Does IKEA Give Extra Parts? (and How to Get Them)

When looking for affordable furniture pieces or home bits, IKEA is the first place most people turn to. The variety of products, designs, and styles are all available at very economical prices and fit into easy-to-transport packaging without compromising on the quality, making IKEA an immensely popular store around the world. Assembling your own furniture is part of the fun of buying from IKEA and can make you really appreciate that furniture piece, and sometimes can also frustrate you.

IKEA furniture comes with instructions and all the parts you will need. But are there extra parts in the original packaging, and can you get replacement parts if you’ve lost some?

IKEA furniture often includes extra parts like screws or dowels, in case a customer accidentally loses an important yet small part. IKEA also gives out replacement parts for free (small parts) or for a small fee (big parts). These can be obtained by contacting the store’s Exchange and Returns department.

Extra Parts Included in Original Package – What Are Those?

Once you’re ready to start building your IKEA furniture piece, the first step is to go through all the parts you have in the package and separate them into categories.

After that, go through the first page of your instruction manual and ensure you have the right quantities of each part that you will need, down to the smallest screws. This first page has part numbers listed in your package and can make it easy to keep track.

There will always be a few extra screws, dowels, or pegs in an IKEA package, which are provided because these are easy pieces to lose if you’re moving or just because things get lost sometimes!

However, you won’t find any extras for the bigger parts of the furniture in the package as they are a lot harder to lose sight of.

How to get Extra Replacement Parts from IKEA

Now, if you do end up losing some of your furniture parts, whether because you were moving or because you were storing them, IKEA has got you covered when it comes to replacement parts.

A quick trip to the returns and exchange department in IKEA can help you find any parts you are looking for – the only thing you will need is the part number that is easily found on the first page of your instruction manual.

Smaller parts such as screws, pegs, and dowels are easily available for free at IKEA, and you can take as many as you will need. For bigger parts, however, you need the part number as well as the product name, and this replacement can take some time as IKEA may have to source the part from elsewhere in the country or even globally but rest assured you will have the part you’re looking for.

You may also need to pay a small fee for the bigger parts you’re looking to replace. Still, it varies depending on the said part’s availability and delivery charges if delivered to your doorstep.

Lastly, if you happened to lose the Allen wrench provided by IKEA, you could check out our full size guide to find the right replacement wrench for your needs.

How to Find the IKEA Part Number

If you need replacements for any parts of your furniture, you need to be able to provide the part number to the customer service desk for them to find exactly what you’re looking for.

To find an IKEA part number, all you need to do is look on the first page of the instruction manual that comes with your product and pick out the part you’re missing and note down its number.

Part numbers are the easiest way to replace your missing part, but you can also look at the serial number on the bags that house the parts if you can’t find it. If all else fails, remember to take along the name of the furniture piece that you need a replacement part for, and the IKEA staff can help you identify the pieces you may be missing.

You can also always turn to the internet, where many IKEA forums can help you identify the missing part you may be looking for.

IKEA Replacement Parts for Discontinued Items

Whether you’ve decided to use an old IKEA piece you have lying around or have found a piece at a flea market in need of some upcycling, you might have to cross your fingers when it comes to finding replacement parts.

IKEA discontinues their collections from time to time, introducing them again with new designs or structural differences, making finding parts for these pieces a little tricky. Don’t let this stop you, however, from heading down to the IKEA returns and exchange department, with a part number or furniture code, and trying your luck.

Some parts, such as screws, bolts, pegs, etc., are hardware parts that are used in many different furniture pieces, making it easy for you to find replacements.

As for parts that may be specific to a certain product, IKEA may source it for you from Sweden and have it delivered to your doorstep if available, making you one of the rare, lucky customers. If you can’t seem to find parts at any IKEA store, you can always turn to the internet as a last resort.

Will I Need a Receipt to Get Extra Parts?

Most of us know the drill – when replacing or getting extra parts, you should show proof of purchase, like a receipt, before you can receive or buy the said parts.

However, IKEA does not require you to show a receipt if you have only come to replace some screws, pegs, or dowels as those parts are usually easy to lose, and IKEA has many spares available for customers, for free.

For bigger parts that you need replacements of or just extras, you will have to call their customer service number or visit their returns and exchange desk with your receipt information and the serial number of the part which you’re looking for.

Once IKEA ensures that you have indeed bought from them, you can easily get any extra parts you may need, for free or for a minimal fee.

Final Thoughts

IKEA makes it easy for everyone to find something that fits their particular furniture needs. Their affordable, easy to assemble, and high-quality furniture and interior bits are among the best options available in the market. Their instructions are easy to understand, and their parts, properly categorized. This categorization can help you if you are ever in need of an extra part for your furniture piece.

IKEA has made it incredibly easy for customers to find replacement parts online or in their returns department, and all you need to do is provide them with a part number and receipt information.

Bigger parts may come for a fee, but smaller parts such as screws and pegs are free and plentiful. IKEA can help you find parts for discontinued items and may even source them for you all the way from Sweden. Looking for a replacement part? Don’t fret, go to IKEA, and you’ll be sorted.

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