Tenant or Landlord – Plumbing Problems: Who’s Responsible?

It might be when you’re about to go to bed and your toilet starts running. Maybe it’s on a cold winter morning when you’re getting in the shower before work, and the hot water stops working. Or maybe, it might be during your afternoon off, when your dripping faucet is so annoying that it closely resembles a Chinese torture technique. Let’s just face it: plumbing problems always seem to show up at the most inconvenient times.

When you own your home, you can either fix the issue yourself or hire your favorite local plumber. However, when you’re renting a property, things are not so clear. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you probably have a plumbing problem going on, and you’re asking yourself: Who’s responsible for plumbing problems? Me or my landlord?

To resolve plumbing issues, tenants must check the leasing agreement. It should specify whether the tenant or the landlord is responsible for fixing any plumbing issues. In apartment complexes, landlords are normally responsible. For single-family homes, plumbing can be a grey area. If the lease fails to address such issues, tenants can check state laws.

The norm is to have the landlord responsible for any major repairs that result from regular ‘wear and tear’, and the tenant responsible for any problem caused by him or her. That’s unless you’re a tenant in Arkansas, of course. Then you’re doomed no matter what – everything will be your fault and you’ll be responsible for repairs.

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Gui Hadlich

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