Which Direction Should My Desk Face?

Which Direction Should My Desk Face?

Choosing a desk can be overwhelming as you consider the color, size, purpose, and style. After getting the desk you deem perfect for your workspace, you have to consider something else – Which direction should your desk face?

If your workspace faces the northeast, your desk should face the southwest. However, Vastu Shastra advises that your desk should face east as the sun rises from the east, making it a sign of financial productivity.

The direction of your desk also depends on several things. Below, we shall review some of the factors to consider when positioning your work desk.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Desk in the Room?

Which Direction Should My Desk Face?

Despite several suggestions on the geographical positions your desk should be placed in, there are other factors that you must consider. The position of your office is the first. Vastu Shastra suggests getting an office facing north, then placing your desk facing the east.

But, we all know that sometimes, getting the perfect workspace is not possible. So what happens if your office faces the south, west, or the east? How then should you place the table?

Your Desk Should Face the Door

Placing your desk facing the opposite side of the door will keep you alert. If you work in an open office, placing your desk towards the door may signify that you are open to a conversation with your colleagues and clients. It is also the best option if you share an office with other workers.

Additionally, facing the door helps you keep a close eye on the surroundings around you. From this position, you can observe the others at their desk and see what is happening if a transparent wall separates your office from the others.

In other words, avoid working with your back to the wall. Doing so will make you look isolated from the rest of your co-workers. You should also avoid this position if you have an office to yourself.

Working with your back to the door, however, helps you avoid interruptions. If you require more assistance focusing, you may find looking about the office distracting.

Consider Facing the Window

Working while staring out the window can be beneficial if your profession requires you to be innovative in your approach. If you have a nice view out your window, it can make your workdays more enjoyable. This is because it allows natural light to enter the room.

If you work in a creative industry, facing the window is good since it allows you to see things from different viewpoints. It also allows you to take regular breaks from your current task. Simply raising your eyes to the window will enable you to see what is happening outside.

Looking out the window might not be the best decision if there are several distracting factors. For instance, if you work in a region where it rains a lot, it may be challenging to concentrate on your task due to the dark sky overhead. Unless the gloomy clouds offer you a sense of serenity.

Also, facing your office window might force you to look away from the door. If you this is the case, place your desk in a position where you can view both the window and the door.

Face Your Desk Toward the Wall

Which Direction Should My Desk Face?

Several individuals prefer to face their desks towards the wall to avoid looking out of the window or observing their surroundings. The main reason for this is to have better concentration when working. On the other hand, it makes you look cut off from the environment.

Facing the wall can also make you feel trapped or in a tiny environment, especially if your desk is small. This will be a bad idea for individuals suffering from claustrophobia.

Use the Feng Shui Principal

Feng Shui uses the principle of placing your desk in a commanding position. This means that your desk is in a position where you can see the door clearly, but you’re not seated in front of it.

In other words, your desk is not in line with the door but in a diagonal position. Another factor to consider in Feng Shui is the angle of your workspace.

If you find it hard to achieve the position, use a mirror to correct the situation. Place a convex mirror at an angle where you can easily see the door’s reflection. If you can’t avoid being in line with the door, hang a Feng Shui crystal ball between the door and your desk.

Pick the Best Position

The suggestions above all have their ups and downs. Thus, you should consider your workspace and plan to achieve it before deciding on your desk position. If you want to avoid distractions, you should face your desk towards the wall.

But, if you want to have a better view of your surroundings, face your desk towards the entrance. Your desk should face the window if you prefer the outside view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Direction Should My Desk Face?

Which Direction Should My Desk Face?

Your desk should face the east. This is the principle of Vastu Shastra, one of the best architectural systems that originated from India. It is also believed that facing the east can make you think better.

You can also face the north if facing the east is not suitable. However, you should avoid facing south or west. This is because it becomes difficult to focus, making you less productive.

Should My Home Office Desk Face the Window?

Your office desk can face the window if you consider it a suitable option. Like I mentioned earlier, facing the window gives you a better view of the outside world. But it can be very distracting as you would have divided attention.

Should My Desk Face the Wall?

Your desk should face the wall so that you can avoid distractions when working. But, it would make you look isolated if you’re sharing an office. If you have an office to yourself, facing the wall might also put you at a disadvantage.

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