How Much Does A Dining Room Table Cost?

Dining is among the most important things individuals do every day, though they might not realize it. Why? It’s because aside from fighting hunger pangs, dining is also meant to spend some precious time with the whole family. This is why making the dining room as cozy as possible should be a priority, and special attention should be paid to the dining table. It does come at a cost, but with a little adjustment, it can be made as satisfying as mom’s favorite place without denting our pockets by much.

Now, what kind of table are you supposed to look for? Basically, it should be sturdy, well crafted, and the right size and shape depending on your room. It should accommodate the whole family including your guests.

And how much does such a dining room table cost? The amount you will pay for a dining room table depends on a variety of factors, such as size, material, design, and shape. Costs can range from $150 (if you buy it used) to more than $1500 depending on its model, material, place of purchase, and the number of chairs it comes with.

Dining Room Table Buyer’s Guide

Dining room table can be an expensive investment, but with a bit of research, you will get a perfect one that will satisfy your dining needs. This buyer’s guide will help you get a complete, cost-friendly and robust dining room table that will meet your home needs.

1. Planning

Many factors are taken into consideration when planning on the best dining room table and its cost. How tight is your budget? How much can you afford? Every aspect concerning your budget should be discussed in this planning stage.

What about the room size and shape? Luckily, most dining spaces are either rectangular, square or round shaped. If you have a rectangular one you should look into buying a rectangular table. If you have a square room, a square table will be the best fit to enhance the room’s essence; the same principle applies to round ones. Depending on your room as well as your personal taste, room lighting and kind of flooring, buy a size and shape that will correctly fit the room.

Besides, the size and shape of your dining room determine the number of chairs required. Most dining tables come as a set including chairs. Keep enough chairs around the table for your family and store others until needed to for guests.

2. Choose a dining table made of durable stuff.

If you want the table to last for many years, select a table made of hardwood, such as walnut, mahogany, maple, teak, and oak. Tables made of structural or composite wood, which include MDF boards and plywood are economical and durable, but will never be as robust as hardwood.

3. Wood is the top, but don’t underrate the glass.

The advantage of a table with a glass top is that it works well with many decorative schemes. Its reflective surface makes it an excellent choice for spaces that may require a slightly brighter and lighter look. Glass dining tables are also sturdy. Today’s models are made of tempered safety glass, meaning that the glass is resistant to scratches and heat and will not fall apart if knocked.

4. Choose a tried-and-true: a faded or weathered wood dining table.

A secondhand or used wood table with industrial or farmhouse heritage has already passed the time test. All scratches and cuts on the surface of the tabletop have changed into design details, becoming features that can be admired. If you opt to add a few more to it, it will not matter. As a result, these dining tables are ideal for families with children – you don’t have to get worried when your kids unconsciously (or intentionally) add new marks to it.

5. Amaze your guests.

Marble might be a significant investment, but such tables are very beautiful and can complement your whole decoration scheme. Tables made of high quality imported marble make beautiful dining decor. If you decide to buy one, rest assured that the timeless charm of marble will make it always a fashionable table.

However, keep in mind that the marble top has several drawbacks. Marble tables of all kinds are bulky and heavy, and they must be well cared for because it can crack or stain easily. Keep the tabletop cleared and cleaned at all time to avoid stains. Besides, covering it with a placemat or tablecloth will be a great option.

6. Choose a shape that is compatible with most rooms.

Round dining tables look great in small rooms and living rooms that have square dining areas and with flexible seating. If you buy a 6-seater, 8 can also work with it – the larger the table diameter, the more individuals can be seated. On the contrary, rectangular dining tables have limited seating due to table legs’ positioning and usually only a single person can sit at each end.

7. The color is cool, but watch out for the trendy hue.

Today’s trending color fashion can be tomorrow’s failure in style, so select wisely. Classic colors, like the primaries (blue, red and yellow), usually have a supportive staying power due to their undeniably fundamental. Red is among the most popular colors, especially where a subtle Asian theme dominates homes. Red is traditionally associated with celebration, and it will work, even if the house is modern and minimalist.

8. A classic country table will also make

Generally, a country style table is large hence suitable for families or individuals who regularly party or entertain. These tables are made of solid wood, such as pine or oak, making them very durable. Also, they have an uncomplicated style and design, suitable for most schemes. The only significant factor when purchasing this table style is whether to go for the rustic charm of an English country house or an upmarket one like French colonial table.


Taking into consideration this buyer’s guide, you will hopefully be able to find the right dining table that will make you happy and satisfy you for years to come. It’s a big decision, but it can be very satisfying with the right shopping.

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