FURemover Broom – Ultimate Review (with Photos)

Pet hair can drive you absolutely insane. When I moved into an apartment with carpet in the bedroom, I always felt like I was suffocating with all the pet hair in there. My wife and I own a miniature Australian Shepherd named Luna, and I think she must shed about 5% of her hair every time she breathes. Seriously, there was pet hair in places where per hair should not be. 

At that point, I only had a cheap vacuum and that was not enough to properly clean the carpet. I did not want to spend $200 on a new vacuum, so I had to look for alternative solutions. I eventually came across Evriholder’s FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom and, based on the reviews I saw on Amazon, I decided to buy it. It was less than $15, so why not, right? 5 months later, and it one of the best $15 dollars I have ever spent.

The FURemover Broom is the ultimate pet hair removal tool, and you should definitely give it a shot if you struggle with pet hair all over your carpet. The bristles are made out of 100% natural rubber, so they are resistant but flexible, and they naturally attract pet hair to them. Since they are flexible, they can remove the hair that is stuck deeper into your carpet. 

Below is a picture of the amount of hair I removed from my carpet the first time I used the FURemover. 

I wanted to write up a little review of my experience so you can decide whether the FURemover is the right tool for you. 

FURemover Dimensions 

One of the cool features of this broom is that it is extendable. In its compact position, it measures about 34 inches (about 3 feet), and it can be easily stored anywhere. Below is a photo of the dimensions of the compact position. 

However, such a short broom would be inconvenient when you’re cleaning your carpet for long periods of time. And that is why it’s great that the FURemover can be extended up to 58 inches (about 5 feet). Trust me, your back will most definitely appreciate that feature. Below you can see a photo of the extended dimensions. 

FURemover Broom – Brush and Squeegee

As I have previously mentioned, both the brush and the squeegee are made of 100% natural rubber. Apparently, this allows the pet hair to adhere to the brush, which allows for easier cleanup. The bristles are very resistant, and I feel like this is the kind of tool that will last you a lifetime. 

Personally, I found the squeegee to be quite useful. I have used it to drag the pet hair from the carpet after it “emerged” to the surface, and I have also used it for regular cleaning around my house. Below you can see close-up photos of the brush and the squeegee.

FURemover Broom – Shaft

Like I mentioned earlier, you can extend this broom from 3 feet to 5 feet, which is great. All you need to do is extend it and then rotate it in place so it becomes firm. Once you do that, it will stay in place and you will be able to clean smoothly. 

FURemover Broom – Drawbacks

While the extendable shaft is a nice feature of this broom, it is actually my only drawback as well. While the shaft does look very durable, it can be damaged somewhat easily if excessive force is applied. A few weeks after purchasing the product, I rotated the shaft too strongly and a part of it broke (the picture below shows the damage). While the FURemover still works even after breaking, I must recommend that you are careful when extending and rotating it. It most definitely looks and feels better when it’s in perfect conditions. 

Overall Review

For less than $20, the FURemover is an outstanding pet hair removal tool. It will do the same job (if not better) as a $200 vacuum. If you have thick and tall carpet, this broom will do a better job than a vacuum. Sometimes you may think the carpet is clean but there is actually a lot of hair that is stuck at the bottom, and the FURemover will solve your issue in such cases. I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase and I would most definitely purchase it again. 

Where to Buy a FUREMOVER

If you think that the FURemover sounds like a good tool for you, you can purchase it in several different stores near you. I’ve listed out the stores where you will find the best prices below. 

StoreFURemover Broom PriceShipping
Amazon$13.33Free for Prime members
Chewy$13.33Free on orders over $49
Walmart$13.33Free on orders over $35
Bed, Bath & Beyond$14.99Free on orders over $35
Ace Hardware (pack of 6)$9.99 eachFree for members on orders over $50

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