How Do I Remove a Stuck IKEA Cam Lock?

How Do I Remove a Stuck IKEA Cam Lock?

The IKEA cam locks are a type of nut used for assembling and building furniture like cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers. When fitting Ikea furniture, some of these cam locks could get stuck wrongly, or I might be trying to get them off older furniture. Either way, it is sometimes difficult to pull them out, making me wonder about the right way to remove these locks.

You can remove a stuck IKEA cam lock with a screwdriver that fits the cam perfectly. Turn the screwdriver’s handle counterclockwise to loosen the cam in the hole. You could also try the trick of tightening them a little before unscrewing again.

Applying pressure could also get cam locks out of furniture. Whichever means you decide to use, ensure you don’t apply too much pressure that could break the furniture. Read on to discover fool-proof ways to remove a stuck IKEA cam lock.

What Is a Cam Lock?

How Do I Remove a Stuck IKEA Cam Lock?

A cam lock is a fastener that you use in cabinets and other types of furniture construction. A cam lock is famous for its ability to do an excellent job without affecting the appearance of the furniture. It generally takes the form of a cylinder and comes with a nut.

In modern designs, the use of cam locks has become widespread in the art of carpentry. They are found in numerous cabinets and furniture kits. Their shape and form allow for easy insertion into the wood.

Structure of a Cam Lock

A cam lock comprises a metal tube with a hole on one side. The hole allows the tube to secure the tongue of the bolt which accompanies the main bolt. When building furniture, they are usually placed at the joints to hold the furniture pieces securely. 

The cam lock ensures the privacy of the user. Once it is well fitted, you can bolt and close cabinets and drawers.

Are Cam Locks Better than Nails?

There are tons of advantages to cam locks over nails. Where nails may damage the furniture during the building process, cam locks don’t harm the furnishing. They can simply enter the furniture without making irregular patterns on it.

Cam locks are neat and impressive and do not show on the physical surface of the furniture. On the other hand, once a piece of furniture is built with nails, it always reflects on the surface. 

The issue with cam locks is that they are not as solid and secure as nails, glue, and staples, or any other types of locks. Cam locks are not durable, and anyone can easily break into them or pick the lock. Hence, you should not use them in high-security situations.

How Do I Remove a Stuck IKEA Cam Lock?

You can easily remove a stuck IKEA cam lock with a screwdriver. Ensure you use a screwdriver that fits into the slotted or Phillips-head recess on the top of the cam. Position the tip of the screwdriver securely into the cam.

Once it is well positioned, turn the handle of the screwdriver counterclockwise. This will loosen the cam within the hole. As it loosens, pull a piece of the furniture away from the other to ensure the cam lock is unlocked.

What Do I Do When My Cam Lock Doesn’t Work?

How Do I Remove a Stuck IKEA Cam Lock?

If your cam lock doesn’t work, it could be for several reasons. One of these reasons is that the cam bar is probably out of shape. This happens over time or when a person uses excessive force on the locks.

Solving this problem is almost effortless. You will need a plier and a screwdriver if you would like to replace the cam bar. Using the plyer, bend the cam bar back into its place gradually until the lock engages with the frame again.

If the cam bar is bent to an extreme angle, you might weaken it after a manual operation. It is better to replace the entire cam bar rather than go through the process unnecessarily.

What Do I Do If the Locks Are Stiff?

When the locks are stiff, turning them is complex because they won’t budge. This usually happens when the locks are new and have not been used before. It also occurs when you replace the locks on your furniture. 

Before using the locks for the first time, you should apply a lock lubricant to the lock hole. This will speed up the lock’s loosening and allow it to move freely. Aside from this, using the lock frequently will enable it to loosen over time.

How Do I Remove a Cam Lock Without a Key?

You can easily remove a cam lock without a key by using a screwdriver. Ensure you use an old standard blade screwdriver that you’re not using anymore. You will also need a pipe wrench for this process.

Use a hammer to push the screwdriver into the key slot of the cam lock. Push the screwdriver as deeply as possible into the hole; the deeper it goes, the easier it becomes. Grab the screwdriver handle and turn to break the lock open using the pipe wrench.

If it doesn’t work this way, you should try drilling them out. Begin gradually with a tiny bit like a ⅛ and progressively work it up to ¼. The cylinder will remove until the lock finally comes open as you proceed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remove a Stuck IKEA Cam Lock?

What Is IKEA About?

IKEA is a company that originated in Sweden in 1943. It is an establishment of the late Ingvar Kamprad and is today’s largest furniture retailer. Today, it has its headquarters in Dutch and sells ready-to-assemble furniture and other home goods and services.

IKEA does not make pre-assembled furniture like many furniture producers. On the contrary, they produce home materials that the customers can assemble themselves. This makes them the most peculiar in the industry.

What Are IKEA Fasteners?

Two items are found in any IKEA furniture. If you are familiar with assembling IKEA furniture, you must know the two fittings. These are the cam lock nuts and cam screws.

Both fittings are what we know as IKEA fasteners. They work by holding pieces of furniture together.

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