Is A White Leather Couch a Good or Bad Idea? (Pros and Cons)

Is White Leather Couch a Good or Bad Idea? The Pros and Cons

A white couch can bring elegance to a room. However, white is generally tougher to keep clean and easier to stain. For a house with adults who aren’t messy, a white couch can be a good idea. For a house with pets and kids, white can be a headache to clean and maintain. So, is a white leather couch a good or a bad idea? 

The pros of a white leather couch is that it looks classy, enlightens a room, and works with most kinds of decor. The cons are that stains can be embarrassingly visible, you’ll need to clean often, and you might have to do regular maintenance. 

A white couch can bring style and warmth to your room. Also, leather is easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily. Nonetheless, a white leather couch can be a risk, especially for an active household with kids and pets. Consider these pros and cons before you go out and buy a white leather couch. 

Are White Leather Couches Hard To Keep Clean?

Is White Leather Couch a Good or Bad Idea? The Pros and Cons

A white leather couch brings that clean, bright, and airy feeling to a room. That’s before we come into the house grimy from gardening or invite friends over for some wine, Netflix, and chill. Then the white leather couch transforms into a source of anxiety.

Though leather is a durable material, it’s highly susceptible to stains. The porous surface tends to absorb oils from our skins and form stains from our spillages. 

The gold news is that leather of any color, including white, is easy to clean. To maintain a fresh clean look for your white leather sofa, you can regularly wipe with a dry microfiber cloth. This will get rid of the day-to-day smudges and light soiling. 

When you need to do a deeper clean because of the inevitable spills, you can use a commercial cleaner.  Here are a few pointers to keep your white leather couch always looking clean. 

Always clean up stains immediately after they happen. Otherwise, the stain will be tougher to remove once it sets.

Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to blot out food and drink stains. Then do a once over with a solution of mild liquid soap and warm water. Dry the spot with a clean damp cloth. 

Generously sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch to remove oil and grease stains. Gently rub in the powder and let it rest for a couple of hours or overnight. Once the starch or soda has absorbed all the oil, wipe with a soft clean cloth. 

Dab a thin layer of non-gel toothpaste to remove stubborn food stains. Scrub with a soft toothbrush then wipe with a clean damp cloth. 

For dirt and grime, make a paste using lemon juice and an equal measure of cream of tartar. Rub the mix gently in the stain and let it rest for about an hour. Use a damp clean cloth to wipe the area. The mix has a bleaching effect that helps maintain your white color. 

Do White Leather Couches Turn Yellow?

White leather will turn yellow over time due to the natural process of oxidation. However, with high-quality leather, the oxidation process typically takes decades. With proper care, you can significantly slow down the dulling and yellowing of your brilliant white leather couch.

To prevent yellowing, regularly polish your white leather couch with leather honey. When cleaning your couch, limit your use of harsh chemicals to those times when you’re removing particularly stubborn stains. Always ensure you use alcohol-free cleaners for regular cleaning. 

When unsure about the effects of your cleaning agent, test it out by cleaning a small hidden part of your white leather couch.  

Can Pets And White Couches Get Along?

Every pet owner knows cats, dogs, and other pets have a tendency to commandeer a couch. Plus, the furrier the animal, the more it will shed. Also, every trip outdoors is another opportunity for the pets to muddy your whole house and all furniture. 

Nonetheless, with some retraining and organizing, your pets can get along with your white leather couch. Here are some tips for dogs:

  • When either the dog or couch is new, lay some blankets on top as you train the dogs to keep off the couch. 
  • Whenever you spot one of your dogs getting on the couch, give them the off command immediately. Don’t be dramatic about it otherwise younger dogs will think it’s a game. 
  • Create alternative places with comfortable dog furniture for them to rest. Choose a spot where the dog has a direct line of sight to the door. They love that. If their place is close to your feet, they will love it even more as dogs love companionship. 
  • Wipe your dog’s feet and underbelly each time you come from a walk. You can tether your dog near the doorway for around ten minutes until the fur is completely dry before setting it free. Treats make the whole situation bearable. 

Cats are a lot tougher to train. They are bossy and have a mind of their own. Nevertheless, cats are generally clean and will rarely stain even your cleanest and brightest furniture. However, they can leave scratch marks all over your white leather couch. These tips can help you keep your cat off your white leather sofa:

  • Place plastic mats on your couch anytime you leave the house. 
  • You may also line your couch with aluminum foil. Cats hate slippery surfaces and foil is a good deterrent. 
  • Lightly spray your couch with apple cider vinegar or citrus spray. They act as cat repellants. 

Are White Sofas Going Out Of Style?

Is White Leather Couch a Good or Bad Idea? The Pros and Cons

White sofas are beautiful statements in any room. It’s a classic look that never really goes out of style. Leather is just as stylish now as it has been through the ages. 

However, when buying a white leather couch you have to consider how it completes your room’s look. Does it match other furniture? Does it complement your style and decor? 

Are White or Black Leather Couch Better?

Leather sofas create a luxurious feel to your home. Your color choice should add visual appeal and denote warmth and comfort. 

Black couches exude timeless elegance and style. Black leather couches speak of old money, stability, and power. White couches give a feeling of freedom, cleanliness, and being organized. However, whether you pick white, black, or some other color depends on your personal style and taste. 

Last Word

Your couch is a focal point of your room. You want it to look comforting and welcoming. A white leather couch can brighten up your space and give your room a touch of class. Take good care of your white leather couch and it will last in pristine brightness for a long time to come.

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