What Is the Coating on Ikea Furniture?

What Is the Coating on Ikea Furniture?

How durable the coating on your IKEA furniture mostly depends on the type and quality of coating used. If you don’t coat it with the appropriate coating, it will wear out before long. Some people are not sure what coating to use for their furniture.

Water-based polyurethane topcoats are one of the best coatings for IKEA furniture. I’ll not advise that you use regular oil-based top coats because they will fade and wear out over time. 

When thinking of coating your furniture, a vital consideration is how well the coat will stick to the furniture’s surface. You don’t want a situation where your paint begins to peel off, giving your furniture an untidy appearance.

Is Ikea Furniture Easy to Paint?

What Is the Coating on Ikea Furniture?

The good thing about IKEA furniture coating is that it is a DIY project, so long as you have time. Things become much easier when you purchase processed IKEA furniture. It reduces the stress and time involved in the coating process and makes it a more enjoyable DIY experience.

This implies, however, that many pieces of furniture are laminated. Although it is a great way to keep costs down, laminate is not the best material to use for painting. One of the reasons is that it cannot be sanded and scuffed to give the rough surfaces needed to make your coating stick. 

Scuffing your furniture before coating or painting makes it last longer for regular use. Unfortunately, using a primer doesn’t eliminate this challenge as it still scratches with ease after painting because the primer doesn’t glue well to laminate. I’ll show you the steps I followed to paint and coat my IKEA furniture while working on our house as you keep reading.

On the other hand, you may want to use a more durable coating for your pieces. Furniture like tables that will be positioned in a moist or water-prone area will require you to use oil-based paint. They are long-lasting and can remain immune to a tangible amount of friction and scratches for a long time.

What Is Ikea Furniture Coated In?

As you should have gathered by now, IKEA furniture is usually coated in two ways. The most common is the laminate wax which most of the furniture comes with (that is, already made). The second and more lasting option is a water-based polyurethane varnish or a see-through wax (clear wax). 

While the former is more affordable, time-saving, and easy to use, the latter will produce a more professional and clean finish. Laminate wax is too smooth and slippery and will make the paints come off the surface in no time. You’ll need multiple coatings and extra caution when using laminate types.

What Is the Best Way to Paint Ikea Your Furniture?

What Is the Coating on Ikea Furniture?

As I earlier promised, I’ll take you through the steps involved in painting your IKEA furniture.

Step 1: Sanding the Surface of Your Pieces

The laminate coating that comes with most IKEA furniture makes the paint unable to stick to the surface as it should. As you prepare the furniture pieces for coating, I recommend you sand them properly. This process helps to roughen and dull the exteriors, so the primer has a suitable surface to stick on to. 

There are two available sanding options you can choose from. The first is an electric sander, which is my favourite, by the way, or with your hand using a 150 grit sander. 

Step 2: Cleaning Up

I’d like to emphasize that cleaning after sanding is essential for the process. Begin by dusting off the surface with a clean damp cloth. Afterwards, apply trisodium phosphate (TSP) on the surface for proper cleanup.

A thorough cleaning will help remove any trace of grease that could hinder the primer from gluing properly to the surface.

Step 3: Applying Primer

Primer application does a lot by ensuring that the paint sticks well to the surface. If you’re coating a laminate-type IKEA piece, then you need to use an oil-based primer. In that case, ensure you’re painting in a well-ventilated and spacious room because oil-based primers have a strong and choking smell.

Although brushes, rollers, or can sprays are the regular equipment used to apply primer, I prefer ordinary foam brushes to prevent brush marks. Note that the essential secret to achieving neat priming is to allow the paint to dry out perfectly. So, ensure you follow the specified time frame instructed by the manual’s product manufacturer.

If you are unsure about what paint primer to use, you can choose Zinsser, Rustins or Rustoleum oil-based primer.

Step 4: Painting Your Pieces

What Is the Coating on Ikea Furniture?

After a successful priming procedure, next on the line is painting your pieces. Any type of paint like chalk, latex, or milk is appropriate for your first coating. The latex (emulsion) coat is the best choice because it is more affordable, with better coverage and application than others.

My top latex brands for coating are Wickes or Valspar, but I occasionally use Rustins if I’m looking for a chalky finish. You can apply about two to three layers of paint, depending on your preferred level of thickness. Coating with a foam roller makes it smoother and without marks.

Step 5: Sealing Up

I consider sealing to be the most vital part of the entire procedure. Coating your just painted exterior with clear wax or unfading water-based polyurethane varnish will make it durable for years to come. This will give you long-lasting IKEA furniture, especially if it will be used in high-traffic areas.  

With these clear steps, you should be able to achieve an excellent finish on your pieces.

I hope that this article has provided the essential details and guide you need to paint your IKEA furniture.

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