Do You Put a Handle on a Fake Drawer Under The Sink?

Do You Put a Handle on a Fake Drawer Under The Sink?

Fake drawers under the sink are the new trend in interior design. People believe it looks more consistent and aesthetic if you hide the below part of the sink using a fake drawer and cabinet. In this genre, the most frequently asked question is, do you put a handle on a fake drawer under the sink? 

If you want your kitchen to look more consistent and do not want any irregular design, you should install a handle on your fake drawer under the sink. If you want to be creative, you can install a hanger on your fake drawer or keep it empty. 

In summary, it is totally up to you how you want to decorate your sink cabinet. In this article, I will illustrate the facts you should consider and help you to decide whether you want to put a handle on the fake drawer or not.

Why Do Sinks Have Fake Drawers?

Do You Put a Handle on a Fake Drawer Under The Sink?

For most people, the term fake drawer can be misunderstood and confusing. A fake drawer refers to a material that portrays the appearance of a drawer front without being attached to the drawer box. 

As it is only a drawer front, there is no opening behind a fake drawer, and created for aesthetic purposes. It allows the continuity of the cabinet and helps to hide the sink behind the drawer.

The fake drawer is an invention of modern interior architecture as it blends with the aesthetics of a home. In today’s design, we always try to hide the unwanted visible parts that harm the beautiful look of the house. 

For these reasons, fake drawers are so popular nowadays. A fake drawer is used for visual appearance, and it has no useful purpose. It is attached to a place in the cabinet, where it looks like the original drawer included in that space. 

People use fake drawers where they need to hide the visually impaired materials to keep the aesthetic look of their home. To hide the lower part of a sink, architects design the fake drawer in a way so that it blends with the cabinet of your kitchen. These drawers are installed for visual illusion and continue the graphic line created by other drawers or cabinet doors.

Fake drawers have no useful purpose. That is why some people replace them with creative and handy stuff like towels or kitchen tissue hangers. It is the best way to hide the lower part of the sink. Another way to use the space behind the fake drawer is to install a hinge and a plastic compartment to flip open like a car glove compartment. It will make everything look consistent.

Do you Put a Handle on a Fake Drawer Under the Sink?

Putting a handle on a fake drawer is totally up to your choice. It is a controversial topic, and you need to choose what you need. Some people say it is better to put a handle on your fake drawer, on the other hand, some say it is way better not to put a handle on a fake drawer. 

If you are a person who wants to put things on consistency and do not like irregularity, then you should put a knob or handle on your fake drawer. But if you are a person of functionality and do not want to mess things up, you should not put a handle on your figure under the sink.

Having a fake drawer handle on your sink cabinet keeps the continuity of the design and makes the drawer front more realistic. If you are a person who loves to put things in their proper place, keeping the aesthetic look of the kitchen, then you should go with a fake drawer handle. Sometimes big bald empty spaces draw unnecessary attention. 

That is why you should not keep the drawer front empty where you would not love to grab attention. Another fun factor of having a fake drawer handle is that it is a bit humorous.

Now the downside of having a fake drawer handle is sometimes when guests do visit your house and do not know about your fake drawer, they try to pull it open forcefully. As a result, they broke the drawer front without realizing the fact that it was a fake drawer. The same situation goes for small children. 

Another point you should keep in your mind is that a handle on a sink cabinet drawer can be annoying when you are working on the sink. It will catch your pocket or belt loop on the protruding ends of those handles every time you are by the sink.

Instead of installing a fake drawer handle, you can set up a tissue roller or kitchen apron hanger in that place. Doing this will allow you to utilize the space below the sink. If you want to be more creative, you can make the fake drawer flip open like a car’s glove compartment. 

In the end, If you are looking for consistency, I would recommend you to put a handle on your fake drawer, or else, you can keep your drawer front empty. Although, It is best to utilize the space below the sink by installing a tissue roller or a kitchen hanger.

Where to Put Handles on Fake Drawers?

Do You Put a Handle on a Fake Drawer Under The Sink?

You should place your handle on the fake drawers according to your cabinet design and handle placement. Doing this will make your kitchen cabinet look more consistent.

If you want to install a handle on your fake drawer, I would suggest you consult an expert for better work and finishing.

You can always DIY your fake drawer handle if you have the right tools and knowledge. In that case, the simple way to place your handle in the proper position is to center it vertically and horizontally. Doing this will make your drawer clean and consistent.


Fake drawer handles may not be the most practical, but they can really help in making the aesthetics of your kitchen come together in a cohesive fashion. 

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