Does IKEA Charge For Delivery? (Costs & Fees)

With the e-commerce boom in the last decade, online shopping has become immensely popular, so much so that some of us prefer to shop online rather than in the stores. By shopping online, you avoid so much of the hassles and crowds that come with shopping in stores, but you do have to wait for your package to arrive rather than just getting it there and then.

Buying online sometimes means paying extra for delivery, and while that is a small price to pay for some, some of us buying big-ticket items such as furniture from IKEA may not be as thrilled about it, especially if the delivery charge is a steep one.

Like all online stores, IKEA is available to customers online, and you can buy anything from huge sectional couches to kitchen utensils and have them delivered to your house. However, does IKEA charge a flat rate for delivery, or does it differ depending on the product?

IKEA charges a flat delivery fee of $9.99 for small items and between $29 and $59 for larger items. Delivery fees are calculated based on the item’s size and the distance between the customer’s shipping address and the nearest warehouse. IKEA charges delivery fees per order (not per item) and rarely offers free deliveries.

IKEA Delivery Fees

Browsing the online IKEA store can take you on a wild journey where you can find anything and everything that your interior obsessed heart desires. Once you select the furniture pieces or appliances that you want from IKEA, you can have them easily delivered to your home address. IKEA has a flat rate of $9.99 for smaller items and $29 – $59 and up for bigger items depending on how far your delivery location is from one of their nearest warehouses. Some of the most common items that typical customers have bought from IKEA and their delivery charges are shown below:

  • Bed Frames and Mattresses – These will cost you anywhere from $29 – $59, and up depending on the distance from their nearest warehouse, if you get them as a consolidated delivery, that is. On their own, one bedframe or one mattress can cost anywhere from $29 to a lot more than that each.
  • Couches – Couches are again a big item and can be from $29 to a lot more depending on the nearest IKEA warehouse from your location. If you need to get other items from IKEA, add them to the order and save on paying this delivery fee on each item you order.
  • Dining Tables and Dining Chairs – These will cost you the same as other big items, anywhere from $29 to a lot more depending on the location of the nearest warehouse. Just remember, consolidated deliveries are the best option if you have to buy both tables and chairs.
  • Desk – Some desks at IKEA are classed as small items and some as big. If you’re ordering a smaller desk, you will only have to pay a $9.99 fee. In contrast, if you order a bigger desk, it will cost you some more dollars as the delivery fee varies from $29 to a lot more depending on the distance of the nearest warehouse to your location.

Does IKEA Ever Offer Free Deliveries?

Free Delivery! Can you ever be as happy as seeing these words on your order page? Sadly though, IKEA does not offer free shipping and instead just offers a flat fee on small and big items that you order. IKEA’s flat fee is a great bargain for people looking to buy a lot of furniture and appliances at once since it won’t cost them an arm and a leg for all the packages coming through. However, for those looking to buy some smaller items or just one big item, the delivery cost is slightly high.

Free deliveries are not really IKEA’s style, so you have to get creative in saving money. IKEA’s Black Friday sale allows you to order online and then collect your order from your nearest store without having to pay the $5 fee through their click and collect program.

Amazon also has IKEA items, and you can have your items delivered to you free of cost in 2 days through Amazon Prime. If you’re looking to refurnish a whole room, IKEA’s delivery fee is a bargain, but if you just wanted a small item, your best bet would be to either use the Click and Collect program or Amazon.

Do Delivery Fees Change According to Zip Code?

Whether you’re moving or just looking to change up a few things in your house, you can find an IKEA store pretty much in every city around the US. However, even though their stores are everywhere, they don’t have warehouses everywhere, so they might not stock some of your favorite pieces in a warehouse near you, which is why IKEA’s delivery fees can differ according to your zip code.

When you are at checkout on the IKEA website, your delivery fees are calculated when you put your address in. While IKEA charges a flat rate depending on the size of the item you’re buying, there are additions to it if you are based somewhere pretty far from their nearest warehouse.

For example, getting a TARENDO dining table delivered to, let’s say, Carlisle, PA, will cost you an extra $129 in delivery fees, whereas if you order this same dining table to Los Angeles, CA, it’s going to cost you only $49 in delivery fees. If getting an item delivered proves too costly for you, IKEA offers a Click and Collect service as well, but only on items they have in stock in a store near you.

There are a few reasons why IKEA shipping can be a bit expensive, but with some planning you might able to minimize those costs. We’ve written a full guide on how to do so, and you can check it out here.

Does IKEA Charge Delivery Fees Per Order or Per Item?

When you’re renovating, redecorating, or moving, buying a lot of the furniture, appliances, and home décor bits together in one trip is one the best ways to save your time and money. Shopping online on IKEA is no different as they charge a flat fee for delivery no matter how many items.

You will be charged on your IKEA order as a whole depending on your location from their nearest warehouse, and sometimes ordering the dining table, couch, and the lamp you’ve been eyeing up altogether can save you a lot of money.

One of the possible best ways to save money on IKEA shipping has been to order a wide range of products all together in one order, so you only pay the one time, flat fee of about $29 – $59+ and have all your products reach your house in one quick delivery.

How Long Does IKEA Delivery Take?

So you’ve decided on what products you want from IKEA and are ordering them all in one consolidated order, and you’re excited. However, in your excitement, don’t forget to look at the checkout and see if you have any expedited delivery options.

IKEA offers expedited delivery for certain orders, which is fulfilled by IKEA themselves, which means that whatever you are ordering needs to be in stock at your nearest store. If you don’t need expedited delivery, IKEA does not provide a guarantee on when you’ll be receiving your order as they partner with third-party logistical companies, and it pretty much depends on them and their scheduling.

IKEA states that scheduling the order on their part takes 1-2 days, and after that, customers will be communicated a 4-hour window during which your delivery will take place on a certain day. During situations such as a pandemic or a nationwide march, deliveries can take longer and can be expected to be delayed.

Final Thoughts

With the joys of the internet, shopping come the sorrows of delivery fees and delivery time. Shopping from the comfort of our home or bed comes at a cost, and that cost usually comes at you as the delivery or shipping fees. When you’re ordering from IKEA, you pay a flat fee depending on the size of the items you have ordered and the distance of their nearest warehouse from your location.

Consolidated orders are much more cost-effective under the cost structure that IKEA has and allows you to buy everything you need at once with one flat delivery fee. Delivery time is also not guaranteed but will not take too long, and if you can’t wait, there is always the option to expedite your delivery or choose their Click and Collect program. Online shopping is a great way to browse the many products on IKEA’s website and have them delivered straight to your door with only a little added cost.

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