Does Home Depot Deliver Plants?

Home gardening is a great way to save a little money on your grocery bill and is also a great way to learn valuable skills that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Not everybody has a green thumb or the patience to start gardening but having house plants can also add a much-needed bit of living flair to your home decor. Plants can turn your living room into a real living room.

Whether you’re looking to start a vibrant money-saving garden full of cherry tomatoes or you just want to add a couple of low-maintenance desert succulents to your home, there are plenty of options available to start honing your new hobby and bringing the magic of nature to your place.

Perhaps you’re not super eager to venture out to your local garden center or your busy schedule has left you with limited time and you’ve been looking for online solutions. You may just be used to buying everything home-related at your local Home Depot, but do they deliver plants? 

Home Depot delivers plants to your home, with free shipping in orders above $45. The store offers an extensive list of indoor and outdoor plants ready to be shipped to your front door. Depending on the item and delivery method selected, it usually takes between 2 days and 2 weeks to get plants delivered.

The store has a variety of decorative plants to set the mood in addition to many favorite food-producing garden varieties at quite reasonable prices – so there’s no need to drive all over town looking for all the pieces of your next gardening adventure. You might even be able to price match your plant if you find it being sold at a cheaper price somewhere else.

You won’t have to go out of your way for that perfect artisan fern that’s going to make your bedroom pop, The Home Depot has you covered. You may already be aware of the wide selection of live plants they have to offer in-store but who has time for all of that? 

Doe Home Depot Deliver Shrubs?

Home depot can deliver shrubs straight to your front door. If you want to add a bit of pizazz to your patio, consider ordering a live flowering shrub to create a colorful hanging or flower arrangement. Hydrangea, lilac, hibiscus, caladium, and elderberry shrubs are just a few of the available flowering plants that can be shipped directly to you. 

Home Depot Bonsai Trees

Thinking about adding a bit of Zen to your abode? The Home Depot also ships live Bonsai trees. They’ve teamed up with Brussel’s Bonsais to provide you with a whole line of indoor and outdoor Bonsais from dozens of different categories such as palms, elms, ficus, and junipers. You might want to do a bit of research first because some of these are easier to maintain than others. Some bonsai require very little from you while others require a bit of attention, pruning, and nurturing.

Does Home Depot Deliver Live Plants?

Home Depot can deliver live plants to your home, whether these are large decorative plants or garden herbs. These add a bit of fresh air to your living quarters while giving you a living thing to take care of and cherish. Fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano, and basil are extremely easy to tend to even for beginners and many can be grown indoors in a window sill. 

Plucking fresh basil leaves for your next pasta sauce is sure to both make an impression on your next dining guest or date but also will save you quite a bit of money in the long run. A pack of herbs at the supermarket might cost you four or five dollars while a four-pack of live starts will set you back about the same but for a much larger yield. Who needs air fresheners and incense when you have fresh herbs growing or drying in your kitchen?

Does Home Depot Deliver Large Plants?

Home Depot will also deliver large plants, and those usually automatically offer free shipping as they are normally priced over $45. So not only you are getting a nice, affordable plant, but you can get it without leaving your home. 

Large plants are the perfect thing to balance all the right angles, bright screens and wires of your lounge space might be a live tree to keep you company. Money trees, ficus, and palms are just a few trees well adapted to an indoor environment. The money tree, for example, is exceedingly easy to care for. Just water two to three times a month! The worst thing you could do is overwater it. So mark your calendar or set a notification on your phone every couple of weeks and you’re in the clear.

Does Home Depot Deliver Soil?

Home Depot also delivers any equipment you need for plant care, including soil. With a large selection of soil products, you can also get them delivered for free in orders above $45.

Final Thoughts

Recent world events have made it vital to limit our trips to public places. The pandemic that left many states with stay-at-home mandates has redefined how many of us look at making non-essential trips. To be able to bring the benefits of the great outdoors to our doorstep and to limit our trips when planning our garden is a luxury that we didn’t have in the past. The Home Depot is doing us a service by providing living plants with direct delivery in these uncertain times.

Some plants are seasonal while others are available yearlong. Still, the supplies of some plants are limited. That being said however the variety available is rather impressive. You’ll be sure to find something that fits your individual needs.

You might be a little skeptical about ordering a living plant online. Rest assured that all deliveries come with a quality guarantee that you won’t receive a pack of dead tomatoes or damaged cacti. Special care and protective packaging ensure that you receive what you ordered in a healthy condition. All plant orders over $45 dollars now come with free shipping.

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