What Does Fully Equipped Kitchen Mean?

What Does Fully Equipped Kitchen Mean

Kitchen remodel? Kitchen makeover? Maybe you’re finally opening your restaurant or even building your brand new kitchen from scratch! Whatever it is, a fully equipped kitchen might be just what the doctor ordered.

A fully equipped kitchen should have the equipment, tools, and appliances to carry out every kitchen job. It must be ready to prepare any meal, from a feast for a large family to a cup of tea. A dream kitchen will vary depending on a person’s location, cooking style, and preference.

Whether you’re a new bride or a restaurant business owner, you’ll gain deep insight into what makes a fully equipped kitchen. So, keep reading to understand your kitchen a little better.

What Makes A Well Equipped Kitchen?

What Does Fully Equipped Kitchen Mean

Good question. When people rent a place, the kitchen is the first thing to dispute. The property laws don’t define what makes a well-equipped kitchen.

There’s no universal definition of a well-equipped kitchen either. The need for a functional kitchen won’t go away because people can’t agree on a well-equipped kitchen.

Plus, kitchens come in all sizes, inclinations, and styles, which makes defining a well-equipped kitchen even more complicated.

To have a working definition for the rest of this article, let’s agree that you can’t know what’s a fully equipped kitchen.

Drawing from the experiences of thousands and thousands of people who use a kitchen every day, you can glean some insight. The Joe Blow kitchen that works in 90% of cases look something like this:

Its size is at least one meter by one meter that contains a faucet and a sink. It also has a refrigerator, freezer, or a small cooler.

A practical kitchen should also offer silverware, dishware, and cookware. The tools that help you cook a meal and eat it without getting your hands and clothes dirty.

The kitchen should also feature elemental cleaning soap and towels to wash your cookware after cooking and eating.

Some storage units are also necessary to make a well-equipped kitchen. A microwave and coffee maker might also be more on the side of necessities than nice-to-haves.

What Is Included In A Fully Equipped Kitchen?

As you can tell by now, it’s impossible to have a universal definition of a fully equipped kitchen that applies to everyone.

Your ideal kitchen will be different based on your location, diet, and skills. However, a Smart kitchen will have the following equipment.


Blending and juicing is a science among healthy living folks, so a blender is indispensable. You can also use its accessories to prepare healthy meals.

Even when you’re not a big fan of healthy juices, a blender has many uses in a fully equipped kitchen.


Towels are the natural progression to using torn clothes for cleaning duties. They become handy when cleaning dishes, removing stains, and wiping the countertop.

As for cleanliness, kitchen rugs and mats are also vital. Apart from boosting the kitchen decor, anti-slip mats can handle heavy foot traffic inside the kitchen during a busy day.

Trash Can

Trash cans and garbage bags serve a vital role in a fully equipped kitchen.

In general, the kitchen produces the most waste in your house. So, you’ll need to prepare for separating, recycling, and removing your food waste safely.

Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack

What Does Fully Equipped Kitchen Mean

Sooner or later, you’ll need a dish drying rack to have space for your dishes. A sturdy one will keep your cups and trays, and other utensils safe in place while drying.


This is a gargantuan category that can include knives, spoons, forks, etc. A kitchen utensil set is essential to having a fully equipped kitchen.

They’re the tools of the trade, so to speak. Because without them, you can’t cook a meal safely.

Maybe you can live without some of the pieces, but things like knives are obligatory.


So, a door wine and beverage cooler might be optional. However, a kitchen can’t be complete without a cooling\freezing unit.

You’ll need it to store and protect food from going rotten. You can get away with an old model, but going without a refrigerator will be a pain in the neck for sure.

Water Filter

Another essential piece of kitchenware must be the under sink water filter. Clean water is a matter of survival. So, you can’t go without a water filtration system either.


A kitchen without the proper cookware is anything but a fully equipped kitchen.

Frying pans, pots, and bowls are non-negotiable. You’ll use them daily for cooking. They go hand in hand with utensils, which is the kitchen is the place to be cooking.

If ten people read this article, everyone will put a different priority on every item mentioned above. Do this little experiment right now: Rank every piece of equipment on that list from 1 to 10 regarding precedence. Then, share it with your friends on social media and ask them to rate every item.

Now, compare your ratings with your friends. You’ll see that everyone has a different opinion and priority for these items.

Furthermore, a small percentage of people will disagree that you can’t find any of this equipment in a fully equipped kitchen. Are you beginning to believe?

How Much Is The Average Cost Of a Fully Equipped Kitchen?

Okay, so if it’s near impossible to have one fully equipped kitchen for everyone. At best, there must be a “bare minimum” that can apply to anyone in different situations.

You’re right. A fully equipped kitchen should be a kitchen that can take as many kitchen jobs as possible. Luckily, the National Association of Home Builders surveyed the readers to uncover what buyers are looking for in a kitchen.

This should give you a general direction to build a fully equipped kitchen.

  • Side-By-Side Double Sink ($400)
  • Walk-In Pantry ($12,500)
  • Table Space For Eating ($10,000)
  • Central Island ($4,000)
  • Drinking-Water Filtration ($1,300)
  • Granite Or Natural Stone Countertops ($4,200)

Based on these findings, you can expect to pay around $32,400 as the average cost of a fully equipped kitchen.

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