How Long Does IKEA Furniture Last? (Our Experience)

How Long Does IKEA Furniture Last: Our Experience

IKEA furniture is known to be cheap and ready to assemble, which makes it incredibly popular across the globe. Most homes or offices usually have at least one piece of furniture from a big Swedish brand. With the popularity of IKEA furniture, you might want to try them out and also have them in your home or office – but it is important to know what you’re buying before deciding to move forward. 

If IKEA furniture is assembled the right way and no screws, hinges, or parts are left out or placed wrongly, most furniture items can last up to twenty years, some even pushing thirty years. However, if it is not assembled properly, it might only last a few months or years. 

In this article, we will be looking at how you can make your IKEA furniture last longer. We will also be discussing how long different IKEA furniture should last based on our experience. In a nutshell, we will also be answering the question “is IKEA furniture long-lasting?”

Is IKEA Furniture Long Lasting?

How Long Does IKEA Furniture Last: Our Experience

For the prices of IKEA furniture, it is safe to say that they are long-lasting. With the proper care, we have observed IKEA furniture to last for an average of ten years. However, there are cases where they have lasted thirty years and some other cases where they lasted just two years. 

One thing we can guarantee is that you are going to get your money’s worth on any IKEA furniture. A lot of people buy $50 furniture from IKEA and expect it to last for twenty years; while it may happen, chances are it won’t. However, with proper care, even the cheapest furniture can last for years and maybe decades. 

How Long Does an IKEA Bed Frame Last?

I have had experience with the IKEA Hemnes bed frame, and my experience was a pleasant one. The design of the bed is very simplistic, with versatile colors that blend easily into any room. Despite its great design, the bed frame had its issues. First, it was not easy to assemble because not all of the holes were properly lined up. This makes it almost impossible for one person to assemble.

Even though this particular bed frame with a price of $500 has a 25 years limited warranty, other IKEA bed frames with cheaper price tags can be expected to last about eight years on average. IKEA bed frames are cared for, they can easily last between ten and fifteen years. One major reason why bed frames do not last long is because of situations where the owner has to move and it is not properly reassembled or some parts are affected during moving.

How Long Does an IKEA Table Last?

Ikea offers a variety of tables in terms of design and quality, and the truth is that the price is determined by these two. At IKEA, you will find tables for as low as $10 and as high as $500. From my experience and what I have seen, there are quality high-end IKEA tables that lasted up to forty years. The low-end tables are pretty fragile, and there are some of them with cardboard-like tops that do not last even two years.

On average, I can say that the Ikea table lasts about seven years. The lifespan of IKEA furniture is usually affected by how people use them. There are light-weight tables that were not made to carry a lot of loads but people still place a lot of items on them, tables like that are not going to last long. 

How Long Does an IKEA Couch Last?

How Long Does IKEA Furniture Last: Our Experience

From my experience, and that of other people with IKEA couches and sofas, we estimate them to last a minimum of five years. If you take good care of the couch, it might last up to eight or ten years. We do not expect the IKEA couch to last more than ten years – if it lasts more than ten years, consider it an exception.

I have come across claims of IKEA couches lasting more than twenty years. While I am certain there are IKEA couches out there that have lasted that long, I would personally not keep a couch for more than ten years. IKEA’s charm is that they offer you affordable furniture that you can replace at any time without having to spend a lot of money. 

IKEA furniture’s quality is generally good, even though there have been a lot of recalls over the years. As long as you assemble the couch well, and do not leave any part out, they last longer than other couches in their price range.

How To Make IKEA Furniture Last Longer

If you want your IKEA furniture to last longer, below are a couple of tips to help you achieve your goal

  1. Tighten up all the fixtures and joints: if you want your IKEA furniture to last long, you should ensure that all the joints and fixtures are tight at all times.
  2. Get extra pieces and parts: having extra parts available can be the difference to your IKEA furniture lasting longer. With extra pieces, you can quickly replace a screw or hinge that comes off.
  3. Restore, Resurface and Paint: this might be a lot of work for some people, but if you have the time, space, and resources, you can work on your furniture to keep it in very good condition.
  4. Completely take it apart and then reassemble it: if you did not properly assemble your IKEA furniture the first time you did it. If that is the case, you can get parts and pieces to properly reassemble it. The process also allows you to tighten all the fixtures and joints properly, and possible oil parts that need to be oiled. 
  5. Buy the quality IKEA furniture: Buy the good cheap stuff, not just the cheap stuff. This might be the most important way to make your IKEA furniture last longer. You should not go for the cheapest furniture and expect it to do the impossible.


IKEA remains a global name in furniture, as the ready to assemble model is genius. Even though there are people who complain about the difficulty of assemblage, assembling IKEA furniture is very simple. When it comes to how long IKEA furniture lasts, experiences might differ but from my own experience, I have found them to last a long time (especially for what you pay for).

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