Do I Need an Interior Decorator?

Do I Need an Interior Decorator?

Decorating a new apartment isn’t an easy task. While your room may look nearly perfect after dozens of trials and errors, should you put yourself through all that trouble? With the only alternative being interior decorators, do you need to hire an interior decorator for your apartment?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get an aesthetically pleasing apartment, hiring an interior decorator is still your best bet. Thanks to their experience and relationship with suppliers, they can get high-quality home decoration materials at very low prices, saving money in the long run.

If you’re considering hiring the services of an interior decorator, here is an ultimate guide. Here, you’ll learn why an interior decorator may be a great choice, how they differ from interior designers, and how much the average interior decorator costs.

What Exactly Does an Interior Decorator Do?

Do I Need an Interior Decorator?

Before hiring any professional, you must know what they do exactly, to avoid hiring someone that you don’t require their services. With most people confusing interior decoration with interior design, it’s even more important to differentiate between these two fields.

Interior decorators are professionals that help to make your home aesthetically pleasing by decorating it with beautiful items. They don’t have a say in the design of the home before or during its construction, but they decorate it after the fact.

Interior designers are slightly different but have a more pronounced role. An interior designer will have a say in the initial design of the room. This goes as deep as dictating the sizes of the windows and doors and moving the walls.

Hiring an interior designer is only practical when building an apartment, but you can hire an interior decorator at any time. Most interior designers also offer interior decoration services to help out people who just can’t seem to tell the difference.

While the job of an interior decorator is subtler than that of a designer, it’s still pretty extensive. They may recommend a paint change, help choose the style and color of chairs, and change the curtains and carpets.

An interior decorator should listen to your demands to create a design that best aligns with your aesthetic. The best clients for interior decorators are homeowners, but they also have a market in architects and real estate agents too.

Is There a Need for Interior Decorators?

Everyone is born with an eye for art. Since you can also tell how a great interior decoration looks like, you may think the interior decoration is a pretty useless profession, but you’d also be very wrong. There are legitimate reasons why interior decorators are worth the money, even more in some instances.

If you still can’t justify hiring someone else to make your home look its best, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring an interior decorator today.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Do I Need an Interior Decorator?

Since you’re paying extra to an interior decorator to help you do what you thought you could do yourself, it’s usually very difficult to prove that you might be saving money. However, hiring an interior decorator will be helping you save money in ways other than one.

Since an interior decorator is experienced with making houses look better than they should be, they’ll help you get good prices on your house if you plan to sell in the future. When potential buyers check a well-decorated home, they’ll be compelled to pay well, even higher than the market average.

Also, interior decorators can access items at prices that aren’t available to a regular shopper. They have suppliers for household items like carpets, sofas, and curtains. Since they buy frequently, they get great products at low prices, driving down the prices you pay for these items.

This will help stock your home with some of the highest quality home equipment without having to pay a premium.

2. Expert opinions

Every qualified interior decorator is trained to identify the best home improvement practices. Once they take a look at your home design, they can offer objective opinions regarding your home design, recommending changes that will instantly make it look better.

While this may sound like an easy task, regular people won’t pay as much attention to detail. If you want professional home decoration advice, your only option is a qualified interior decorator.

1. They make your home look better

When setting up a new home, you usually have a picture in mind, or a story to tell. While you may decorate the space to make it look passably good, it still may not align with what you had in mind because you’re no expert.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar position, an interior decorator is all you need. You can be as detailed as possible when briefing your interior decorator, and they’ll replicate the picture you had in mind even better.

How to Hire a Good Interior Decorator

Do I Need an Interior Decorator?

While an interior decorator should generally make your home’s design better, that isn’t always the case. Some decorators charge crazy high fees, while others are simply unqualified to give any recommendations regarding the design of your home.

Before hiring any decorator, it’s important to ask about their qualifications and certifications. Their responses will vary depending on your location, but almost every state has minimum requirements for professional interior decorators.

You should also set and stick to a budget to avoid incurring any exorbitant fees on your home decoration. You can research the average cost of interior decorators in your location to get an idea of how much you should be planning to spend.

You should also interview shortlisted decorators that fall into your budget range. At the interviewing stage, they should also ask questions to know your aesthetic preferences. This should help them make more accurate estimations of how much you’ll be needing to get your dream home design.

More importantly, you should decide if you need an interior decorator or just a designer. If you’re not done building your home already, an interior designer might be what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re just on the right track with a decorator.

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