Does IKEA Go On Sale? (When To Save the Most)

Does IKEA Go On Sale?

Who doesn’t love sales? Being able to buy some of your favorite items at the lowest prices makes anyone feel like they’re walking on a cloud, especially if the sale is in a store that is already affordable. IKEA is a mecca for people looking for economical furniture, appliances, and home décor, and rarely will you leave without racking up more of a bill than you intended to when coming.

Sales and IKEA are two words that are enough to make anyone’s ears perk up – what could be better than getting the Malm desk or the Strandom wing chairs for much cheaper than they already are? Well, the answer, if it isn’t already obvious, is not much else.

IKEA stores worldwide offer many sales throughout the year, some for specific holidays and some seasonal. The main sales at IKEA happen during Black Friday, Labor Day, Christmas, and during the summer. In addition to the big holiday sales, IKEA also offers seasonal sales to IKEA family members.

Black Friday IKEA Sales

As Thanksgiving Day ends, eager shoppers prepare for arguably the biggest sale of the year – the Black Friday sale. This is the sale that most of us wait for through the whole year, and to be honest, with the kind of deals you get, it is totally worth it. IKEA also participates in this sale and provides some of the best deals in the furniture and interior décor industry.

At IKEA, Black Friday sales usually start a few days before and go on through Cyber Monday, providing great discounts on their furniture, organizational solutions, and interior décor items. Some exclusive deals are offered to IKEA members while non-members can enjoy the main Black Friday sale.

Labor Day IKEA Sales

Labor Day brings the end of summer for many people, but for some, Labor Day means many of their favorite stores are going on sales and offering great discounts. Usually, all retail stores across the US participate in these sales, and IKEA again is no different.

IKEA usually starts its Labor Day sales a few days in advance and lets them run a few days after, differing on a year to year basis. As always, many of the IKEA discounts are exclusively available to IKEA members, but there are still a lot of offers available for non-members as well.

From 15-20% off on outdoor furniture, tables, and side tables to discounts on the food in the café and restaurant, IKEA offers a lot to enjoy in the days leading up to Labor Day and even after it.

Other Holiday Sales

IKEA has many sales throughout the year, depending on holidays and seasons. They also have their scheduled sales that happen around the same time every year and are on different sections of their store, such as the big kitchen sale that IKEA holds about 3-4 times a year.

IKEA’s After-Christmas sales are a great time for you to buy some of the bigger pieces of furniture or home décor that you have had your eye on with IKEA offering 60% off on their furniture, organization, and accessories through to the New Year, with members enjoying some exclusive discounts.

IKEA also offers sales as the season changes, with the winter sale overlapping with the After-Christmas sale and the summer sale coinciding with the back to school season and the 4th of July holiday.

In the summer sales, IKEA members get great discounts at the in-store café and restaurant as well as exclusive deals on the furniture section. For all customers, though, IKEA offers more than 50% off on outdoor furniture, couches, wardrobe fittings, and home décor bits.

Periodic Sales for IKEA Members

IKEA has a membership plan that allows you to become a part of their family – the IKEA family, as they refer to it. Becoming a member is easy and can be done in a store using digital screens or online on their website.

You will have to provide personal details, and pretty much will be signed up with your digital card being delivered to you as soon as your request is processed, while the physical card will be delivered within 4 weeks of application.

There are many perks that come with being an IKEA member with a free coffee through Monday to Friday when you come into the store to the exclusive deals on all the sales that IKEA has. IKEA rolls out special discounts for members throughout the year and also send coupons via email to members.

You can also collect points on your card, which you can then redeem and use to buy products at discounted prices. All the sales that IKEA has throughout the year, being a member enables you to save with early access and exclusive discounts truly.

IKEA’s As-Is Section

Whoever has been in an IKEA store surely knows about the As-Is section. This section houses all the returned products, slightly damaged or used as a display, rendering them unable to be sold at the full price.

Even though the As-Is section at IKEA may require some maneuvering on your part, you can score some good bargains on pieces that have the ever so slight nick or scratch for a lot of savings.

IKEA restocks this section almost weekly, and if you visit early in the week, you can get your hands on the pieces that were returned on the weekend. Although this section already provides you with so many savings, some IKEA stores have weekly or monthly sales on these items as well. This varies depending on the stores’ location and so always check with your local IKEA about when they offer more discounts on the As-Is section.

Final Thoughts

IKEA attracts thousands of customers on a daily basis due to its affordable furniture, appliances, and interior décor items. The attraction only grows when IKEA offers discounts and bargains with their holiday, seasonal and annual sales allowing you to buy some of the pieces you have had your eye on at a much cheaper price than normal.

Being an IKEA member comes with perks such as early access and exclusive discounts, however, non-members can just as easily score some great bargains while shopping at IKEA during their sales. If you’ve missed a sale, though, don’t worry, because the As-Is section at IKEA lets you buy some of their best pieces at discounted prices, with some stores offering more discounts on this section, on certain days of the month.

IKEA is a great place for you if you’re on a budget, and it’s even better when there is a huge sale.

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