Ashley Furniture vs Rooms to Go: Complete Guide

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms to Go: Complete Guide

Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go are both household names in the home furniture field in the United States. Since both of these retailers offer highly discounted quality furniture pieces, you may be wondering which of them is the better option.

Ashley Furniture makes its furniture, while Rooms To Go buys from manufacturers around the globe. In this regard, Ashley should be your go-to retailer for quality furniture, while you should gravitate towards Rooms To Go for better prices.

In this article, we’ll differentiate between these two furniture retailers by reviewing some of their qualities. With the information here, you can easily choose a retailer for your next furniture purchase.

What are the Differences Between Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go?

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms to Go: Complete Guide

While Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go both provide strikingly services, they’re also different in ways other than one.

If either of these furniture retailers lacks a feature that may be a deal-breaker to you, you can simply choose the best competitor. To help you decide if either of them is the best for you, here are some differences between the two furniture retailers.

1. Furniture Quality

When choosing a furniture retailer for your next purchase, the quality of their furniture pieces should be the most critical factor to consider. Regardless of the excellence of their customer service, you’ll never be satisfied with inferior quality products.

When buying from either Ashley Furniture or Rooms To Go, you should be aware that you’re shopping for budget furniture. Consequently, most of their furniture pieces won’t have the excellent quality of the insanely expensive ones from superior retailers.

Although the quality of their furniture pieces is mainly on par, most people prefer to buy from Ashley. Ashley Furniture is more popular has much to say about the quality of products you get from both retailers.

2. Price

Most people aren’t interested in keeping a piece of furniture for a long time. Paying top dollar for something you’ll replace in a couple of months or years doesn’t sound like an economical decision.

This point justifies looking for budget furniture, but who does budget better amongst these two retailers?

The prices you get at these retail stores depend on the specific furniture piece you’re shopping for. While Ashley may offer cheaper mattresses, you may get better deals on sofas from Rooms To Go.

If budget is the primary influencer of your buying decision, you should check out prices at both stores before deciding. The prices will be relatively similar, but you’ll almost certainly get better deals at one, compared to the other.

3. Warranty

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms to Go: Complete Guide

Since you’re shopping for budget goods, you might want to get great warranty deals on the products if anything goes wrong.

Depending on the product you’re buying, Ashley Furniture will offer anywhere between a one and a five-year warranty on all products. In short, you can use your furniture pieces for at least one year without worrying about any unintentional damage.

On the flip side, Rooms To Go offers a one-year warranty on qualifying products. You can get better warranty deals with the original furniture manufacturer, but you can only hold the store responsible for up to one year.

4. Returns

Sometimes, you get defective products or products that you simply don’t like. You can use a return policy in these scenarios, which both Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go provide.

You can return all furniture pieces from Ashley for a full refund within 72 hours of purchase if it’s in an unused condition with the furniture in its original package. However, you can disregard the second condition if the in-home delivery involves removing the package.

With Rooms To Go, however, returns are only allowed on online purchases within 48 hours of the purchase if you’re dissatisfied with the quality of the furniture piece. If you purchased at a showroom, you don’t qualify for any refunds after the furniture piece has been delivered.

Is Rooms To Go Cheaper than Ashley Furniture?

The primary goal of everyone shopping for furniture pieces is getting the best quality product for the least price. Therefore, it’s logical to prefer retail stores that offer lower prices.

However, it’s important to note that basing a purchase only on price isn’t the best idea. Excellent furniture prices command better prices, and you’ll almost certainly be getting a better quality product for more money.

If you’re budget-constrained, however, you may want to check out Rooms To Go’s collection. They offer better prices for their furniture pieces as they don’t produce any of them. They only purchase it in large quantities from overseas manufacturers to sell in the United States.

On the other hand, Ashley Furniture manufactures most of their furniture pieces, and they usually have a more refined selection than most of the competition at the price point.  

In addition to that, Ashley also offers a Millennium collection which is more expensive than most of their other furniture collections.

If budget is the major driving factor for your purchase, you’d be better off shopping at Rooms To Go. While their product quality may be worse than Ashley’s, you’ll surely not be breaking your bank to afford their furniture.

Is Rooms To Go Furniture Better Quality than Ashley?

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms to Go: Complete Guide

Ashley Furniture is both a manufacturer and a retailer; they manufacture their budget-friendly furniture pieces, sell them as a retailer, and distribute them through third-party retailers like Room To Go.

Consequently, you can always expect consistent furniture quality from Ashley Furniture. While they may not make the best furniture pieces on the market, they’re the largest budget retailer, which says a lot about their product quality.

On the other hand, Rooms To Go offers variable furniture quality. Since they purchase furniture pieces from manufacturers worldwide (including Ashley), the furniture quality you get depends on the specific manufacturer of what you end up buying.

If you prioritize quality over affordability, you’ll be better off shopping at Ashley Furniture. Their furniture collection represents the excellence of their work, while Room To Go’s collection represents the cheapest deals they can get from various manufacturers!

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