How To Decorate A China Cabinet (8 Ways)

An item that has the ability to bring a room perfectly together, china cabinets are still a part of many American homes – even though some don’t know what to do with it or how to decorate it.

When decorating a china cabinet, there are several ways you can choose to do so. Besides the traditional method of displaying fine dinnerware, you can choose to display other items such as plants, earthenware, books, vinyl CDs, photos, quilts, and other collection items.

While it is great to have several decorating options, it can also be overwhelming. Below we have broken down not only some of our best tips on decorating your china cabinet but also everything you should take into consideration when doing so.

Why Is It Called a China Cabinet?

Planned and worked to ensure and show formal dinnerware and flatware, china cabinets are named as a result of the fine porcelain dinnerware designed and used by the Chinese more than a thousand years prior.

China cabinets usually show and feature things like proper china; however, that isn’t the only way to decorate it. From featuring unusual things to placing in a little occasional shading, there are numerous ways you can set up your china cabinet to enrich the looks of your dining or living room.

China cabinets are also a great option for open kitchens, as they can bring together the look of a dining room with the overall look of the kitchen.

Eight Ways to Decorate a China Cabinet

How you wind up adorning your china cabinet will depend upon a few things, such as the style of your home, the form of the cabinet, and what you wish to show. There are a few unique ways you can utilize your cabinet that can be adjusted to fit a few distinct styles.

Cabinet Color

Before you start organizing your china and beautiful things inside, please take a couple of moments to analyze the shading and generally speaking style of the cabinet itself. While a few cabinets put their best self forward in wood stains, others could benefit from a layer of paint. Consider utilizing one of these tips dependent on your home’s style:

• Use a lustrous strong shading in present-day homes to refresh your china cabinet and cause it to bring life to the remainder of the space.

• Consider utilizing chalk paint and troubling and waxing your cupboard for a Country or “decrepit chic” look.

• Use a semi-shine or strong matte shading in quieted tones like dim, beige, or cream for an exceptionally downplayed and unpretentious look.

• Stain it in dark, rich tones to supplement a proper space.

• Consider painting an example onto the back mass of the cabinet’s inside, for example, a chevron or herringbone structure for a fun-loving look.

Inside Decoration Color

One approach to enliven your china cabinet without overpowering it is to underscore a highlight shading all through space. For instance, if your china has a blue and white pattern, consider including a few different things in that equivalent blue shade to the cabinet, for example:

• Blue glass cups

• Blue earthenware

• Plates or dishes in an intense blue

Ensure you balance the shading you pick all through the cabinet. This may mean focusing a big blue plate, so it faces out at the top and putting a couple of blue glass bottles on either side of the cabinet a couple of shelves down.

Occasional Display Items

On the off chance that your cabinet is enormous or has a huge glass front, it may be a great spot to show some random things blended in with your china. One approach to do this is to assign one territory, such as the base rack, as your “themed” spot, and keep the remainder of the cabinet to its customary use. Consider setting some enormous dishes, containers, or plates on the assigned rack and trade out your occasional stylistic layout from inside them. Models include:

• Placing huge dishes loaded up with new holly or bulb adornments

• Arranging a plate or plate with a little scene, such as a sleigh, lit town, or a small garden dissipated with shaded eggs

• Filling huge dishes or jars with things like phony organic products or silk blossoms

Catching Cabinet

China cabinets don’t need to be utilized for china; a few people like to change over their china cabinet to what exactly’s known as a “getting cabinet.” Catching cabinets are being used to hold and show things that should be put away; however, not really out of sight. Instances of incorporate things like:

• Quilts

• Tablecloths

• Photo collections

• Tea sets

• Decanter sets

The way to utilizing your china cabinet as a getting cabinet is to adjust the things. Spot brilliantly hued blankets collapsed so they can be effectively observed on rotating racks. On the interceding shelves, orchestrate a tea set, some open photograph collections, or other individual pieces. The thought is to make this a preview of things you think too valuable even to consider packing endlessly.

Organizing Cubbies

While some china cabinets have long, open racks to organize things on, others are comprised of little cubbyholes. While it can appear to be trying to organize your china in them, cubbies are an extraordinary method to feature and show explicit pieces.

• Fill the more drawn out or taller cubbies with containers, trophies, and candles.

• Small cubbies can hold a single cup and saucer or a solitary enhancing plate.

• Arrange your china in the fair measured cubbies and on the racks.


Guarantee, there’s a lot of good light to feature what’s inside your china cabinet. This may mean orchestrating certain things that get the view toward the top or upper racks of the cabinet, or it might mean situating track or recessed lighting, so it hits and features the center racks. At every possible opportunity, attempt to put the cabinet so it gets natural light also to guarantee all things can be found in sunlight.

Arranging China

China cabinets are as a matter of first importance about showing your china for its best potential benefit. The key here is to make some adjustments and an intriguing game plan for different things. To do this, you may need to split and organize your china by type, just as choosing a couple of pieces to feature. For instance, isolate your china into gatherings, for example,

• Stacks of plates

• Stacks of teacups

• Stacks of bowls

• Single-cup and saucers to show

• Single plates to show

At that point, attempt to discover some equalization in the cabinet. On the off chance that you place a presentation plate aside, put a subsequent showcase plate to the opposite side and stack a few cups between them. If you set a solitary plate in the upper community, ensure it’s flanked on the two sides by either a spot setting or a heap of dishes. Attempt to shift how things are adjusted as you descend the cabinet.

Utilizing the Top of Your Cabinet

On the off chance that your cabinet is unsupported and not incorporated with the divider, it might have some space on the top that is ideal for showing extra things. The key here is to utilize it for pieces that organize, yet don’t have a place inside. This may incorporate elements like:

• Silver sets

• Pottery

• Seasonal things

• Plants

Ensure that what’s on the highest point of the cabinet coordinates what’s inside regarding use or shading for a strong impact. Attempt to adjust things equally over the top, so it doesn’t feel swarmed too.

Final Thoughts

A very much enriched china cabinet can be a great expansion to any room. Make your cabinet the feature of your lounge area by enriching it to its best look.

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