How to Recover IKEA Outdoor Table to Original Color

How to Recover IKEA Outdoor Table to Original Color

Remember when you first got your outdoor table? It probably looked perfect with the new finishings and spray. However, as time passed, it started to wear and you began to wonder How you could recover your IKEA outdoor table to its original color.

To recover your IKEA outdoor table to its color, stain or paint the table with its original color. You can achieve this with the IKEA Varda, which you can purchase online or from the IKEA official site. Using a can of the Varda stain along with some other equipment and a few processes, you can recover your table color in no time.

What Is an Outdoor Table?

How to Recover IKEA Outdoor Table to Original Color

There are many pieces of furniture to grace your compound, gardens, and other exteriors, and the outdoor table is one of them. They are also known as patio furniture or outdoor furniture. They are made to be strong, durable, weather-resistant, and rust-proof.

The outdoor table often comes with a parasol and a set of chairs, usually four to six in number. They usually serve different purposes but they are perfect for recreational purposes like discussions, meetings, playing board games, and ping-pong. Some outdoor tables, known as picnic tables, are also used for serving meals.

What Is the IKEA outdoor table?

The IKEA furniture retailers have many outdoor tables manufactured by the company. They are made in different designs, styles and serve several purposes like any outdoor table.

Can You Stain IKEA Outdoor Furniture?

One of the easiest ways to rebrand and make your outdoor furniture look brand new is to stain them again. This is a form of refinishing the table to make it look brand new.

Sometimes, elements of time, age, and weather breach your outdoor tables’ colors. Regular cleaning and washing of the furniture can also wipe out the colors. When this happens, it’s best to stain the furniture to make it look brand new.

This process is straightforward, and anyone can achieve them with very simple steps. All you need is the IKEA Vard wood stain and protector.

How Do You Use IKEA Varda stain?

Varda wood stain is one of IKEA’s top products under drying agents and pigments. It also remains one of the most effective wood stains today. It not only paints the wood’s surface to give it a brand new look but also protects the wood, making it last longer the more you refurnish.

Varda gives worn-out furniture a natural wooden feel and adds a new glow and vibrant color. You also apply this stain to any untreated surface as it helps to recover the original colors. If you want a shade deeper than the original, you can use Varda repeatedly on the surface.

How to Recover IKEA Outdoor Table to Original Color

How to Recover IKEA Outdoor Table to Original Color

With straightforward steps, you can make your furniture look brand new again. However, you have to have the right equipment to achieve this.


You can get the following equipment in a store close to you or purchase them online. Ensure you have an IKEA Varda Outdoor stain and protector, which you can obtain from the site. This stain has the natural color of several IKEA wooden tables.

Next, you need to get an orbital sander. An orbital sander is better than the belt sander as it automatically moves in a circular motion, causing less damage to wooden surfaces. It serves by smoothening the surface of your table

Get coarse sanding discs, a brush, a pair of nitrile gloves, 220-grit sandpaper, and some stain rags for finishing. Once you have all equipment, you’re ready to go.

Step 1 – Sanding and Scraping

Use the orbital sander and a coarse, preferably 80-grit, sandpaper to scrape out traces of the old color. The sandpaper will make this process much quicker for you. Scrub out the entire surface until every bit of the old paint is removed. 

Ensure you sand down the entire surface till the table is stripped to bare wood. The table must be clear, clean, and stain-free at this stage. Finish the process by applying the 220-grit sandpaper. You can skip sanding the legs and the hands as you can retouch them without smoothening it out like the main surface.  

Step 2 – Applying the Varda Stain and Protector

Varda is very easy to work with, and in no time, you’ll get the table polished. Begin by putting on your nitrile gloves. This will ensure that the stain does not color your fingers.

Afterward, wipe away all sawdust particles on the surface of the scrubbed wood. Pieces of sawdust on the wood can lead to rather messy work at the end of the day. Simply brush them off using your painter’s rag.

Ensure that you stay in a place that does not receive direct sunlight. Staying under a shade will prevent the sun from damaging the stain before you even use it.

With a brush, begin to apply the Varda stain and protector upon the surface. Ensure you lay the stain in the same direction as the grain. For a neat result, work on a plank at a time.

In the process of applying, wipe off any excess stain you observe immediately. With Varda, this should be easy.

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

How to Recover IKEA Outdoor Table to Original Color

Now, leave your finished work, take off the gloves, wash your hands and clean up any mess created. You will have to leave the table for about twenty-four hours to get the stain all dry and ready. After this time, you’ll have your table back in its original color, as good as new.

If you feel the need to refurnish your table again, you can do so after a few years. All you need is to follow the exact process as you did.

What Stain Matches IKEA Varda?

Aside from IKEA Varda, several other stains are also very effective. In fact, there are specific stains for the different types of touches you would like to achieve in your finishing. 

One of the best available stains is the Minwax Gel wood stain, one of the best in 2021. Others include Varathane Premium, SamaN Interiors, and many more.

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