Can You Return a Mattress to Amazon? (Yes, and Here’s How To)

Amazon! A magical online marketplace that pretty much everyone in the world knows and uses. From groceries to electronics and furniture to art supplies, Amazon is the number one website where you can find whatever your heart desires.

As surprising as it sounds, many people prefer to buy online rather than in a store, and Amazon makes it easy to do just that. When looking for a good quality mattress, the variety you will find on Amazon is unmatched, and it also allows you to compare the prices and attributes of each mattress you like.

Amazon takes pride in its logistics system as well as its customer service and has made it easy for customers to return products if they are not satisfied, no matter what the product is. Returning a mattress may seem like an absurd idea, but Amazon makes it possible.

Customers can easily return unopened mattresses to Amazon. If the mattress has been opened and expanded, customers can still return them as long as they do so within 30 days of the purchase date. Amazon generally allows customers to donate the mattress to a charity rather than actually returning them.

Returning Unopened Mattresses to Amazon

Amazon is very generous with its return policy and makes it easy for customers to return pretty much any product. If you bought a mattress on Amazon and have realized that either a different one has arrived or you may have ordered the wrong size, you can easily return it.

You can call their toll free number or even go online and initiate the return process. Amazon will then get you into contact with their returns team, and they will arrange a pick-up time or give you an address of one of their return centers, and you can easily return your unopened mattress.

Now, whether you receive a full refund or not may depend on the seller you have bought your mattress from, but most unopened returns are fully refunded.

Returning Opened and Expanded Mattresses

Now, if you have received your mattress and, in the excitement of receiving it, opened and expanded it only to realize that it doesn’t fit or it’s not up to your requirements, returning it is a little different from an unopened one.

Amazon does not take back opened and expanded mattresses; however, it does allow you to initiate the return process through its toll-free number or online.

Once you have started the return process, Amazon gets you in touch with their large items team, and they schedule a time to pick up the mattress from your house. Once it is picked up, you can either choose to donate it or leave it to Amazon to get rid of it.

Refunds are issued in full if you have returned the mattress within 30 days of receipt of shipment, and some refunds may depend on the discretion of the seller if you’ve bought from an independent seller.

Do You Need Any Proof of Why You’re Returning It?

With Amazon’s easy return policy, most consumers will not need proof of any kind when returning a product. Also, since Amazon is an e-commerce website, your previous purchase data is always stored in your order history, and so Amazon knows that you have ordered the product in the past that you are now returning.

If the mattress you have received is not to your taste, different than the size you need or damaged, you can easily initiate the return process and receive a full refund in the process given you’ve bought from Amazon’s own retailers.

However, if you’ve purchased from a third-party retailer, you may need to provide your order ID and some pictures to prove whatever is wrong with the mattress, just as a precaution to make sure you get your refund and your order is reversed.

One thing that can make your return process much easier is if you haven’t opened or expanded your mattress, making it easier for all retailers to give you a refund.

Alternatives When You Cannot Return Your Mattress

If you’ve run out of time on your return period or have cut off labels from your mattress, you may not be able to return it, especially if you bought it from a third party seller. Don’t worry, though there are still many eco-friendly ways of dealing with your unwanted mattress, all of which do not include leaving it on the side of the street.

If your mattress is not damaged and is in almost perfect condition, you can sell it on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, or even eBay, ensuring that you make some of your money back and the mattress isn’t wasted. If you don’t want to get into the hassles of reselling, you can donate your mattress to homeless shelters or other charity organizations that take such large donations.

However, if your mattress is damaged and cannot be sold or donated, you can always look for local companies that can take your mattress from you and break it down and dispose of it without damaging the environment.

You also have the option to break down the mattress at home, but that requires time and specialized tools, but if you do choose to do this, you can easily throw away the softer materials yourself and sell or donate the structural parts.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you’re buying off the internet, no how much e-commerce has advanced and no matter what you’re buying, there is always a little bit of hesitation since what you may get is not what you may have ordered. Amazon is one e-commerce giant that takes care of this ambiguity and lets you return products easily without much hassle.

If you’ve bought a mattress on Amazon and realized that it needs to be returned due to any reason, you can easily do so and get a full refund on most occasions. Whether opened or still packaged, Amazon’s large items team comes and picks it up from your house while also issuing a refund.

If returning is not possible, you can always resell it at a lower price, donate it to shelters or dispose of it in environment-friendly ways yourself or through an organization. No matter what you choose, a mattress you don’t need does not need to stay in your house.

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