Do Black Curtains Make Rooms Hotter?

Do Black Curtains Make Room Hotter?

When it comes to picking out curtains for your room, you have numberless options in terms of materials, fabrics, and colors. However, not all curtains are suitable for every room; therefore, you need to take certain things into consideration before making the decision, especially when it comes to colors. So, do black curtains make your room hotter?

Even though dark colors are attractive, black curtains draw heat into a room and make it hotter. If you have dark curtains, you should keep them open often, if you want to retain coolness. Curtains can affect the temperature in the room, and color plays an important role. 

In this article, I will help you understand how black curtains affect the temperature in your room, and how the color of the curtains you pick can play an important role in keeping the heat in and out. Also, I will give you some tips related to curtain colors, so you can retain the coolness and freshness in your home. Curtains are important features of a home that affect a lot of things around the house; therefore, they should be selected carefully. 

Do Curtains Affect Room Temperature? 

Do Black Curtains Make Room Hotter?

When it comes to keeping a certain temperature in your room, the first thing you consider is your heating system or air conditioning. However, curtains have important features in their structure; therefore, they should also be taken into account when it comes to achieving and maintaining the wanted room temperature. This means that curtains do not serve only as a tool for privacy, or as a decoration in your home, but they have their role in the temperature settings as well. 

Curtains have the ability to limit the airflow between the cold and the warm areas in your room, and that way, they keep the heat inside. However, if you choose some heavy curtains or drapes, you should expect that they will act as a blockage between the window and the room, so the room temperature will not be changed a lot. Therefore, since they play an important part in the whole temperature thing in your home, then you should pick the colors and the materials carefully.

While the color can affect the effectiveness of the curtains, so does their heaviness. For instance, if you choose heavy curtains they will be able to retain the heat into them and keep the room cool as much as possible. Therefore, the thicker curtains you choose, the more absorbing they are. 

Curtains act as an insulator, so they absorb the heat and that way affects the room temperature. That means that this type of curtains would keep the room cool, while lighter curtains would let the heat inside the room. 

Do Black Curtains Make The Room Warmer? 

Colors play a very important role in most things around us in our lives, and this rule is not excluded when it comes to curtains. Therefore, the color of curtains you choose for your room will affect the temperature inside, so you want to choose them carefully. 

Dark colors, like black, are usually not recommended for summer since they attract sunlight. For example, people avoid wearing black in summer, and the same applies to curtains as well. It is advised to pass on the black curtains if you do not want your room to be hotter, especially in summer. 

Black curtains are elegant and they add some mystic feeling to your room. However, they make the room warmer, so they are not the first choice for summer. They are also good because they do not show dirt, therefore, your room will look clean longer than usual, but they can fade quickly because they attract sunlight. 

Therefore, if your room is exposed to the sun and you have big windows and a lot of them, you should avoid putting on black curtains. However, this might be beneficial in winter on sunny days. If you live in a place where summers are mild and not very cold, then black curtains could work for your room. 

What Colors Of Curtains Keep The Heat Out? 

Do Black Curtains Make Room Hotter?

Since the black color attracts sunlight and makes the room hotter, it is expected that lighter colors can keep the heat out. However, not all light colors have this feature, so you cannot just pick one and expect results. It is essential that you know which colors can be suitable for keeping the room cooler. 

According to studies and research, medium-colored curtains can reduce the heat in the room by 33 percent. This can also be enhanced by putting white plastic backings behind the curtains or the drapes. For the best result, you should choose the white color for your curtains. 

White reflects the thermal energy; therefore, your room will keep the heat out and stay cool during hot days. You can also choose other colors but with the lightest tones possible since the dark tones can act in the same way as black. Therefore, to be on the safe side, choose something white or light yellow, and you will keep your room fresh. 

However, you should take into account that the colors are not the only factors for the ability of the curtains to keep the heat out. You should only think about the material and fabric of which the curtains are made. For example, if you have sheer white curtains, the material will allow the sunlight to enter the room, and because of its translucency, it will make it hotter. 

On the other hand, if you choose white color for your curtains but they are heavier in fabric, then you should expect your room to be heat-free. Of course, if it is very hot, you will need air conditioning, since curtains cannot beat the power of the sun. 

If you were interested in buying black curtains, this article might have changed your mind because now you know that they affect the temperature in the room and keep it warmer. Therefore, if your room is highly exposed to sunlight, you should avoid the black curtains there.

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