configure your closet in a way that can safely host your mini-fridge without risk. 

First, you should measure the dimensions of your closet. This will give you an idea of the size of the fridge you can fit in there. Ideally, the closet should be big enough so that the fridge has a few inches of breathing space at all sides. At the very least, there should be a substantial gap between the closet wall and the side of the fridge that expels the heat. 

You also may need to create additional openings in the closet. This can help with the airflow and ensure that the heat does not build up inside. It does not have to be a large opening. Just large enough to let air in and out. 

Additionally, you should keep your fridge separate from any flammable material. So, try to maintain a safe distance between your clothes and the fridge. You should also keep the fridge slightly elevated. 

Can You Put a Mini Fridge in a Cabinet? 

Can You Put a Mini Fridge in a Closet?

The principles for keeping a fridge in a cabinet are pretty much the same as keeping it in a closet. The walls of the cabinet should remain a few inches away from the fridge. And you also want an opening to let fresh air in. Plus, you can use that opening to neatly run the power cords to the power outlet. 

Once again, do not keep any flammable material inside the cabinet. And you should clean the cabinet and condenser coils regularly so that dust does not build up. This can greatly reduce the risk of a fire hazard. 

Where Should You Not Put a Mini Fridge? 

Now, let’s talk about some of the places where you should not put a mini-fridge in. Because there are some places you should avoid. 

Not Near Heat Sources 

Do not keep your fridge near any sources of heat like a cooker or radiator. You should also not put it in any area that easily gets hot. 

Not Near Flammable Objects 

Try not to keep any flammable materials close to the fridge. Because the heat can potentially build up, which can lead to a fire. So, try not to place the fridge on top of a carpet or rug.  


Mini fridges can be a great little facility around the house. And keeping it in a proper place is essential in its longevity. Hopefully, this article gave you some insights as to how you can store a mini-fridge in your house. 

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