What To Do About Neighbor Slamming Doors?

What To Do About Neighbor Slamming Doors?

A home is a place where you take your time to relax and rest after a long and busy day. Since this is supposed to be your safe place, the noise would be the last thing you need, especially from neighbors who keep slamming doors. So, what can you do when your neighbor keeps slamming their doors and constantly disturbing your peace? 

When your neighbor keeps slamming their doors, the first thing you should do is to talk to them. You can talk to them directly, over the phone, or with a note under the door, but make sure that you pick the right time to do that. Also, make sure to explain the issue properly and how it bothers you. 

Below, I have discussed some ways in which you can politely talk to your neighbor about the noise that they make and that is bothering you. Also, I have provided some alternatives that you can use if by talking you cannot resolve the problem. Slamming doors can be a very unpleasant and annoying noise that no one would like to hear on a daily basis, therefore, the resolution of it is essential. 

How Do You Deal With A Door Slammer?

What To Do About Neighbor Slamming Doors?

Talk To Your Neighbor  

The most common and sensible way in which you can deal with problems with neighbors is by talking to them. Every time you have a problem with another human being the most rational way to address the problem is by trying to talk to that person calmly, so you can see if both of you can find some compromise in the situation. Usually, talking to the person who is on the other side of the problem can bring a solution immediately. 

When it comes to door slamming, it is a fact that this noise can be quite annoying and it can disturb your peace big time. However, sometimes the person who makes this noise, i.e. your neighbor, might not be aware that they are making this noise. Therefore, it is better to talk to them first before taking some other measures and creating a bigger problem. 

The way you will address your neighbor about the slamming door problem would be your choice. You can talk to them directly, over the phone, or you can simply leave them a note, telling them what bothers you. You might be surprised by how people can be sensible and take your feelings and needs into consideration. 

Choose The Appropriate Time

Even when talking is the most reasonable way of addressing the problem, you still have to choose the right time to do that. For example, if you approach your neighbor in the middle of a party when they might be a little bit tipsy, the effect could be counterproductive. 

Therefore, you might wait to run to them in front of the building or at some other public place where you can casually address the issue with slamming doors. Do not just go over to their door and demand that they stop slamming their doors. This can catch them by surprise, and they might get offended or embarrassed. 

Choose The Right Manner

With most people, being calm and polite will immediately resolve the problem. When you are not shouting or have an accusing voice, your neighbor will be understanding, and they will probably agree with you, and you will get the desired solution to your issue. 

Furthermore, when you approach them, make sure that you provided examples of times when they were slamming the doors and how that affected you. However, do not get accusatory and angry because you can get the same reactions from the other side. Also, you can tell them how the issue might be resolved, i.e., what do you expect them to do. 

This way, you can calmly get to a solution without arguments and unnecessary scenes that might occur if you start shouting and attacking your neighbor. Remember, if you want to resolve the problem successfully, you need to be reasonable. 

What To Do If Talking Does Not Work? 

What To Do About Neighbor Slamming Doors?

If talking to your neighbor does not resolve the issue, you might take some more extreme measures, such as notifying the council of your building. You can involve all of your neighbors in this and ask the neighbor in question to be more considerate when it comes to closing their doors. 

Be aware that this step might raise tensions between the neighbors, so you have to be prepared to fight for your rights. This would still be an inside problem that will be dealt with between neighbors in the building. However, if this does not help as well, then you might involve the local authorities. 

Involving the local authorities means filing a complaint towards the door slammer. You should know that this could get in court depending on the reaction of your neighbor. Since this will be an official measure, you should know that this might be a problem for selling your apartment later due to the complaint of a noisy neighbor. 

This might resolve your problem, but it will surely take some time. Official processes usually take some time to be resolved, so you would have to be patient. 

Is Slamming Doors Harassment? 

Slamming doors is considered to be an antisocial behavior since it involves a deliberate way of making noise. The noise produced by slamming doors can be annoying and upsetting, especially if it happens frequently; therefore, it could be extended to a form of verbal harassment

Even though it might not involve direct contact with people, it still disturbs people, and it is common to file complaints against this kind of behavior. Therefore, slamming doors could be included in a mild type of harassment. 

Having a door slammer for a neighbor might be unpleasant and annoying, but this kind of issue can usually be resolved quickly. Taking a few minutes to talk to your neighbor can make a difference; you just have to remember to stay calm, polite and to approach them at the right time. 

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