Washable Paint For Kitchen Backsplash Alternative To Tiles?

Washable Paint For Kitchen Backsplash Alternative To Tiles?

Kitchen backsplash has become a household necessity beyond the need for aesthetics. I have to do a lot of cleaning after every splash of sauce on my tiled backlash.  Now I wonder, is washable paint for kitchen backlash a better alternative to tiles? 

Washable paints are modern-day paints that make cleaning up after splashes and stains very easy. Therefore, these paints serve as great alternatives to tiles in preventing your kitchen walls from being defaced or damaged by water, grease, splashes, etc. You can also get creative with washable paint if you love a decorated backlash.

In this post, I’ll discuss the possibility of using washable paint and the kinds of paints you can use for a backsplash. Also, I’ll show you other alternatives there are to tiles and washable paints. Read on!

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use For The Backsplash?

Washable Paint For Kitchen Backsplash Alternative To Tiles?

A semi-gloss/gloss interior paint or an enamel paint will be my first and highest recommendation compared to others. 

Nonetheless, if you choose to use matte paint, you should do well to remember that it comes with the need to seal your tiles when you are done painting. This makes them long-lasting and can be cleaned with ease.

I’d also recommend that you apply double coats of paint for better coverage and durability, giving generous time between coats as well for it to dry out completely.

Can I Use Semi-Gloss Paint For A Backsplash?

Although semi-gloss finishes are glossier than their satin counterparts, they still reflect a healthy amount of light without appearing too harsh and blinding. In addition, this hard finish is easy to scrub, so it’s a smart option for kitchens and backsplashes.

Asides from using it for high-traffic walls, such as in hallways, semi-gloss paints can also be used for woodwork. 

In high-use areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, semi-gloss walls are a better choice, although they are known to be commonly used for woodwork.

What Are Alternatives To Tiles And Washable Paint?

If you don’t fancy washable paint and tiles, you can try the following alternatives:

1. Wallpaper

Wallpapers may not come to you as an alternative for your wall backsplash, but believe me, it’s worth your consideration. With their diverse designs, they bestow your wall with its own character, giving it that elegant feel. 

In addition, wallpapers now come in waterproof and acrylic varnish types, so you don’t have to bother about them being wet or peeling when cleaning off splashes and spills (which can be done very easily).

2. Wood

Wood is another material that ordinarily does not hold well in moist or humid conditions. Nonetheless, you can explore it as an option for your kitchen walls. 

Using wood is not as rare as some people think, as its paneling can add an earthy feeling and perfectly complement your wall. 

To help protect the wood, you can go ahead and paint it with semi-gloss paint, then couple it with a waterproof varnish or oil-based primer.

If water damage is a concern to you, use wood in the non-splash/spill areas of the kitchen. You might also need to ask about wood panels and their water resistance levels ahead of time (your local house improvement stores should help with that)

3. Acrylic Sheets

Washable Paint For Kitchen Backsplash Alternative To Tiles?

Acrylic sheets a very simple with installation and offer a traditional or contemporary feel to your kitchen. In addition, they are water-resistant sheets, commonly sold individually or in sets that come in at least five to ten. 

Acrylic sheets are versatile depending on the manufacturer and the design you choose. They can be cheap or at the taller and more expensive end of the spectrum, 

One disadvantage would be its limited colour availability (often in white and off-white). However, they only demand a periodic wipe down to keep them staying clean.

4. Metal/ Stainless steel

You can also Install matte or brushed stainless steel panels for a more contemporary and sleek look. These stainless products come in various patterns and textures to easily select your best-suited preference. For easier installation, you can as well order pre-cut sheets.

Stainless steel is also a fabulous option for your kitchen walls. You can always purchase these stainless steel sheets from your local hardware store, or else, you can shop for them online. If the sheets don’t come pre-cut, you may have to contact a manufacturer who will help do the cutting for you.

5. Stone Slabs or Panels

There are also engineered stone panels available on the market. These stones are lightweight because they are cut thinner (about 5 mm) with added backing. 

This will give you a cheaper yet stronger product than traditional thick slabs. The lovely thing is, you can also install the panels by yourself. Also, most designers do manufacture and ship them worldwide.

6. Glass 

Glass is yet another great alternative to the standard tile. It can vary in texture, size, and colour, which makes it easy for you to add a pop of paint should you want to. Else, keep it neutral and classy.

Using glass for backsplash is less expensive and can be done without as much help. All there is to do is order your preferred color and size piece of glass. The best part and worthy of note is that glass requires only very simple maintenance!

6. Brick

Washable Paint For Kitchen Backsplash Alternative To Tiles?

If you are aiming for vintage and classic look, brick is a good kitchen wall option to consider. 

Not only can it add a modernistic and minimalist feel to your kitchen, but brick can also offer a catchy and brilliant contrast to the surrounding walls. 

You may like to think that brick and mortar could be too porous for the damp and greasy nature of your kitchen walls, which is true in a sense. However, the bricks can be double-coated to make them moist resistant, and they can also be coated with water-resistant paint. 

You can also contact a contractor specializing in indoor bricklaying to make necessary inquiries about other options available.

I bet with these; you will never have to run out of ideas for your kitchen SPLASH ZONE areas!

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