Why Does My Intex Air Mattress Have a Bulge?

Why Does My Intex Air Mattress Have a Bulge?

Air mattresses are useful solutions for guests that show up unexpectedly. Keeping a guest bedroom fully decked out can be hard and it’s pretty much impossible to be ready all the time. That’s where air mattresses can be a godsend. So what do you do when you notice your air mattress has a bulge?

A bulge is likely the sign that your air mattress is on the way out. Bulges are normally the result of internal mattress damage that can’t be repaired easily.

However, there are some steps to be taken to fix bulges in air mattresses. I’ll take you through some tips and tricks to fix bulges in air mattresses as well as common mistakes that are easy to make as an air mattress owner.

Why Does My Mattress Have a Bubble?

Why Does My Intex Air Mattress Have a Bulge?

If you notice a bubble in your air mattress it may be signaling that it’s time to search for a new air mattress.

Repairing the bubble is a possibility but if a brand-new mattress starts developing a bulge after only a few uses it could be a result of the gluing process. Poor factory bonding along the mattress seams is a major cause of bulges in new mattresses. 

It is easy for issues to arise during the manufacturing process because the seams of air mattresses are the weakest point of construction. The use of cheap adhesives and poor quality control means that the cheaper air mattress versions are unlikely to last for a very long time.

Frequently putting too much air into your air mattress is one of the leading causes of bubble formation. The above-mentioned seams are likely to give way due to the pressures exerted directly along with them. The mattress does not need to be fully inflated to be usable or working properly. Inflate the mattress until firm to the touch and then try lying on it. As long as the mattress has a reasonable amount of support it should be fine.

Air mattresses have a maximum weight and going over this is an issue. The mattress’s weight capacity should be followed by not packing too much weight onto the mattress. Sitting on the air mattress also causes more pressure to be concentrated on a smaller area. To avoid damage to the air mattress, when setting it up you want to leave it in an area where it cannot be stepped on in the darkness.

Certain objects cause damage to the air mattress. Sleeping with your keys in your pocket or similar can lead to damage and irregularities with the air mattress, particularly when the mattress is inflated. You should remove any potential sharp objects before sleeping, including shoes and belt buckles, and avoid wearing clothing with metal buttons.

Finally, over time the mattress’s construction will degrade, and bubbles form. Air mattresses are not generally going to last more than two years.

Why Does My Mattress Bulge on One Side?

Bubbles can form only on one side due to the seams or damage only occurring in a specific area. 

Some mattresses have a softer top for comfort and a tough bottom so that it can be used on rough surfaces like the outdoors. This means that the soft part could be more likely to bulge as it is made of weaker material or construction.

Usage patterns of the mattress can lead to bulging, so if possible you want to rotate the air mattress so that you sleep on alternate sides.

Inflating the mattress can cause bubbles to form as the sections near the inflation tube can face the most pressure. As the tube is a weak point due to the seams, this makes it a more likely place to get bulging.

How Do I Fix My Intex Air Mattress Bulge?

Why Does My Intex Air Mattress Have a Bulge?

First, remove all coverings and attachments like pumps from the mattress but do not deflate it. Then apply gentle pressure to the bubble as you slowly deflate the air mattress. As soon as the bulge appears, that should be the maximum amount of air used. If this means you have an uncomfortable mattress, it’s time to buy a new mattress.

Deflating the mattress slightly can minimize the bump so that it is more comfortable as a mattress. Additional mattress toppers or sheets could be used in an attempt to flatten it out.

You should contact the vendor where you bought the mattress from and query returns or replacement policies. Air mattresses will often be considered unreturnable once opened and used. Given the short warranty period, it is going to be difficult to get replacements.

Are Intex Air Mattresses Good?

Air mattresses have certain qualities that make them a good solution to certain issues. Air mattresses serve a specific need and so it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks, rather than assuming that air mattresses fully substitute for a conventional spring or foam mattress.

Air mattresses are portable, light temporary bedding solutions. They are good for guests, camping, and other short-term usage. Air mattresses will have specific usage limitations, such as camping or indoor use only as well as weight capacity. However, if you’re looking for a reliable mattress to sleep on every night, an air bed is not the solution. 

Intex air mattresses come in large sizes and with internal pumps which make the task of inflating much easier. Intex specializes in making air beds, above-ground pools, pool accessories, inflatable boats, and other related products. Customer reviews seem generally positive with the main complaints being around bulges. The pricing is competitive with many models under $100.

The thick material of Intex air mattresses causes issues with repairs. Patching holes and leaks is difficult and is probably a sign for a new mattress.

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