Does Wayfair Have A Credit Card?

Furniture and home shopping have become very convenient ever since the e-commerce boom a few decades ago. If you actually have ever searched online for a new couch, coffee table, bed frame, or patio furniture, you will have come across the Wayfair website. It has one of the largest selections of furniture and home décor pieces from manufacturers worldwide.

Wayfair has over 18 million products on their website, which means everyone can find something that suits their taste and budget. Wayfair has its main website along with 4 other specialty websites that cater to specific interior styles and price points – and it also offers different credit card options so customers can choose the best fit.

Wayfair offers 2 credit card options to customers – one that lets them shop on all 5 Wayfair websites and another that can be used anywhere. Wayfair credit cards do not have an annual fee, require a moderate credit score (580 and up), and offer benefits like no-interest financing, cash-back rewards, and discounts for first-time shoppers.

The Wayfair Credit Card Benefits

There are two types of credit cards that Wayfair offers to its customers – a basic one that can be used on all 5 of their websites and a MasterCard version that you can actually use anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Down below, you’ll find the list of benefits that come with owning either of these credit cards from Wayfair.

There is a no-interest option for new holders when you use your Wayfair credit card to purchase anything off of their websites. All you actually need to do is pay off the balance on your credit card within 6 to 12 months, and you save yourself from paying any interest on all purchases you make.

Credit cards at Wayfair come with a rewards program that you choose to take part in and earn you up to 3% in rewards. This reward is only applicable on eligible orders but can save you some serious cash.

Another one for first-time cardholders is $40 off your first purchase with the card. If you have spent over $250 with your Wayfair credit card, you will be eligible for this discount but only on your first order.

You can take advantage of the financing options that the Wayfair credit cards offer. When you want to buy big items and don’t have the liquid cash available to pay the lump sum amount, this is a great option. You can pay in easy monthly installments and enjoy your new purchase as soon as you want.

With Wayfair credit cards, you don’t have to spend your rewards as soon as you get them. You can build up rewards and use them on any future purchases that you make.

A real-life benefit of having a Wayfair credit card is that it can improve your credit rating. If you use the card responsibly, make your payments on time and keep the due balance low, you can build up your credit rating to a very good score.

Is It Hard To Get a Wayfair Credit Card?

When you want to get a Wayfair credit card, you need to apply for it. The application is a fairly simple process and will not take you a very long time to fill out. If you have a good to fair credit score, the approval odds for you are pretty decent.

The credit range that Wayfair looks for when giving out their credit cards is in the range of 580 and up. Apart from your credit score, low credit utilization and an exemplary payment history also factor in the approval of the basic Wayfair credit card. To qualify for the Wayfair MasterCard, you need a higher credit score than 650.

While it is not hard to get a Wayfair credit card, you need to have a good credit score and payment history, to make this process easy for you. If you are confused about whether your credit score is good enough, many consultants in the market can help you.

Where Can You Use the Card?

If you are opting for the Wayfair basic credit card, you will be able to use this on all five of their websites. This includes the flagship website, Wayfair, Joss and Main, All Modern, Birch Lane, and Peri Gold. All of these websites are operated by Wayfair, so the basic credit card will give you all the rewards and benefits on all these websites.

The Wayfair MasterCard, however, can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. This credit card can be used in-store and online in participating grocery stores, medical stores, home stores, and countless stores online. If you are a home décor fanatic, the basic Wayfair credit card is a great thing to have. If you would like something that will provide you benefits on the Wayfair websites and other stores, the MasterCard is the credit card for you.

Is the Wayfair Credit Card Good?

For those who love to shop online for furniture and home décor bits, the Wayfair Credit Card is a great thing to have. You can earn rewards on your purchases and save them up for any big items you may need to buy in the future. You also get loads of financing options that allow you to purchase items and pay for them in a timeline that suits you best. While these are great benefits for people loyal to Wayfair and shop from there a lot, they might not seem all that much to the other half of us.

The MasterCard credit card works in several other stores, but there are many other rewards cards available in the market that may be a better fit for some. The bottom line here is that the Wayfair credit card is good, but it is only a must-have for those people shopping from Wayfair a lot. If you shop at Wayfair occasionally but have a good credit score and want to have a Wayfair credit card, by all means, do. It is not something you need but will always be a nice-to-have addition to your wallet.

Does the Wayfair Card Have an Annual Fee?

One of the best things that Wayfair offers in its credit card program is that there is no annual fee. This makes both the Wayfair credit cards great options for people that are looking for low-maintenance cards. This is a good feature of Wayfair’s card as most other banks and retailers will require an annual fee to be paid.

One of the reasons that Wayfair looks for a high credit score and a good history of payments is because they are not charging you any additional costs. These costs usually act as a protection fee for retailers and banks if a cardholder does not clear the balance in time. The approval process is a bit of a pain to get through, but once you are approved, you have all the benefits of a credit card at no cost to you.

Final Thoughts

Wayfair is a great place for people to browse through a large selection of furniture and home décor, all from the comfort of their own home. This is something that has made Wayfair very popular amongst people looking to update their homes. Another thing that definitely adds to the uniqueness of Wayfair is the fact that they offer two different credit cards to their customers.

The basic credit card brings you rewards, cashback, and first-time purchasing discounts on all five of their websites. The Wayfair MasterCard allows you to spend in any store that accepts MasterCard and has 1-3% rewards depending on the type of participating retailer you buy from.

While these cards are a great option for Wayfair loyalists, they are not something you can’t do without. However, there is no annual fee, so if you have a high credit score, there is no harm in applying for one.

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