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Whether you’ve indulged in some home improvement projects in the past or not, Home Depot is a name you’ve heard and, we’re sure, a store you’ve definitely been to. This large store is modeled after a warehouse and is a place where you can find anything and everything to help you with home renovations, upcycling projects, or DIY projects.

Home Depot is a good place for everyone regardless of their budget, but sometimes, you may come across a product that is priced lower at a retailer’s store and think if you could get the same price from Home Depot.

Home Depot has a price matching policy that allows customers to price match with any other retailer in the market, effectively offering a lower price for the product being purchased.

Down below, we’ll look at their price matching policy and what you need to know when shopping at Home Depot.

What is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy?

At Home Depot, the price match policy they have is known as ‘Low Price Guarantee’ and allows customers to price match with any retailer out in the market with the same products as Home Depot. The lower price needs not to be a sale price or a bundle price, and things bought on sale at Home Depot or personalized items are not eligible for price matching.

For in-store purchases, you need to bring in proof such as a picture of the ad, a printout, or the ad itself, and only then will you be able to get the lower price for your purchase. You will need to provide a lower price, including shipping fees, when shopping online. Home Depot gives you 30 days to come back with a lower price and get the difference paid to you. Any current offers that you may already be taking advantage of cannot be used when you’re price matching, and all the prices need to be in US Dollars.

What Stores Does Home Depot Price Match?

When shopping in the brick and mortar stores, Home Depot will price-match any store that is a direct competitor – selling the same kinds of products like them. This includes Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Menards, and other hardware chain stores operating in the same cities as Home Depot.

Again, to match these stores, you need to bring some proof, and the staff at the store you’re shopping from will confirm that price and then match it for you. If you’re online shopping, Home Depot, fortunately, matches with Amazon, which is pretty much the biggest e-commerce store on the internet.

For Amazon price matching, the product you want needs to be sold by Amazon directly and not by any 3rd party seller for you to get the lower price. Home Depot will match most stores that you can buy from online, but whether they’ll match an online price to an in-store purchase and vice versa really depends on the store location you’re at. Membership-based retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club, and BJ’s.

How to Match Home Depot Online?

With more and more stores popping up on the internet, it would be a lie to say that we all haven’t shopped online more than in-store. It provides you with easy access to your favorite stores, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Home Depot does guarantee a low price all across its sales channels, which means when you’re shopping on the Home Depot website, you can still price match with any competitors online.

Again, if you’ve found a lower price on Amazon, you need to make sure that the product is being sold by Amazon and not a 3rd party seller, as then Home Depot will not match that price for you.

The online price matching policy at Home Depot also states that the price you want to match needs to be a culmination of the product’s price and the shipping costs. A lower price only will not get you the price matching. The retailer should also be able to deliver to your area for you to get price matched from Home Depot.

Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy

There have been many times that some of us may have bought something at full price only for it to go actually on sale the very next week. Well, retailers offer price adjustment policies to their customers that allow us to ask for the difference to be paid to us if the product we’ve bought goes on sale.

Home Depot allows its customers to ask for price adjustments if the purchase has been made up to 30 days prior. If you see the product you’ve purchased in the last month has gone on sale or the price has dropped, you can go to your Home Depot store and request price adjustment.

If you’ve been shopping online, then you can submit a request for the adjustment on Home Depot’s website and get paid the difference. Home Depot calls this policy their price protection policy, and it is a great one to take advantage of when shopping there.

Home Depot Wrong Price Policy

A price displayed on the price tag in the store and the price when scanned at the billing counter can sometimes differ. This may really be due to a typing error, or maybe the price used to lower and has now been made higher without the changes being applied to the price tags. Whatever it is, customers are allowed by law to ask for the price shown on the price tag, and this policy is called the wrong price policy.

Home Depot does not have a wrong price policy, and each of the stores in different states differs in how they deal with these situations. If you are shopping in a state that has made it obligatory for retailers to have a wrong price policy, you are lucky and will be able to buy the product at the price you saw in the aisle instead of the price shown when scanned.

Depending on your local laws, Home Depot will either give you a lower price or give you a discount allowing you to save some money.

Final Thoughts

Home Depot has become one of the staple stores that people shop from for all their DIY and upcycling needs. Not only the store offers everything you need, but it also offers convenient services like cutting wood to size.

They have great policies that help protect customers and save them from spending pointless money, which adds to Home Depot being so popular. Price matching with any competitor store is allowed and encouraged by Home Depot as they believe they have the lowest prices in the market.

If you buy an item that goes on sale soon after, you can also ask for that difference to be paid to you, and Home Depot will happily oblige. Home Depot is a great place to shop as it’s a place where you can find everything you need for any project you may be doing, and you can protect yourself from spending unnecessary amounts of money.

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