Does Wayfair Have Bed Bugs?

Does Wayfair Have Bed Bugs?

Getting new furniture can be exciting as it may be just what you need to liven up an area in the house and make it feel more like home. So I get how disappointed you might be if you find that the brand new furniture you bought from Wayfair has bed bugs. So before you enter those credit card details, let me tell whether Wayfair has bed bugs in their furniture. 

Since 2016, there has been a myriad of complaints from previous customers of Wayfair that report finding bed bugs in their furniture. These complaints are mostly made from purchasers of headboards with tufts as well as bed frames. Wayfair has made no comments about these frequent complaints, however. 

Continue reading to find out whether bed bugs can come in brand new furniture and even live in wooden places like your bed frames. I will also guide you on how to check your headboards and other furniture for bed bugs and give you tips on how to remove them. I will also give you details on whether Wayfair actually has bed bugs in their furniture.

Can Bed Bugs Come In Brand New Furniture?

Does Wayfair Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, reddish-brown parasitic insects which means they often feed on the blood of humans and animals to survive. They are often found in used furniture, especially on furniture where humans frequent such as beds and couches. While it is understandable to find bed bugs in old furniture it might be a tad confusing if you have ever stumbled on some bed bugs in your brand new furniture. 

Unfortunately, it is quite possible for brand new furniture to have bed bugs. Could it be that your furniture store lied to you and actually sold you old furniture? Hardly the case.

Furniture stores often outsource the delivery of their items to delivery companies that own trucks instead of purchasing trucks themselves. Outsourced delivery trucks tend to have numerous clients with varied requests such as moving furniture from homes.

Oftentimes these companies double up on work contracts which may end up with new furniture from a store traveling with old furniture from a house. Transfer of bed bugs from old to new furniture can occur like this. 

This can happen anywhere that new and old furniture share spaces, such as warehouses, storage units, and even in the comfort of your own home. 

Can Bed Bugs Live in Bed Frames?

Although I said they are often found wherever blood hosts frequent which would include mattresses and sofas, this does not exclude the possibilities of them being found in your bed frames, walls, and wooden floors. This is because during the day they venture to spots that are close to spaces that humans and animals frequent to rest as they are nocturnal animals. They stay nearby because it proves difficult for them to travel long distances

This is why even though your bed frames may have bed bugs. They won’t travel far distances as they are very small nor do they have wings so their resting spot will often be the headboard and bed frames which are close enough to the mattress that they can return at night to feed.  

How to Check a Headboard for Bed Bugs?

To check your headboard for bed bugs, ensure to check the seams in the piece of furniture to see whether you find any of the parasites. You can also check along the edges of the wooden or metal parts of the frame. 

As they are nocturnal, bed bugs love to hide in secluded crevices of furniture. If your bedding comes assembled with nuts and bolts, ensure to check between the screws as well. 

Other Places To Check For Bed Bugs

Check beneath your furniture at the places where the fabric meets the legs of your chairs, beds, and other furniture pieces. They may also hide in the edges of baseboards and under the bed’s carpets. 

Empty the drawers from your dressers and chest of drawers to check the crevices and the edges of each drawer. 

As I said you’ll want to make sure that you have checked the entire area near the places that you or your animals frequent.

Are There Bed Bugs In Wayfair Furniture?

Does Wayfair Have Bed Bugs?

On several sites, you can find complaints of Wayfair customers concerning finding bed bugs in their furniture. Even the Wayfair website had reviewers of their products complaining about bed bugs. While I can’t say for certain whether Wayfair has an infestation of bed bugs, the volume of complaints is a useful indication that there is definitely a problem. 

Reviews of the company’s Aadvik Tufted Upholstered Standard Bed had complaints as recent as May 5, 2021, of the appearance of bed bugs in the freshly purchased furniture. Common complaints include shared experiences of discovering the creatures in cracks and in the buttons of the tufts of headboards and other upholstered items. 

This is by no coincidence why I recommend searching these hidden crevices for whether bed bugs live among your bedding. 

There has been, however, no public statement released by the company of the frequent incidents. 

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Furniture

You can remove bed bugs by running the vacuum over all the infested furniture as well as the surrounding areas. This ensures they are contained in one area: inside your vacuum. Once you have vacuumed the area, seal the contents of the vacuum and carefully discard. 

Lastly, give the vacuum a deep clean to ensure you have removed all the critters. 

If they are also in your clothes and removable bed and chair linen and have them washed in very hot water. 

If the problem is greater than you think you can handle then you can get professionals to come to your home and have them removed. 


Bed bugs can be found in surrounding areas of places that humans and animals frequent so don’t be too alarmed if your brand new furniture contains these insects. It likely means that your furniture was in an area that has bed bugs.

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