Does Wayfair Deliver to Apartments? (2nd Floor)

Does Wayfair Deliver to Apartments?

Wayfair is an online furniture store that hosts the listings of different suppliers, and it also happens to be the largest online-only retailer in the US. At one point or another, chances are you might want to order something from Wayfair. If you happen to live in an apartment, you know that apartment delivery can be a hassle – fortunately, Wayfair delivery can be the answer for your problems.

Wayfair delivers any items to apartments, exactly to the customer’s doorstep. The delivery team from Wayfair can bring your items into your home, even if it’s an individual apartment unit, and have your item placed in the immediate entryway or any room you choose. 

In this article, I am going to be looking at how Wayfair shipping works and if they are going to deliver to your apartment. I am also going to talk about if Wayfair calls before delivering your item and if there is delivery tracking. Finally, I will be examining the cost of Wayfair delivery and if there is a need for you to tip Wayfair delivery.

How Does Wayfair Shipping Work?

Does Wayfair Deliver to Apartments?

Wayfair tries to provide reliable, safe, and fast delivery, even though some of their items might take weeks before they are delivered. Wayfair typically makes their deliveries from Monday to Friday, and there are different delivery options that you can find for each item.

For shipping, Wayfair divides items into two categories:

  1. Small items: these items are usually shipped by FedEx or UPS. It has shipping options that list the speed of delivery. For a package to be classified as small, it has to be less than 150 lbs.
  2. Large items: these items are usually shipped by trusted carriers who specialize in the handling of large items.  It has shipping options that list the type of delivery. These items usually take between one and three weeks to be delivered. 

Wayfair does not ship to military POs or P.O. boxes. Wayfair’s shipping options are usually listed in the cart, but here is a list of the different shipping options.

  1. One-day shipping
  2. Two-day shipping
  3. Express shipping
  4. Expedited shipping
  5. Ground shipping
  6. Economy shipping

Will Wayfair Deliver To Apartments?

Wayfair’s delivery is almost unmatched by any other online retailer. A lot of retailers do not mention if they can deliver to a particular apartment or not, and when they do mention it, they usually say that they are not going to go up more than two stairs. This is a category where Wayfair stands out as they offer delivery to apartments and the delivery team would even bring up items to your door. 

Also, Wayfair does not require signatures for deliveries, so the delivery carrier, usually FedEx or UPS, can decide to leave your package at the door if you are not around. If you have a special delivery instruction, you can write a note including the date of delivery and leave it at the door for the delivery team. The note should include your request, name, and tracking number.

It’s important to note that customers can also purchase an assembly service for most Wayfair items, regardless of whether they live in houses or apartments.

Does Wayfair Call Before They Deliver?

Wayfair calls the customer before they deliver large items. On the scheduled date of delivery, Mayfair’s local delivery partner is going to give you a call about thirty minutes before the arrival of your order to be sure that you are at home. 

Does Wayfair Have Delivery Tracking?

Items ordered from Mayfair are tracked at every point. You can check the estimated date of delivery for your order, the estimated arrival date and current status of each item is going to be available for you to check. You can also find the exact location of your ordered item by clicking on the “track your package” icon under “my orders”.

Also on the “track your package” page, it is possible for you to opt-out and in of text notifications to receive real-time updates on your order’s status. Mayfair will send you a confirmation mail that contains the needed tracking information immediately after your item is shipped.

If you want to know the estimated date of delivery of an item even before placing an order, you can do this by expanding the tab “shipping and returns” on the product page of the item. If an order has been placed already, you should note that the estimated date of delivery varies and is dependent on if it is a large item or a small item.

The estimated date of delivery on small items indicates the date the item will get to your home. The estimated date of delivery on large items indicates the date the item will get to your local area. After the item has gotten to your local area, a delivery agent will contact you to have an exact date of delivery and a time window set up. 

How Much Is Delivery On Wayfair?

Does Wayfair Deliver to Apartments?

The delivery of most items at Wayfair is free. For orders less than $35, there is a flat shipping rate of $4.99, while shipping is usually free for orders that are above $35.

There are however exceptions as additional shipping charges may apply for Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories. As a result of shipping constraints, items that are non-standard such as fixtures that are large or flooring, some items might not be eligible for free shipping.

Should I Tip Wayfair Delivery?

Even though tipping Wayfair delivery is not required, it is welcomed; especially if it is very heavy furniture or the delivery team assists you in the assemblage of the furniture or item.


Wayfair is an online furniture retailer that offers free deliveries for items that cost more than $35, and also delivers orders to apartments or your doorstep. From my experience, if you are looking to order items without having to worry about the high cost of delivery, Wayfair is the way to go.

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