What Colors of Kitchen Cabinets Are ACTUALLY Timeless?

Timeless kitchen cabinet colors

Remodeling your house is a very exciting time. You get to work on things that you have been wanting to for a long time, and you’re looking forward to living in your dream home. Now even though you have a good idea of what you want, there are so many details to think about that you may end up overthinking it all. While you know you’re into something today, you may be scared you might grow tired of it later. 

This is a very common occurrence, especially when it comes to remodeling kitchen cabinets. You want to create an atmosphere that will make you feel energized, clean, and comfortable since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. When you have a kitchen you love, you’ll be more inclined to cook more, which means you will save money, eat healthier, and spend more time with family. With that in mind, it is very important to design the right kitchen, and it all starts with picking kitchen cabinet colors that you will love forever.

So what color of kitchen cabinets are considered timeless? Historically speaking, white, wood, glass, and greige kitchen cabinets are considered to be timeless. While trends will inevitably change over time, these colors and materials are expected to remain popular for a long time.

In the article below, we’ll cover the most timeless kitchen cabinet colors:

  • White Cabinets
  • Wood Cabinets + White
  • Glass Cabinets
  • Greige Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Stay Away From

White Cabinets

As new years come and go, there is one color that has proven that it can absolutely stand the test of time. The consensus is that white kitchen cabinets are considered exceptionally timeless. Regardless of the specific details you choose, adding large amounts of white to your kitchen will create the level of comfort and energy you desire. 

If you’re concerned that white kitchen cabinets will become boring after some time, don’t be. Just because you decided to go with white cabinets, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a kitchen with personality. You can add details in gold, black, or wood and you will create the kitchen of your dreams. 

The photos above show a beautiful kitchen that has white as its base but has a lot of personality with the wall patterns, and wood and copper details. White kitchen cabinets just have an amazing ability to match with pretty much anything. Take a look at the two different kitchens below, which, instead of wood, have stainless steel as its accent color.

While each kitchen above has a different floor, both look very inviting with their white cabinets. The color and material of the details come down to what you prefer. There are some many options that go well with white that it is virtually impossible to go wrong. 

Lastly, the owner of the kitchen below decided to be a little bolder. If you take a look at the kitchen island, it has a different shade of blue/green with a wooden top and it still looks awesome. It’s just proof that white kitchen cabinets are both timeless and versatile. 

The most important aspect of white kitchen cabinets is the fact that it goes well with everything. So if eventually you do grow tired of them and decide that you want a new look, you can change small details like cabinet handles, knobs, or countertops and you will have a brand new kitchen. 

Wood Cabinets + White

If you’re a fan of wood kitchen cabinets, they can definitely be made timeless. They are not as versatile as white, but with the right combination, it can definitely stand the test of time. While heavy, stained woods are considered to be outdated, natural woods are here to stay. Adding wood cabinets made out of maple or unstained oak can add a natural, timeless look to your kitchen. The biggest focus here is to look for natural woods with horizontal lines along the grain. 

Adding white details to the kitchen will assist you in creating a timeless look. You can possibly add white countertops to create the perfect balance. 

Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets can be considered timeless as well. Regardless of the color of the frames, these cabinets allow you to focus on what’s inside the cabinets, rather than outside. They incur an idea of transparency and cleanliness. Glass + white and glass + wood make excellent combinations. By changing the color and material of the items you have inside the cabinets, you will change the look of your kitchen as a whole. 

Greige Cabinets

A new trend that is emerging is to go with greige cabinets. They are a combination of grey and beige, and its neutrality can be a factor to establish its timelessness. Greige kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular and could be a good idea to consider if you don’t like the other ones above. The most popular greige colors are:

  • Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan
  • Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist
  • Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray
  • Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter
  • Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray
  • Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray
  • Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak
  • Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray
  • Sherwin-Williams’ Accessible Beige

Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Avoid

While some colors and materials have the ability to become timeless, some others unfortunately don’t. After covering the most popular and timeless kitchen cabinet colors, we wanted to cover some of the trends you should stay away from.

Too Much White

While white is an awesome color for your kitchen cabinets, you need to be careful with how much white you add to your kitchen. Adding too much of it can backfire and make it boring after a while. So we always recommend that you add accent colors or materials in order to make it truly timeless.

The kitchen below, besides being a very clean and beautiful one, lacks accent colors. After a while, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the owner growing tired of it.

Glossy Finishes

Glossy finishes have been very popular throughout the last decade, but it seems to be finally becoming outdated. If you’re renovating your kitchen and are truly looking for timeless kitchen cabinets, we recommend that you stay away from glossy finishes. 

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