Why Does Your Bedroom Smell After Sleeping?

Why Does Your Bedroom Smell After Sleeping?

If you sleep with your windows and door closed during the night, you might wake up to a certain smell in your room in the morning. That can be quite unpleasant since you want your room to be a fresh and cozy place at all times. So, why does your room have a certain odor after sleeping? 

Your bedroom might have an unpleasant smell after sleeping due to the fact that the body produces an odor by sweating during the night. The body sweat combined with the sheet materials creates a musty smell that cannot be prevented unless you do something with the materials used in your bedroom. 

Here, I will discuss the reasons for the smell that occurs in the room after sleeping. Also, I will provide some ways to get rid of that odor and keep your room fresh at all times. Having a pleasant smell in the mornings is essential since that is where you begin your day, and you do not want that spoiled. 

Why Does Your Bedroom Have A Sour Smell In The Morning?

Why Does Your Bedroom Smell After Sleeping?

Natural Body Odor 

Naturally, people produce a lot of smells from their bodies through sweat, and the skin generally. The moisture that comes from the body combined with your sheets and pillows creates an unpleasant odor that is especially felt in the morning. While sleeping, a person’s body leaves dead cells, natural oils, and sweat on the sheets and covers, enabling bacteria to spread around the room. 

Furthermore, the odor can be spread by the carbon dioxide that you exhale when you are breathing. The carbon dioxide can additionally make the smell worse. When the room is small and there are no open windows, this smell can be excessive and highly felt. 

Dirty Sheets And Pillows 

It is understandable that you cannot change your sheets every day; therefore, it is natural for your sheets and pillows to absorb the sweat overnight, especially during summer without air conditioning. So, they get dirty pretty quickly and create a smell in your room that spreads until morning.

However, this does not happen in one night. We are talking about pillows and sheets that have been used for more than two weeks. Therefore, they need to be changed in order to prevent the smell from spreading around the room. 

Pillowcases are especially responsible for creating unpleasant odor since they catch all of the oils and dead skin that our face produces. Faces are exposed the most and absorb a great deal of bacteria during the day and release them at night. Pillows are fast absorbers, therefore they also need some frequent changing. 

Dirty Carpet

If you tend to keep your room neat and clean, but there is still a smell in the morning, you should check your carpet. Carpets are known to be absorbers of bacteria, dust, and dirt, and even if you vacuum regularly, there still might be spots that are missed all the time. Those spots can be one more reason why your room smells in the morning.

Dirty Clothes

Dirty clothes might be the most obvious reason for the smell in your room. If you keep dirty clothes in the room where you sleep, you should expect an unpleasant odor to spread overnight. This especially relates to clothes which you use if you have an outdoor job. 


If you have a pet at your home, you are probably accustomed to the certain smell they spread around the house. However, if you allow your pet to sleep in the same room as you, do not be surprised when that odor goes all over the space where you sleep and makes it suffocating. 

Pets can usually leave urine that you might not notice and which will spread over time, making the room really unpleasant, especially in the morning. 

How Do You Get Rid Of The Bad Smell In Your Bedroom?

Why Does Your Bedroom Smell After Sleeping?

To keep your room always fresh and clean, you might do several things that will help you get rid of the bad smell that might make you nauseous in the morning. Keeping your room fresh is not difficult since you have to do only a few things, and you will immediately see some changes smell-wise. 

Keep Your Room Clean 

Tidying and cleaning the room are essential things that you have to do if you do not want your room to have a bad smell. So, make sure that you vacuum regularly, clean the dust, and keep the windows opened as much as possible. Opening the windows is very important, especially for small bedrooms. 

Along with opening windows, make sure that your curtains are away from them, so you could allow the sunlight to enter the room. Sun can eliminate harmful bacteria and mold. Therefore, when the weather is nice, keep your windows fully open. 

Regular Changing Of Sheets 

Since the sheets and the pillows are sources for absorbing bacteria and other oils, make sure that you change them regularly. Two weeks is enough to refresh the bed in which you sleep. Furthermore, make sure that you also pay attention to your mattress, since it also needs changing every 8 to 9 years. 

Keep Pets Away 

If you own a pet, you probably let them go in each room from your home, and even sleep with you. However, to avoid the bad smell in the room where you sleep, try to keep your pet away from it, at least during nighttime. That way, you will be sure that you will not have any urine somewhere around the room left unnoticed. 

How To Keep a Bedroom Smelling Fresh?

Make sure that you open your windows regularly, especially if the room is small. Also, make sure that you vacuum your carpet on a daily basis and you change it every 7-8 years. Do not keep dirty clothes lying around your room, since they can easily spread the smell around the bedroom. 

Finally, do not keep any food and drink around the room since they can easily get spoiled and the smell will enter each corner of your bedroom.

Natural odors from the body are normal and they tend to make your room smell in the morning, but keeping your windows open and your bedroom vented at all times will help you get rid of it easily.

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