South East Bedroom Vastu Remedy: Important Facts

South East Bedroom Vastu Remedy: Important Facts

According to Vastu or Vastu Shastra principles, having a bedroom in the south east should be avoided. This is because when the sun enters this area it magnifies its heat and light, making it ideal for fire-related devices. So what are the important facts you should know for bedrooms found in the south east of your house?

You should generally try and not make a bedroom out of a room in the south east direction of a residence. If you have to, then you should place Vastu pyramids nearby or move the furniture in a certain way.

We’ll go through the underlying principles of Vastu and highlight why bedrooms shouldn’t be put in the south east corner of a dwelling. We’ll also show some Vastu-compliant steps that you can take to make your bedroom as aligned with Vastu as possible.

Can We Have Bedrooms In The South East?

South East Bedroom Vastu Remedy: Important Facts

Vastu Shasthra is an ancient Indian science prescribing certain rules of architecture, generated from traditional texts and principles. According to these rules, each direction has its own significance which has a direct influence upon the building as well as its dwellers.

Vastu principles advise against having a bedroom in the south east. This can be particularly disastrous for married couples occupying this corner. Given the strong connection of the south east to the sun, it has a strong association with fire and this is said to mean their relationship would burn as well, leading to separation and divorce.

On top of this, south east bedrooms are said to create a stressful and tense atmosphere for the married couple and can even bring in health problems, especially for the woman. Vastu teachings also show that it leads to financial cracks appearing in a married couple as well.

What Is The Remedy For South East Bedrooms?

The most common remedy mooted for south east bedrooms is to place Vastu pyramids in certain locations. Depending on the room will mean a different configuration of Vastu pyramids. Generally, however the pyramid or pyramid plate can be placed in the bed somewhere such as under the mattress, or fixed into the wall or ceiling.

Other remedies include moving your bed towards the south west corner of the room. As long as it no longer sits in the south east corner this will be in better compliance with Vastu guidelines. The orientation of the bed should also allow you to sleep with your head in the south corner and your feet towards the north.

These remedies should help however according to the principles of Vastu, the best remedy is to not have a bedroom in this portion of the home altogether. Another remedy is painting walls darker shades such as red or brown but moving the bed out is the best option

Vastu rules state that all directions have their positives and negatives. As much as possible, the positioning of the house should be done in accordance with the guidelines set forward for the different directions. This will help the proper flow of energy throughout the residence and thereby benefiting its inhabitants while minimizing downsides.

Stickers of the Gayatri Mantra applied to doors and walls of the south east corner can also help. As Vastu is about the control of energy, crystals or gems can also help contain or control the negative energy of the room.

What Should Be Kept In the South East Corner?

South East Bedroom Vastu Remedy: Important Facts

While bedrooms are a poor choice for the south east corner, rooms that require fire or heating are well suited to the south east corner. As the south east is the direction of the fire element, this corner of a home or apartment is best suited to make a kitchen.

Also referred to as the agneya zone, the south east direction is also great for electrical devices. This means gas stoves, white goods, transformers, generators, air conditioning or other units and boilers are great choices for the south east corner.

What Should Not Be Kept In the South East Corner?

Any extensions to the house or apartment like a balcony or similar should be avoided when considering a building plan. If it is already part of the building, then it should be covered or protected from the sun, as it is the sun’s rays that are claimed to be the vector.

Further, there are certain objects which should not be kept in the South East Corner. These are toilets, septic tanks and any water storage tank, underground or otherwise. This is because the south east is associated with fire, the opposite of fire brings with it Vastu defects. So any source of water should not be in the south east room.

Can We Have Children’s Bedrooms In the South East?

The overarching principle per Vastu is that bedrooms should not be placed in the south east. This means for children and adults alike, bedrooms in this area should be avoided if at all possible.

However, the main issues that are said to flow from bedrooms are said to affect marital relationships in particular as well as financial and more likely to have health effects on women. So if it cannot be avoided to have a bedroom in the south east corner, a boy’s bedroom could be a possibility.

If the above remedies are followed this can mitigate the issues. This means vastu pyramids and a certain alignment of the bed. Ideally, the south east corner should not have any entrance or exit to the outside as this can encourage Vastu defects to flow directly into the dwelling. However, the negative effects of having a bedroom in the south east can include loneliness and instability in life which affect children just as much as adults.

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