How to Get a Drawer Unstuck

How to Get a Drawer Unstuck

It can be frustrating to have a drawer stuck, especially when I have to retrieve an essential item from within. Consistent yanking and pulling this stuck drawer might damage the drawer for good, frustrating me further. It is only natural for me to think of the best way to get your drawer unstuck when in this situation.

When trying to unstuck a drawer, start by ensuring there is nothing obstructing movement from within. If there is, slide a long knife through any joint opening and try to push the item aside. If there is no item obstructing its movement, you should lubricate it with oil.

A stuck or jammed drawer could ruin your day. But, here’s what you must know – it is very easy to get your drawer moving on its rails. I shall shed more light on this below.

Why Do Drawers Usually Get Stuck?

How to Get a Drawer Unstuck

When you get good drawers, they are usually functional for so long that you might believe they will never develop a fault. However, nothing can stay the way it is, and with drawers, you should expect them to get stuck once in a while. The question is, why?

Usually, drawers remain perfect during cold seasons and develop faults in the summer due to humidity. Humidity can cause them to swell slightly. This swelling can disrupt drawers’ usual path, making it more difficult to slide them out and back into their positions.

If swelling is not the problem, it could lack lubrication. When the drawer runs on the same rails for long, there is an increase in friction between the rails and the sides, making it stuck.

Another reason could be that something got stuck in its pathways. In this situation, there’s nothing wrong with your drawers. Once you have gotten the item out of the way, your drawers will start working perfectly.

How to Get a drawer Unstuck

As annoying as it might be to have a stuck drawer, it is effortless to fix the problem. Most times, all you have to do is lubricate the rails. But, lubrication differs for drawers with and without rails

How to Lubricate Stuck Drawers Without Rails

Many people believe that WD-40 can lubricate drawers, but this is not true. The WD-40 protects wood drawers from moisture and removes stains, but it will not lubricate or lubricate them. In fact, it’s a water repellant and a degreaser that will have the opposite effect of a lubricant. 

If your drawers are made of typical hardwood without rails, use regular wax or nylon dresser tape for lubrication. The types of wax you can apply are paraffin wax, beeswax, or unscented wax. Professionals have ascertained that continuous application of these wax into the drawer’s contact planes creates a smooth surface.

The problem is, you might have a hard time getting the suitable wax for this purpose. If you’re not confident about the quality of the wax you find, you can purchase furniture wax that has been specially designed for use on furniture.

For dresser tape, apply a roll of self-adhesive nylon drawer tape to both the underside of the drawer and the interior of the dresser, where the two will come into contact. It will reduce friction and enhance the movement of the drawer.

How to Lubricate a Drawer With Rails

How to Get a Drawer Unstuck

Drawers with metal or plastic rails require a different approach than wood rails. If a drawer on your dresser won’t open all the way, remove it and check the rails for damage before reinstalling the drawer. Even the smallest bends or dents might render the rails inoperable.

If this is so, you will have to adjust the rails into place. Other times, the rails might not be the problem.

The glue or screws could also degenerate with time and fail to properly hold the rails. It’s easy problem by cleaning the entire system and lubricating afterward. Remove any dust or filth from the rail and castors by wiping them down with a moist cloth.

Once the place is cleaned and dried, spray white lithium-based lubricant on the rails and castors. Ensure that you wipe away any extra grease before giving the drawer a test run to determine if it is perfect for usage.

If the problem persists after lubrication, it could be a different problem. There is a possibility that the entire dresser frame has bloated or bent at an awkward angle. This will necessitate additional repairs.

How Do You Get Something Stuck in a Drawer Out?

If you try to pull out your drawer and it doesn’t budge, something could be hindering its movement. In this case, you must ascertain that something inside the drawer, such as a large object, interferes with the drawer’s ability to fully open.

The best way to get the stuck object out is using a putty knife. Work the blade of the putty knife between the drawer and the frame. It is then easy for you to reach the object that is stuck. 

If the drawer is overflowing with items, rearrange the contents or remove some items. But, If the drawer is not stuck due to something inside the drawer, you have to try something else.

Open the drawer a couple of inches or as much as you can with your hands. Then, slide the blade of the knife between the drawer and the runner on the side of the drawer. The drawer runner is a metal or wood element that slides open and close and supports the drawer when it is open.

To get the drawer back on course, lightly tap or gently jiggle. Once you have accomplished your mission, remove the drawer and check for other faults.

If the drawer still doesn’t open completely, use sandpaper for sanding the drawer sides, the top and bottom edges of the drawer, making them as smooth as possible. Coarse 60-grit sandpaper is best for this procedure. Apply a bar of paraffin wax to the drawer’s top and bottom edges, making sure to get into the corners.

How to Open A Stuck Drawer Without a Handle

How to Get a Drawer Unstuck

If your drawer has no handle, you should make one using a nail. Drill a hole into your drawer, and insert a nail that is bent at a good angle. With a firm grip and a little pressure, you can easily pull out your drawer after you have applied any of the methods above.

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