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Wayfair has become one brand name that everyone, their mothers, and their next-door neighbor’s dogs are familiar with. When you’re thinking of buying furniture or any home décor products but don’t really know what kind of aesthetic or style you want or even what brands to look at, Wayfair is a great place to shop.

The website has a huge variety of furniture, appliances, and home décor bits from manufacturers from all over the world, giving you something for every type of style and price point you may have in mind. While shopping on the Wayfair website, you might even find something at a much cheaper rate than you initially budgeted, which is music to pretty much everyone’s ears.

With online shopping becoming definitely more and more popular, protection policies such as price matching and price adjustments are put in place to ensure customers are always given the best price.

Unlike many of its competitors, Wayfair does not price match its competitors or offer price adjustments. Wayfair does, however, price match any of its sister stores – which include Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold. Fortunately, Wayfair does offer several sales throughout the year with great discounts in several items.

Does Wayfair Price Match Other Competitors?

Price matching is not something that most of us remember when shopping online, and rightly so, not many retailers opt to offer this to their customers, and Wayfair is one of those retailers. They don’t price match with other competitors and will not pay you any difference if you find a couch you bought from Wayfair for much cheaper at a competitor’s website.

Due to the number of different global retailers that Wayfair stocks on their website, they can’t always guarantee that you won’t find a lower price as many other retailers can buy some of the furniture and home décor pieces in bulk at a lower price. And while we think of Wayfair’s competitors as other furniture retailers, in the world of internet, e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay are considered huge competitors since they pretty much stock everything under the sun. So price matching can be a fatal policy to have for some e-tailers.

Does Wayfair Offer Price Adjustments?

Now, price matching is something you can do before you place your order, but what happens if you have already checked and set up your new furniture piece and the product goes on sale? Well, you can always ask for price adjustments, and those stores that do offer this policy allow you to ask for the difference to be paid back to you in case the product you have bought goes on sale within a certain time limit.

Wayfair used to offer a price adjustment policy to its customers where they could ask for the difference to be paid back within 15 days of purchase, but in early 2019 they removed the policy. Since Wayfair has so many year-round sales and daily discounts on different products, losing out on this policy is not a big loss.

Will Wayfair Price Match with Sister Stores?

Though Wayfair is a website that houses a variety of furniture and home décor bits from all around the world, catering to everyone’s taste out there, they have a few sister stores that are more specific in terms of style and aesthetics.

Birch Lane and Joss & Main have pretty much the same furniture style, leaning towards a more traditional interior look. AllModern, as the name suggests, has a more modern and contemporary feel, while Perigold is more high-end with furniture pieces geared towards a higher-end clientele.

Since Wayfair is the main catchall site, you can find some of its products across many of its sister sites, and the good news is, they do price match with their sister stores.

If you find a product that you love on Wayfair with a lower price on any of its sister sites, you can contact them and ask to be either paid the difference or get that much knocked off the initial price.

Where you can always just buy that couch, chair, or bedframe from the sister store at a lower price, this is a nice option for those of us looking to buy a number of products from Wayfair in one consolidated delivery.

How to Save On Wayfair Orders

So what if you can’t do price matching or price adjustments on Wayfair – you can still save a ton of money through their sales and discounts, and one of the best ways to stay on top of all the sales that they have is to sign up to be on the mailing list. You can use a Wayfair price tracker to make sure you’re buying an item at its cheapest price.

Wayfair has an annual sale called the WayDay, and if you’ve been waiting to buy several furniture pieces, this is the best time because the whole website is up to 80% off.

Other than the WayDay sale, Wayfair also offers daily discounts on a variety of different products every day as well as large amounts of discounts on public holidays such as Labor Day, Black Friday, and Columbus Day.

If you would not wait for the sales and need some furniture pieces urgently, you can always find multiple promo codes from different websites all over the internet that can help you save money on your order at Wayfair.

Final Thoughts

Online shopping is pretty much how most people shop nowadays, and looking for deals and discounts online to save you money while you’re in the comfort of your own home, adds extra excitement to the online shopping experience. Wayfair is the place to shop when you want to browse through various furniture and home décor pieces, all from many different retailers worldwide.

While Wayfair doesn’t offer price adjustments or price matching, it does have sales and daily discounts that can help you save money. Wayfair does price match with its sister stores, however, so you can always look for adjustments if you find something cheaper on any of those websites.

If none of these work for you, you can always call and ask, and maybe Wayfair can accommodate your adjustment requests, and you end up saving some money.

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