7 Ways Decorating Increases House Value


If you are planning to decorate your house to attract new players, you are bound to find some good resources for decorating tips. When it comes to selling or renting a house, everyone looks for inexpensive ways that can increase home value before realtors come in and do their own appraisal. Home decor plays a major role in renters or buyers attraction. While it will certainly attract more buyers and renters, sometimes it is not so clear whether it will bring in more money or not.

At the end of the day, will decorating increase house value? YES, IT WILL! As long as you focus on decorating the right areas, you’ll receive better offers on the house.

For you to enhance general house upgrades, you should check the entire house for creaking floors, worn-out appliances, old pipes, and frayed wires, malfunctioning lights, etc. that will affect the overall house value. Here are some decorating ideas you need to consider in order to add value to your house.

1. Flooring Replacement

Flooring is the first impression whenever people enter your house. Decorating from the outside of the house to inside will please viewers who are seeing it for the first time. Ensure the front door is welcoming to attract both buyers and renters. If replacing the floor is expensive, ensure it looks new by at least giving it a fresh lick of paint or a power wash. Besides, using a mat is great. Even replacing a broken or loose doorknob, name sign or house number will greatly add value. Let your house look smarter than your neighbors’.

Even painting or cleaning your current floor will result in better offers

2. Kitchen and Dining Room Makeover

Kitchen and dining room decor don’t have to feature contemporary style to be updated, they just need to be smart and conducive. Timeless decor and updated decor are different. If a certain kitchen feature is dated as in it does not flow with any theme, because it was purchased in a past decade and it was popular in that decade, it needs to be replaced. Things like kitchen cabinetry that appear outdated should be replaced or painted with an attractive color as you replace all the hand pulls.

old kitchen
Calling it vintage won’t make it worth more

If you can’t afford new appliances like microwave, refrigerator and oven or stove, it will have a direct effect on all of your kitchen decor. An outdated microwave or stove can stick out like a wound in any kitchen decor. An affordable solution is to buy adhesive stainless aluminum sheeting that can be cut and stuck to an obsolete dishwasher or fridge to make the appliances look like stainless steel. Besides, adding new kitchen countertops or a backsplash will add value to the kitchen.

For kitchen tables and dining room tables, it’s not necessary to spring for new furnishing, instead, look for some affordable table linens and tableware that will make the room feel more formal and useful for entertaining. Any table with stylish linen napkins, placemats or tablecloth will look dinner ready, and increase tasteful stylish appeal which will, in turn, increase their value.

3. Bathroom Decorating

Some bathroom decorating ideas that increase value are repainting the walls and ensuring that the grout between shower tiles or bathtub area looks clean and new. Besides, replacing old dingy shower curtains with smart and new ones is a great transformation in bathroom decor. Replace outdated faucet fixtures or give them a thorough cleaning to look new. A custom-built cabinet around your sink is an added value when it looks like an invested update.

renovated bathroom
Buyers are always looking for renovated bathrooms

4. Lighting

Lighting decor on a budget depends on the size, shape, and function of the room you are trying to improve. Changing out old bulbs and using new ones depending on your customers taste is a great idea. Different modern types, makes, or shapes of bulbs will definitely attract the young generation. Let the lighting be moderate, don’t under light or over light. Remember that in every house, natural lighting is the most efficient and can have dramatic results on your home ambiance. Besides, installing dormer windows or skylights increases the amount of glow entering a room.

5. Cleaning the Compound

Cleaning up your property exterior is as important as taking care of the interior. Showcase features that will attract customers by adding flowers, paths, lightings or subtle yard ornaments. Make all entryways and pathways free from clutter and debris and have adequate lighting. Consider adding a decorative sculpture or plantar box at the front door. Spend some time clearing weeds from flower beds all over the compound and trim shrubbery. Front yellow and red colors are attractive. Just be certain to opt for flowers that don’t attract biting or stinging insects. Moreover, security is important everywhere and whenever a homebuyer notices a secure apartment, be sure of huge returns. Update your security system by fixing cameras all over the compound as you fix or replace any broken fence.

Because who doesn’t like a nice backyard, right?

6. Create a Driveway

In most areas of the country, parking close to your front door comes along with a huge premium. If you have a room or a bigger compound to add off-street parking, make it happen. Ensuring your clients’ car security is an assurance of the increase in house value.

More parking = More $$$

7. Bigger Decor Projects

Examples of bigger projects are adding a conservatory, loft conversion, garage conversion or installing a new bathroom or kitchen. New things add more value in a house but when your budget is tight, opt for simple ones first. Whatever step you opt to take, you first need to consult a local estate agent about the kind of features that are most significant when selling or renting homes in your area.

Even if you cannot afford a conversion or an extension, obtaining your planning permission to do it at a later date is worth it. Spending some bucks getting a survey and drawing up the designs would remove a big doubt element from the mind of potential buyers if they know an extension approval was declared by the council.  


Realtors advise on keeping your house in showing conditions at all times because potential buyers can drop by at an abrupt notice. A clean house speaks volumes about the overall care provided to it and can help you get a better selling or renting price. Everything in the house should serve a valuable purpose when selling your home. Make it worth its value by decorating.

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