How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Nice?

Small Bathroom

Unless you live in a custom-built home with a luxurious bathroom and closet, chances are that you probably wish your bathroom was both larger and nicer. More importantly than the size of your bathroom is the fact that you should make it look nice. After all, we do spend a significant amount of time in this room, thus bathroom decorating should not be an overlooked matter. Additionally, it is very important to have a comfortable and clean bathroom for events where you have guests. Now there are endless choices when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, so we’ll cover some very simple and quick ones below. 

In order to make your bathroom look nice, you need to start by making it feel cozy, clean, and intimate. No matter the style you use to decorate, by introducing a bit of lighting and color, you can turn your bathroom into a nice cozy retreat!

Here are some important tips for making your small bathroom look nice. They are simple to follow as well as to apply and within no time you will be having a beautiful and clean bathroom. 

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  1. Step Up Your Storage
  2. Hang an Honorable Mirror
  3. Brighten Up Your Bathroom
  4. Choose Calming and Charming Colors
  5. Replace the Rugs
  6. Conclusion

1. Step Up Your Storage

Optimizing a storage space is vital in a small bathroom. If you are the type of people who clutter their bathrooms with an abundance of toiletries, this is perfect for you. The time has come to make your bathroom finally look nice. Having toiletries lying all over your bathroom sink makes it not only look messy but also small. Cut out everything  – and I mean EVERYTHING – that sticks out! Even the smallest piece of accessory or furniture might make the room look messy, so you need to remove as much as you can. 

Get rid of all lying things – including hangers or decorative accessories on your walls – that cut in the room and make it look cluttered. Obviously, you might require some items for convenience and usefulness, but if your space feels nice without them, think about another place to store them. Provide yourself with all the space you need. 

Consider investing in products that enhance organization, reduce clutter and create open space. You may want to add shelving units or buy storage boxes to stick under your sink. Only keep items that are meant to reduce clutter, not add to it. 

The bottom line here is: remove things that don’t belong in your bathroom. Getting rid of extra accessories will make your space look neater. It is very important to maximize your small bathroom space if you want it to look nice. 

2. Hang an Honorable Mirror

One of the most important items you want to get right when decorating in your small bathroom is the mirror. Hanging a large mirror with a flair above the sink will make the place feel more open and spacious. It’s unfortunate how many of us opt for contractor-grade mirrors from the bathroom isle in their local hardware store. Going for a mirror with a bit more personality and positioning it in the right place will elevate your bathroom to something far from basic. 

Now high quality, large mirrors can be quite expensive. If you have a tight budget, try browsing the flea market for inexpensive options or try making a DIY one. Buying a used mirror might be your best bet, as people tend to pretty much just give them away when they are relocating. So you might find what you’re looking for at a garage sale in your neighborhood.

3. Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Overhead lighting is overlooked most of the time, especially when moving into a new house so we never bother to update it. If your bathroom space is limited, proper lighting is necessary to make it neater. Consider using functional options like wall sconces mounted on the mirror as well as cove lights behind the mirror to create the right atmosphere without taking up extra space. 

In fact, you should avoid large overhead lighting fixtures in a small bathroom or when your ceilings are low. Regardless, there are really nice lighting options that do not cost a lot of money. If you have a window(s) in your small bathroom, consider using curtains that maintains your privacy but permits more natural light. Improving as well as adding lighting is a sure way to lighten up your room. 

4. Choose Calming and Charming Colors

If you really want to take your small space up a notch, painting the walls and ceilings will be the best option. Be sure to get the green light from your landlord before repainting or redefining anything. The main aim is to choose a soft, light color scheme throughout your bathroom, one that stays cohesive with the floors. This is a very important step as the right color scheme will give an impression of more space and niceness. More importantly, consider using bright colors for your accessories and towels but choose pastel tones, neutrals and preferable whites for backgrounds to enhance the feeling of serenity. 

If you are looking for more details, you can dress up your walls with attractive wallpaper. Although wallpaper can be costly as well as time-consuming, the hassle is worth it hence spending some dollars in buying a roll or two will ultimately transform your small bathroom. Also, if you possess an artistic talent or one of your friends does, consider painting or putting a decorative mural on the open wall. 

You can also hang a framed photo that resembles a window, facing the garden or a beautiful horizon. These decoration tips can greatly help to make the room look nice and big. Any artistic work that shows an external view will help increase the impression of openness. 

5. Replace the Rugs

In most cases, a dirty or tired bath floor mat is one of the surefire ways that make a bathroom seem unkempt. If you live in a house with such flooring, there is no doubt that it should be quickly replaced. The most beautiful bathrooms that have gone a step further are replacing terry cloth mats with more elegant floorings like Persian and Turkish rugs. 

Most tufted wool rugs are soft as well as an excellent substitute for cloth mats. What’s more, with beautiful colors and patterns that become better as they fade, they can welcome so much personality and sophistication to the small bathroom.


Your bathroom is among the frequently visited areas in your home so why not make it look awesome by following the above tips! Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean that it has to be dull. Try to make it a warm and inviting place that shows off your style and personality. These renovating ideas work in any small room, especially in the bathroom. They will help create a feeling of niceness without stretching your budget that much.

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