Why Are Foam Mattresses So Expensive?

Why Are Foam Mattresses So Expensive?

Foam mattresses can look expensive when compared to other mattresses. It can be easy to not even consider them an option if you’re in the market for a new mattress due to the price. So why are foam mattresses so expensive?

Foam mattresses are so expensive because of the density of the material, quality control requirements, and production costs. Foam mattresses are considered high quality mattresses, and therefore can be a bit pricier. 

There is a lot to know before buying a foam mattress. I’ll show you the benefits of getting a foam mattress and the qualities to look out for to make sure you get the best foam mattress for you.

Why Do Foam Mattresses Cost So Much?

Why Are Foam Mattresses So Expensive?

The quality control on foam mattresses pushes the prices up. It is not easy to get the foam to be the correct firmness for maximum comfort. Manufacturers also find that testing a traditional innerspring-style mattress is easier than a foam mattress.

Mattresses in general are expensive. One factor is that due to the limited lifespan of mattresses they cannot be sold easily. Apart from the fact no one wants to buy a used mattress for hygiene reasons, old mattresses do not offer the support that new ones do which means back pain and is, therefore, not an option for many.

Foam mattresses can last longer than conventional mattresses. Their construction and already mentioned quality control means their longer life span raises demand for the product, pushing up the price.

Finally, the perception is that memory foam is a luxury product. A luxury item means firms charge higher numbers and markup for these types of beds. By skipping the memory foam you could save money. A mattress topper is a good substitute and can keep your sleep just as comfortable.

What are Foam Mattresses Made With?

Foam is everywhere around us but it is slightly different depending on what it is used for. Foam mattresses generally use polyol mixed with other substances including water. A chemical reaction causes the material to expand and can then be formed into almost any shape.

Depending on the style the foam mattress may have a different thickness. If it will be your primary sleeping surface, you want to make sure it is at least 8 inches thick. It may also be a combination of regular foam as a base with a top layer of memory foam, with different dimensions for both.

Is a More Expensive Mattress Worth it?

Price is not the full story when considering mattresses. Of course, more expensive mattresses may reflect that they have higher quality, more expensive materials. It can also be a reflection of quality control which means a high likelihood of even body support and good design.

However, any mattress can be expensive without having all the good qualities listed above. Signs of a high-quality mattress can be a thick and dense mattress with high amounts of springiness for innerspring mattresses and slow, molding changing in the case of memory foam.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping and that should be a consideration when setting your budget for a mattress.

Foam mattresses can sometimes let off smells as a result of the mattress manufacturing process. This is why foam mattresses generally need a period of about 30 days to settle. If after 30 days the smell continues you may be able to return it.

How Much Should I Pay for a Good Mattress?

Why Are Foam Mattresses So Expensive?

Consumer surveys on mattress features highlight that certain types of sleepers say it gives them the most comfortable sleep. Back sleepers often prefer the firmness of innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Side sleepers often prefer memory foam as it allows more give. Those who sleep on their stomach seem to go for latex and innerspring beds.

You may have to pay extra to get a mattress of the size and with the features that you want. If it will be a mattress that you’re going to be sleeping on every day for years that will have a direct impact on your health, it is worth considering how much you want to invest in it. Of course, denser mattresses are going to cost more.

Competition is fierce in the mattress market. Mattress companies, therefore, do spend a lot on marketing and this flows into costs that are passed on to consumers via the price. This is why trying out a mattress to what fits you rather than just paying for an expensive mattress is always the best play, as well as finding retailers that have a generous return policy, which can be up to 180 nights for certain brands.

Cheap Alternative to Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are not for everyone. While the price is a deterrent, some have also found they have allergies to certain foam mattresses. Further, foam can retain heat which is not as comfortable if you live in a warmer climate.

Materials will be listed on the mattress sales page or on the tag of the mattress itself. One of the reasons foam is used is due to its springy, cushioning nature. Removing foam means some alternative is needed, with the common being innersprings or coils.

Latex mattresses are another alternative. They have the advantage of being hypoallergenic which is good for those who have skin sensitivity or other related conditions.

Air mattresses will be significantly cheaper than foam but cannot be used long term. They are only an alternative for temporary uses like in a guest bedroom.

Another way to get a cheaper mattress is to consider that certain times of the year have generally cheaper bedding prices. This is a combination of retailers wanting to offload old stock as well as bring in new models. April is often a prime time to buy a new mattress.

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