What Type of Screws Does IKEA Use?

What Type of Screws Does IKEA Use?

IKEA furniture pieces come with a lot of screws for putting the item together. The screws are a sore spot for many customers because they may not know the right tools to use for each screw. So, what type of screws does IKEA use?

IKEA uses many types of screws and even bolts, but the chief amongst them is the hexagonal (hex) screw. The 4 mm hex screw is the most common, and IKEA products use screws within a range of 1 mm to 8 mm.

This article looks into IKEA’s provision of screws and the type of screws IKEA uses. I also explore IKEA’s use of Pozidriv screws.

Does IKEA Provide Screws?

What Type of Screws Does IKEA Use?

The biggest appeal of buying IKEA pieces is its affordability. For some people, it’s more than purchasing an inexpensive table or dresser. It’s also about having both the furniture pieces and the tools for assembly.

Screws are one tool IKEA provides with your product. Other tools include mounting brackets, Allen wrenches, and the brand’s cross-slot screwdriver. According to IKEA, you can use the cross-slot screwdriver to tighten most of their screws.

Having the screws you need for assembly is good enough, but they can get missing or damaged in the chaos of assembly. If this happens, do not despair because IKEA also provides replacement parts.

Individual replacement parts are available for customers who need them, and this applies to all IKEA products. You can either contact IKEA and ask for the screws’ availability using its 6-digit code or visit your local IKEA store and check by yourself.

A visit is also ideal if you don’t have the code. While replacement parts are usually free, you may have to pay sometimes. If IKEA does not have the screw or part you want, you can try to find it on third-party sites like Amazon and eBay.

FurnitureParts.com is also dedicated to providing replacement parts for IKEA furniture, and you may find your screw there. Of course, you will have to pay for any parts you buy from these third-party sites.

What Type of Screws Does IKEA Use?

What Type of Screws Does IKEA Use?

The 4 mm hex screw is the primary screw for most IKEA furniture, but you can also find flathead and Philips screws in some products. The hex screws may also vary in size, with smaller décor items using the 3 mm hex screw and medium-sized pieces using the 5 mm hex screw. 

The number of screws that come out of the furniture packaging might be daunting, but the instruction manual is there to help. If you consult the assembly guide page, you will see diagrams of the screws you need for your assembly. They include:

  • 2x small screw
  • 2x long screw
  • 4x small screw
  • 4x long screw
  • 8x threaded screw
  • 8x long screw
  • 12x screw

The hex screws come with an Allen wrench or a hex wrench that you can use to drive the hexagonal recess. Other names for the Allen wrench are hex key, inbus, or Allen key. A hex screwdriver or bit is also suitable to drive it in.

Hexagonal screws are popular with IKEA because it is cheaper to make keys for hexagonal heads than others.

Helpful Tips for Assembling IKEA Furniture

Now that you know the screws IKEA uses, here are some helpful tips that can speed your assembly along:

  1. Before you start assembling the furniture, go through the instruction manual thoroughly. This will help you have a good idea of what to do and how much help you may need.
  1. Plan for a space to assemble the piece and prepare the area. You may need to lay some towels on the ground to cushion the parts safely while you work. Preparing the space also prevents the easy loss of screws and tools.
  1. Ensure you have the correct tools for assembly and keep them at hand. The Allen wrench or hex screwdriver is barely enough to get the job done, and you may need a hammer or power drill. An IKEA FIXA toolbox is a good investment if you shop a lot from IKEA.
  1. Count the furniture parts and separate them. Organizing your materials can reveal a missing part before starting, so you won’t be stranded at 97% completion.
  1. Be patient with assembling the furniture. Putting an IKEA piece together takes time, and rushing will only stress you. To avoid ending up with a haphazard piece of furniture, calm down and take breaks when necessary.
  1. Check the fittings when you finish making sure all screws are secure and tight. Not too tight, though, because you may splinter the wood. Too loose, and you will have a wobbly piece.
  1. Call a professional if step one reveals it is beyond your capacity. There are companies with skilled personnel that can assemble your IKEA furniture for a price. It’s not worth risking an injury to earn a DIY badge.

Does IKEA Use Pozidriv Screws

What Type of Screws Does IKEA Use?

Although Phillips is the most popular screw in the United States, IKEA screws are not Phillips. They are Pozidriv screws, and knowing this distinction will save you a lot of stress. The Pozidriv is a better version of the Phillips screw drive that was made to permit the use of more torque.

These screws are pretty similar in appearance to Phillips screws, but you can differentiate them. The Pozidriv screws have a set of tick marks or radial indentations set at 45 degrees from the primary cross shape on the screw’s head. Phillips screws don’t have this mark.

Using a Phillips screwdriver for a Pozidriv screw is a bad idea. Not only will the screw easily come out, but you will also strip the screws. You can buy a Pozidriv screwdriver online or get Pozidriv bits from IKEA – there’s a toolset with three sizes of Pozidriv bits, among others.

You can use a Pozidriv driver for a Phillips screw, but it is not without its share of troubles. Pairing the correct screwdriver or drill bit to the screws makes for easy assembly.

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