Do IKEA Bed Frames Need Box Springs?

Who hasn’t heard of IKEA? The economical, build your own furniture store that sometimes frustrates you and has furniture and interior solutions for anything your heart desires.

You can upcycle so many of their products and make them look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars when in reality, all it took was a few hours of your time and a couple of hundred dollars. IKEA really is the best place for people looking for starter furniture pieces for their first apartments, dorms, or work from home offices.

One of the most popular products at IKEA are the beds. Available in multiple designs and colors and at the most affordable prices, they really are one of the best investments you can make. But do they require a box spring, or will a mattress work better?

IKEA bed frames do not require a box spring as they are often sold with a slatted base. However, customers have the option of purchasing a discounted non-slatted base if they wish to use a box-spring. It is also possible to use a box spring with a slatted base, however the bed will be considerably tall.

Do IKEA Beds Require Box Springs?

IKEA beds are manufactured to not require box springs, along with their branding of economical interior solutions. They have many different styles of beds available, giving you an option to select between slatted and non-slatted beds and storage or non-storage beds.

Slatted beds are beds that have wooden slats slotted into the base, ensuring that your mattress does not fall through and the weight is equally distributed. While IKEA slatted beds are the best option for you to get if you own a mattress and not a box spring, non-slatted options are available in case you want to use your box spring.

Can You Use a Box Spring, Though?

Whether you already have a box spring or are looking to buy one, don’t let that stop you from buying an IKEA bed frame. While these frames are designed not to need a box spring, you can still use a box spring on the non-slatted bed frames.

Non-slatted bed frames don’t have wooden slats at the base of the bed and can fit your box spring. IKEA’s bed frames all have universal sizes and will fit your king-sized mattress and box spring easily, provided you buy a king-sized bed frame.

However, one thing to remember while using a box spring with an IKEA bed frame is that it may increase your bed’s height significantly and, with certain bed frame styles, may not look the best.

Most Popular IKEA Bed Frames

While IKEA has many different bed frame styles available, there are a few that are the most popular, and those are the ones that we will be discussing here.

Malm Bed Frames

A simple bed frame that adds a touch of class to your room, the Malmo frame is one of the more budget-friendly options available at IKEA. With only one universal colorway, it is an easy to assemble frame that is adjustable and can be used with a mattress or a box spring.

One thing to note – you will have to buy slats separately if you are using a mattress, so using a box spring may save you money if you already have one.

Hemnes Bed Frames

If you’re looking for something simple yet modern, the Hemnes bed frame will be your best option. Available at a budget-friendly price, in many different colors, this bed frame may take you a little longer to assemble but will not frustrate you to the point that you give up. We promise!

Again, with most IKEA beds, you will need to buy slats separately if you intend to use a mattress but can skip it if you would rather use a box spring. The Hemnes bed frame is also adjustable. You can use it with any mattress size or box spring without worrying about the height of the bed.

Brimnes Bed Frames

If space is an issue, Brimnes bed frames are a great affordable option with built-in storage space. As with all IKEA bed frames, it has a galvanized steel mid-beam, adding support to the bed frame whether you use just a mattress or a box spring.

If you want to use a box spring and have limited space in your room, the Brimnes bed can be adjusted, and the height can be maintained. However, you do need to spend extra if you want to have storage drawers and a headboard.

Does IKEA Sell Bed Frames?

IKEA does indeed sell bed frames, and they sell a lot of them, all year round. Now you might be asking yourself, is there really a difference between and bed and a bed frame and let me tell you, there is – it’s the mattress!

IKEA is a great place for people looking for their starter bed frames because there is so much variety in styles, designs, and colors, and the best part is, they’re very affordable.

You can get slatted and non-slatted bed frames that can accommodate your mattress or box spring, and you can also get storage bed frames, which are a great solution for small spaces. IKEA also has an easy-to-use website and seamless delivery, making it easier for you to get your bed frame without having to brave the confusing world of IKEA stores.

Are IKEA Beds Nice and Sturdy?

Whenever you buy something that costs much less than the average price in the market, you tend to question its integrity and quality. IKEA is known for its easy to assemble, high quality, affordable furniture, and there is a reason for it – it actually is all those things.

IKEA beds are available in many styles, from simple metal frames to upholstered wooden bed frames, which vary in price, but one thing they all have in common is that they are sturdy, well-made, and nice. With proper care, IKEA bed frames can last several years.

However, there is one to remember when buying IKEA bed frames – you are the one who is going to be assembling it, and if not done right, the longevity of the bed frame may be hindered.

These furniture pieces are also made to be compactly packed and not designed to last decades but will last you a good amount of time for the money you’ve paid.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a started bed or just want to update to a different style, IKEA is a great option for high quality and affordable beds. You can buy beds with slats if you want to use a mattress, which is what IKEA intends.

However, if you want to use a box spring, IKEA also allows for that through their non-slatted bed collection. A box spring may add extra height to your bed, but many bed models are adjustable and will allow you to adjust the bed height, giving you the best of both worlds – an affordable IKEA bed frame and your trusty box spring, at the perfect height for you and your sleeping needs.

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