How Big a Dishwasher Do I Need?

How Big a Dishwasher Do I Need?

People don’t typically agree on most things. The fact that everyone hates doing the dishes shows that it’s an annoying activity; then there are dishwashers. While dishwashers certainly make the task easier, how big of a dishwasher do you need?

The best dishwasher for you depends on how many people you live with. If you live alone or only with a spouse, a compact dishwasher will work just fine. If you have a relatively large family, however, you may want to consider a standard or oversized dishwasher, depending on your family size.

In this article, I’ll recommend the perfectly-sized dishwasher for you based on your family size. Also, you’ll learn the standard dishwasher dimensions, and when you should consider upgrading your dishwasher for a bigger one for convenience.

What Is a Standard Dishwasher Size?

How Big a Dishwasher Do I Need?

You may have noticed that most of the dishwashers you see are roughly the same size. This may lead you into believing that there is some kind of agency that regulates the size of dishwasher sizes for the market.

While it’s true that almost all dishwashers are of the same size, it’s just an unwritten rule that manufacturers have chosen to obey for arbitrary reasons. You can theoretically fit any size of a dishwasher in your kitchen without consequences, as long as there’s enough space.

If you’re wondering the size of the standard dishwasher that appears almost everywhere, it’s about 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches high.

Since most dishwashers are of this size, cabinets are also designed specifically to fit this dishwasher size. If you’re not willing to pay for a standard dishwasher, you can pay for a smaller one that costs less, but there will always be room for more.

Are All Dishwashers 24 Inches Wide?

With the popularity of the standard 24-inch dishwashers, it’s pretty easy to think it’s the only dishwasher size available on the market. However, dishwashers come in many different sizes and you don’t need to go for the standard 24-inch size.

Different sizes of dishwashers are recommended for different people, depending on their family sizes. While the 24-inch dishwasher will fit almost all closets, you shouldn’t always choose what “fits.”

Here is a list of some other dishwasher sizes available on the market that are also compelling options for smaller, and maybe, larger families.

1. Compact Dishwashers

How Big a Dishwasher Do I Need?

While you’d like to believe that small dishwashers don’t exist, typing compact dishwashers into Google will surely prove you wrong. These dishwashers only measure 18 inches wide and are capable of serving small to mid-sized families.

If you live alone, or just with a spouse, a compact dishwasher is the best bet. Since a compact dishwasher can hold around six to eight place settings at a time, it’s best for a home with two or three people at most.

While compact dishwashers have narrower interiors, they still maintain the same 35-inch height and 24-inch depth. While they look similar to the standard dishwashers in dimensions, they’re the best option for people looking to make judicious use of their kitchen space.

2. Standard Dishwashers

The 24 inch-wide dishwashers are generally regarded in the standard across the industry because they’re the most common. Their popularity is explained by the fact that they’re the only practical option for someone with a relatively large family.

Measuring 23.75 inches (24 inches) wide, 34 inches high, and 24 inches deep, they make the sweet spot for dishwashers, at least in dimensions. Most kitchens won’t need any adjustments to fit a standard dishwasher, as most cabinets were designed to fit it out of the box.

If you have a considerably large family, even a standard dishwasher will start to feel overworked. This dishwasher can only fit around 12 to 14 place settings at once, which is barely enough for a family of five.

Fortunately, there are even larger options for people who need a larger dishwasher for doing the dishes.

3. Oversized Dishwashers

Again, these dishwashers don’t have an official name, but oversized dishwashers work well since they’re practically oversized. Oversized dishwashers range from about 30 to 42 inches in width, but they maintain the same height and depth and standard and compact dishwashers.

Oversized dishwashers give you the most flexibility amongst all the dishwasher types. You can choose the exact size of dishwasher you want depending on the size of your family. The 30-inch dishwasher can hold up to 20 place settings at once, which is pretty crazy, compared to other alternatives.

Two factors that might hold you back when trying to switch to an oversized dishwasher are the available space and noise. Compact dishwashers can be relatively quiet, but the bigger you go, the more noise you’ll have to tolerate.

How to Measure Your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher

How Big a Dishwasher Do I Need?

Many factors should dictate what dishwasher size you should install in your kitchen. The most important factor by far, however, is the space you have to spare. It doesn’t matter how large of a family you have if your cabinet can only hold a pretty small dishwasher.

There is only one way to know the dishwasher size your kitchen can hold, and that is by measuring it. You can measure your existing dishwasher to get an idea of how large the replacement should be, but what if it’s smaller than the available space?

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to measure your kitchen for a new dishwasher. To get started, you’ll need a tape measure for taking the measurements. The tape measure should be correct to the millimeter, as dishwashers work with precise figures.

Also, try getting a paper to write down the measurements. You can only remember so much; you don’t want to purchase the wrong dishwasher size because you mistook your shoe size for your dishwasher’s width.

With all that put in place, you should start measuring by taking the height of the opening. Ideally, the specific figure should be something between 33 and 35. Measure at least two times to get a specific measurement before recording it.

When measuring the width, try doing it from, and to corners, preferably from the top left corner to the top right corner. You can also try measuring the width from the bottom too to ensure that you’re not losing anything.

You can also measure the depth exactly as you did for the height and width. Just ensure the depth is the same on both sides and you’re taking the correct measurement. That should help you determine the biggest dishwasher size that can fit in your kitchen.

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