Do Your Nightstands Have to Match?

Do Your Nightstands need to match?

Nightstands are incredible furniture accessories for the bedroom. They allow us to keep valuable items next to us while we sleep, avoiding the need to get up during the middle of the night. I hate when, immediately after laying in bed, I need to get up and get something I forgot. And, trust me, some nights I need to do so several times. I love nightstands cause you can have everything you need, right there with you. On top of their practicality, they also can add a touch of glamour to your bedroom and bring its look altogether.

It can be quite challenging to purchase nightstands, as there are some many different options available in different colors, sizes, styles, materials, and with different storage options. A question that we see pretty frequently is whether both nightstands should match or not. We know that they are important items for both form and function, but do your nightstands have to match? Not necessarily. With thoughtful and purposeful decorating, it is possible to make anything look good, whether items match or not.

Are you wondering if you should match or mismatch your nightstands? Do you think it’s odd to have them mismatched? Or too cliche to have them match? In this post, we’ll clarify some of the main concerns, and by reaching the end of it you should have your answer.

To Match or Not To Match? 

All too often, we get to the room and capture the central focus which is the bed. And sometimes you see a wide and short nightstand on one side against a tall bedside table on the other. Other times, the decor is all matched and uniform. Then you’re left wondering, what should I do for my bedroom? To match or not to match? Well, let’s find out.

Factors to Consider

Before we get into much detail, let’s take a look at factors to consider when deciding if you should have matched or mismatched nightstands for your room.

1. Size of the Room

Depending on how big or small the room is, you can choose to have either option. For a small room, having matched nightstands can seem extravagant and unnecessary. In such a case then, you might want to focus on purpose rather than shape, and mismatched nightstands are the better option. You need to maximize the space in your room, so you can a small nightstand in one side and have the other bedside table as a chest of drawers to serve a different purpose than holding your glass of water at night.

2. Accessories

Every room has its color palette, where you might have white walls which you’ve maybe matched with an oak or mahogany bed, in addition to other accessories. If you’re looking for uniformity, you can have matched nightstands to embrace the style if the room in general. Unless you’re looking to blend different decor ideas, coordinated nightstands will be your best option.

3. Size of the Nightstand

Furniture and furnishings have a way of claiming space in every room. While different beds could have various designs of nightstands, it’s crucial to take a look at the size and estimate if at all you would want two of a similar kind. For slim shaped nightstands, it could look odd to have both on either side. But if they are of desirable size, they could add some stability to the room appearance. The size and shape can define the answer you are looking for. 

You might want to take the shape of your bed into consideration as well. A California King will be much wider and call for wider nightstands, while a Queen sized one will call for slimmer ones.

4. Purpose of the Nightstand

Sometimes we look to match nightstands just to have a coordinated look. When you have a big room, the nightstands will mainly be a decorative piece rather than a purposeful one. For a smaller rental house, the rooms are smaller; hence, your nightstand will have to be your socks drawer or your reading table. Either way, depending on the purpose of the nightstand, you can choose to have a broad stand on one side and a smaller one on the other.

5. Partner or No Partner 

You and your partner could have different tastes in decor. As so, each one of you might desire a different nightstand next to you. Besides your different decor preferences, you might have different needs when it comes to your nightstand. One of you may only need space for a lamp and a book, while the other might keep work files, medicine, or body lotions. If that is the case and you have different needs and wants, it is completely ok to have mismatching night stands. 

Matching Nightstands 

For many people, having an all together look is much better than mixing and matching items, which could, later on, look outdated and ugly. Regardless of the style chosen to decorate the room, the easiest way to decorate it is to have a combined, elegant, and sophisticated style. Matching nightstands create a layered look. 

The idea of adding something different to it could make the room seem dull, less happy, and less cozy. This is because, currently, you are focused on one color palette on both sides of the bed. While the idea of having different nightstands seems interesting on paper, it can make them look less attractive. So what would be the benefits of it? What’s good about it?

Mismatching Nightstands

Mismatched nightstands could indeed give the impression of a disorderly room. But, with some fine tuning, the look can turn out to be authentic and provide the perfect aesthetic appearance for your room. So how can you achieve a great mismatched nightstand look?

  • Sizing – the secret to a great style is to use mismatched nightstands that have the same size in terms of height, length, and width. People are less likely to look at the design on the nightstands.
  • Matching accessories – try to use similar accessories on both sides of the table like matching lamps. This will also make the differences less noticeable. 
  • DIY coloring – if you find two nightstands you like that have different styles but do not match in color, you can easily paint them at home in order for them to synchronize well.
  • Matching wood – different styles tend to match very well. Much like a farmhouse style, you can easily match some antique stand with a contemporary looking bed. Hence try matching the tone of both to be something that easily blends with the room.
  • Varied options – ever gone to the store and find the same pillow but different designs? Well, you can adapt to the same technique. Get two tables of the same make but different styling. Maybe something with glass spacings over complete wooden furnishings.
  • Bolden the difference – You can also take the high road and keep the difference noticeable. The best part about decor and home interiors is that everything goes. Hence, it’s elementary for you to rock the difference, and it’ll still look classy as always. If that is what you are pursuing, add decorative accessories that will bring the looks of both nightstands together.

Final Thoughts

Home renovations and improvements are such a nerve-wracking activity. There are many things to choose from and many ideas to incorporate. This can definitely cause some degree of analysis-paralysis. But sometimes it’s all about how you feel, and you might need to stop overthinking. You can spend a lot of time looking for those matching nightstands to add to your bedroom or you can easily blend it out for a beautiful look. Many designers will advise you to make the best out of what you have. Besides, in the future, you might need to renovate the room again. So stop overthinking, find something that you like and that fits your needs, and go for it. 

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