What Do You Do with A Fake Drawer Under a Sink?

What Do You Do with A Fake Drawer Under a Sink?

Most kitchen cabinets have a false drawer panel in front of the sink. While it may seem useless, its primary purpose is to maintain the aesthetic design of the cabinet. But what can you do with this fake drawer?

Besides complementing your kitchen décor, the fake drawer under the sink can be functional. It can have a small space to hold a sponge and other cleaning supplies as well as handy tools such as a small fire extinguisher or those that unjam the garbage disposal.

We could all use some additional storage in the kitchen. So read on and learn what to do with that fake drawer under a sink.

What Is the Drawer Under the Sink Called?

It’s called a fake or dummy false drawer since it has the appearance of an actual drawer. It has the same width as the cabinet door and height as the drawer faces on the side of the sink. Since most fake drawers have a hinge instead of a slide, they’ll fold like a car glove compartment. Typically, it is used to continue the visual line often created by other cabinet openings or drawers.

What Do You Do with A Fake Drawer Under a Sink?

What Do You Do with A Fake Drawer Under a Sink?

The small recessed space under the sink can allow the faux drawer front to be flushed with the cabinet face frame.  An under the sink drawer is a convenient space to store cleaning brushes, cleaning vinegar, dawn dish soap, sponges, and scrubbers. These essentials come in handy in the kitchen, and now you can have somewhere to keep them, thanks to the awkwardly shaped basins or fake drawers.

However, if you’re worried about the sponges and other cleaning supplies staying wet in the tray, you can drill a few tiny holes to enhance airflow. You could also keep the false drawers tip out to allow them to dry. Remember that cleaning the tray regularly will also keep things from getting mildew or mold.

You can also store your small fire extinguisher, a safety precaution in case of a grease fire in the kitchen (hopefully, you never have to use it). Moreover, under the sink can be a convenient place to store those bizarrely shaped tools such as those used for unjamming your garbage disposal.

You can also transform the fake drawers into a pocket hold with a hinged door to create a nook large enough for a flat iron.

How Do You Install Fake Drawer Fronts?

Installing a fake drawer front entails lining up the edges for a consistent look and attaching the front. However, if you’re a home-improvement enthusiast, you can do the job in a relatively short time.

A fake drawer front can be secured to the drawer box or board using heavy adhesive, including contact cement, glue, double-sided carpet tape, or screws or bolts. However, you should note that carpet tape is very strong, and hence if you don’t position the front perfectly, it can be very challenging to pull off for repositioning.

How Do You Install a Fake Drawer Under a Kitchen Sink?

In many homes, the space under the sink is left open because of the disposal, sink, and pipes and is likely to become an abyss filled with “fluff.” Fortunately, with a bit of creativity, you can transform it into a valuable hinged drawer that allows for storage. These easy-to-build designs will feature a practical drawer system for convenience.

Tools you will require:

  • Ready-made tray or 1/8-inch wood and glue to make the tray
  • Screwdriver or drill with driver bits
  • Razor blade
  • Two spring hinges with attaching hardware
  • Pilot drill bit, 3/32-inch


Remove The False Front

Open your kitchen cabinet doors below the sink and reach with your hand to feel a single rod on each side of the panel. The bar should run vertically up the face frame back. Turn it horizontally, and the false front will pop off.

If you cannot find the stick, look for screws holding the false front and remove them. Alternatively, if there are no screws, use a razor blade to pry the glue gently to lose the false front.

Add Hinges

What Do You Do with A Fake Drawer Under a Sink?

Use spring hinges since they will keep the tray closed without a latch. Open the hinge to a 90-degree angle and place it on the bottom edge of the false front, about 3” from the side edge.

Align the hinge barrel top with the false front bottom edge. Then, using the 3/32-inch bit, drill pilot holes about ¼ inch deep. Put a screw in every pilot hole and tighten it with a screwdriver. Repeat the process with the other hinge.

Add The Storage Tray

You should consider what you plan to keep in your new drawer and add a tray that works for you. You can buy a ready-made tray at your local home improvement store. Alternatively, you can make yours that complements the wood of your cabinetry. Measure the false front panel and use the 1/8’ thick lumber to assemble a 3-sided box that fits.

Whether buying or building your tray, you should double-check the measurements to ensure the tray is sized correctly and allows your drawer to close completely. Also, you can add compartments or layers to the tray to add more storage space to your kitchen.

Replace And Secure the False Front

To secure the new hinged drawers back, open the spring hinges full and center your false front. Place the unattached hinges side on the opening bottom rim. Then, drill pilot holes about 3/16-inch drill bit. Put a screw in every hole and secure tightly.

Do You Put Handles on Fake Drawer Fronts?

Some people argue that you shouldn’t put handles on the fake drawers. That’s because people might rip them off trying to open them. However, putting these handles allows for consistency.

Good and aesthetically appealing design is often consistent. The handles will give the illusion that the drawers aren’t fake. You can even put a minimal intrusive towel bar that can hold hand towels correctly.

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