Can You See Through Curtains At Night?

Can You See Through Curtains At Night

When it comes to creating covers for your windows, it is important to consider what level of privacy they offer, especially at night. Curtains are an important element of a home since they can prevent intruders from peeking, mainly at night when the lights are turned on and everything can be seen from the outside. So, are curtains good coverages for the windows and can you see through them at night? 

The translucency of curtains depends mostly on the fabrics and materials of which they are made. Therefore, pleated curtains offer a stylish approach to privacy since they are not translucent, while sheer curtains are very light and transparent, so they can be seen through especially at night.

In this article, I will talk about types of curtains and a variety of materials that can provide you privacy at night. I will discuss the features of sheer curtains and whether they are a good option for coverage of windows. Furthermore, I will provide some examples of curtains that can be a good choice for privacy; therefore, you can make the right decision even before you make the purchase.  

What Kind Of Curtains Provide Privacy At Night?

Can You See Through Curtains At Night

Investing in curtains that provide privacy at night is of essential importance. You have to consider several things before making the purchase, and buying curtains that only suit the style of your home. It is understandable that esthetics are important, but you have to think about the features of the curtains you intend to buy, i.e., they need to provide good coverage, so you will have privacy at night. 

By obtaining curtains that will provide privacy, mainly, you do not allow intruders to peek inside your home. This is also a way of protecting yourself from thieves in a way that you do not provide for them a chance to see what kind of valuable things you keep inside. 

However, buying curtains that are not translucent does not mean that you will not have options design-wise. Nowadays, there are different materials and fabrics that are amazingly stylish, while at the same time providing the privacy you need. Below, you have some of the most convenient kinds of curtains that will surely suit your needs. 

Privacy Curtains 

Privacy curtains are the best solution for those who want to protect their rooms from sunlight in the proper way while obtaining security for the home as well. These types of curtains are sometimes known by the name ‘blackout curtains’ since they block the light that enters the room. Some more advanced kinds of privacy curtains might even block the noise that comes from the outside.

However, some people do not like these curtains since they block the light during the daytime mostly, so they find that inconvenient. 


Shades are known as one of the best coverages for windows since they offer the needed privacy and they are easily adjustable. You can pull them up or down depending on your needs, and you can be quite sure that once they are down, nothing can be seen from the outside. 

Another thing about shades is that they come in all colors, and they match almost every style and design. However, if your rooms have a specific style that needs more formal curtains, then shades might not be the best option. Also, even though they are maintained in a simple way, they are prone to quick cracking, so you will need to replace them in short periods of time. 


Blinds are one of the most common coverages for windows, and they come in every color, and in multiple materials. You have blinds made of metal, wood, or plastic, and they are quite cheap. They are easily maintained and you can put them either on the inside or on the outside of your windows. 

Blinds are popular choices for many people, but their structure is not so solid; therefore, they can easily break and need a replacement. 

Pleated Curtains 

Pleated curtains provide absolute privacy, and they come in a formal and stylish design. If you have a specific style in which your whole home is organized and stylized, then pleated curtains would be the option in this case. These types of curtains are usually used in the bedrooms or living rooms since they have a delicate design that is not suitable for every room. 

Do Sheer Curtains Give Privacy At Night? 

Can You See Through Curtains At Night

Sheer curtains are made of light and thin materials, such as silk, polyester, chiffon, lace, linen, and so on. They are very elegant and they give the rooms a very classy and aesthetic look. They can come in different colors and shades; however, they are mostly used in white, or variations of white, since they look the best this way. 

However, sheer curtains are translucent and they do not provide privacy for your home. In the daytime, they might offer some coverage, but at night, once the lights are turned on, everything can be seen from the outside. So, if you are thinking about using sheer curtains for your rooms, take into consideration that you will not be provided any privacy. 

This way you will be exposed to intruders from the outside, so everyone who passes along your home could see inside. This is not recommended for privacy reasons, but for your safety and security as well. 

What Can You Put Behind Sheer Curtains For Privacy? 

Even though sheer curtains do not provide privacy, that does not mean you can use them in your home. To provide privacy, you can use some heavier drapes behind the curtains. These are very convenient since you can pull them only when needed. Another option is to use plastic lining black materials behind the sheer curtains since they provide privacy whenever you need. 

These are good options if you have already set your mind and eyes on sheer curtains for coverage of your windows. 

When it comes to curtains and obtaining a certain type of coverage for your windows, the first thing you have to consider is privacy. Even though there might be options that match the style of your home better, bear in mind that keeping your home safe comes in the first place.

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