How To Find Who Made My Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Find Who Made My Kitchen Cabinets?

If you decide to make some remodeling or renovation in your kitchen, but you want to keep the same style, you would probably want to opt for the same manufacturer so everything will be matched at the end. You do not want to add new elements but end up with them not matching your kitchen cabinets. So, how can you find who made your kitchen cabinets?

To find your cabinets’ manufacturer, you need to identify their brand. To do that, you should check the sides of the drawers or behind them where you can spot some additional information. You can check underneath the wall cabinets or look for the KCMA label under the sink base. 

This article will give you some leads that might help you discover your kitchen cabinets’ manufacturer. I will provide ways to check whether your cabinets are custom made and how you can match them. Providing the same style and materials for furniture is of essential importance, so the easiest way to match everything around your kitchen is by using the same manufacturer. 

How To Find Who Made Your Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Find Who Made My Kitchen Cabinets?

Whether you want to renovate a part of your kitchen, or you just want to replace some cabinet doors, you will need to know who your manufacturer was for the kitchen in the first place. If you are not the first owner of the kitchen, this might be a difficult task. However, there are some ways that can lead you to the desired information. 

Identify The Brand Of The Cabinets

When it comes to replacing or renovating some parts of your kitchen, the easiest way to do that is to use the same manufacturer. That way, you will not rack your brain whether the new cabinet doors are going to match the other ones in relation to style and materials. So, to identify the brand, you will need to look to different places on the cabinets to find the brand’s label. 

Generally, different brands use different places where they put their label. There is no rule where the label should be put; therefore, it can be anywhere on the cabinets. So, you would need to check the cabinets thoroughly to find the brand. 

Check The Sides Of The Drawers

Some manufacturers tend to put their label or name at the sides. Some brands use their whole name, while others use just the logo. Also, the label sizes might be different, i.e. some manufacturers put their label in really small letters, so you will need to look carefully. 

You should also pay attention when you look for the brand since some manufacturers use only engravings rather than colors. This means that you might only have the name engraved, and sometimes it cannot be easily spotted. 

Check Behind The Drawers 

The back of the drawers can be a place where you can find some additional information, not only the brand name. Some manufacturers tend to put the logo on the back of the drawers, so you need to take out your drawer to check whether there is a label or logo. Furthermore, some companies choose to put a code, or order information behind the drawers, so if you decide to order again, the process would be simpler. 

Check Underneath The Wall Cabinets 

Some manufacturers choose to put the label underneath the wall cabinets in a printed version. So instead of engravings, you will find a printed logo on adhesive paper. Some companies may choose to include the color and style that have been used on the cabinets. 

Check The Sink Base For KCMA Label 

KCMA stands for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, and each brand that belongs to this association includes a sticker that is usually put on the base of the sink. Usually, the KCMA brands put a code along with the sticker by which you can find the brand of your cabinets. Once you find the code, you can go to the KCMA website, and find your manufacturer. 

How To Discover Whether Your Cabinets Are Custom? 

How To Find Who Made My Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom-made cabinets are characterized by high quality; therefore, you will need to check the quality of your cabinets. To do that, you will need to focus on several things in your kitchen, and you will be able to tell whether or not your cabinets are custom. 

High-quality kitchen cabinets are usually characterized by the following features: 

  • The front pieces are made of perfectly solid wood and there are no irregularities with wood, colors, or knots. 
  • The front side of the drawers is made of solid wood, while the sides are made of thick hardwood. 
  • The panels inside the cabinets are firm and thick, so they ensure stability and endurance.
  • The hinges are adjustable.
  • There is no plastic supporting the shelves. There is metal, and they are quite adjustable. 
  • Door panels are not glued into their frames. They are deeply fitted, so they will not crack after some time due to humidity changes. 

These are the usual features that make the kitchen cabinets stable and firm so that they can be used for a long period of time. Many manufacturers choose to add new features every time they make a new type of cabinet; however, the ones you have above are the most common. If you want to see whether your cabinets are custom, you should look for these features. 

How To Match Your Kitchen Cabinets?

The first thing you will need to do is to identify the brand of your cabinets, as I mentioned before. You can look at all sides of your cabinets and try to find the name or the logo. 

If the manufacturer belongs to the KCMA, you will easily find your brand. However, if the brand name is nowhere to be found, the only option for you would be to find a custom cabinet maker that will try to make the exact same copy of your existing cabinets. 

Finding the brand and the manufacturer of kitchen cabinets is usually easy since the name or the logo of the brand is somewhere on the cabinets. However, sometimes it might be difficult to spot the name, so you need to look carefully and thoroughly. 

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