Does Wayfair Assemble? (The Ultimate Guide)

Whenever you’re looking for furniture or any home goods and would rather not take a trip to any of the stores, with their crowds and confusing aisles, the one place you can always go to is Wayfair – the online store where you can pretty much find a lot of variety in furniture, appliances and home décor.

Wayfair has fast become one of the most popular websites boasting one of the largest collections of furniture, appliances, and home goods from retailers worldwide. You can look at beds, ovens, and or even lamps that are suited to your interior needs and financial means all in one place and even price match with other models on the website. All of this and much more make Wayfair one of the first choices for customers looking to update their homes.

Buying furniture online can be quite expensive sometimes. Still, Wayfair has worked out to cut down the costs with delivery and shipping by sending packages that have the furniture disassembled for you to assemble yourself at home.

While Wayfair furniture is not delivered assembled, Wayfair does offer assembly services. Customers can add the additional service during checkout, and the assembly cost will depend on the size and number of furniture pieces (usually ranging from $50 to $100 per item).

Does Wayfair Furniture Come Assembled?

Buying furniture online means it has to be delivered to your doorstep, which can increase what you pay for it, factoring in the delivery and shipping charges.

Wayfair promises to give you the best price and hence does not deliver assembled furniture to cut down on the costs they incur on shipping and the extra cost you will have to pay with the delivery.

Whether you live in an apartment or house, Wayfair furniture is delivered in multiple packages containing all the parts you will need to assemble your furniture along with an instructions manual that is basically a pictorial showing you exactly how each piece needs to fit into the mainframe.

If you order a small furniture piece, like a lamp or a footstool, things that don’t take up extra space, Wayfair does deliver them assembled but again, that is very rare and should not be expected.

Does Wayfair Offer Assembly Service?

If you do not want to go through the hassle of assembling furniture or are on a time crunch because guests are arriving and your guestroom is not set up, Wayfair does offer assembly services.

Your furniture will not be delivered to you already assembled as Wayfair cuts costs on delivery and shipping, but you can choose assembly services when you are checking out. Wayfair has partnered with the company, which offers delivery and assembly services.

When you choose to have your furniture assembled at checkout, you select a date and time that works best for you, for the handyman to come and assemble your furniture. The assembly’s price is shown to you at checkout and is included in the price at Wayfair with different prices for different furniture pieces.

Is Wayfair Assembly Worth It?

Right at the end of an online shopping trip at Wayfair, when you’re about to click checkout on your brand new furniture piece, you might come across the added assembly option and think, is it really worth it?

Wayfair furniture is shipped in easy to categorize packages that help you easily understand each piece and its function within the whole product. With these packages, you also get pictorial instructions that are easy to understand, with each step being shown as a self-explanatory picture, which tells you if you’ve put the piece in the exact place that it needs to go.

Some Wayfair items (like beds or dressers) may present challenges for people who have not assembled furniture before, so adding the assembly option can be worth it. For customers with little time availability, assembly is worth it as it can save them a lot of hours and have the item ready in no time.

Is Wayfair Furniture Hard to Assemble?

Most of the furniture pieces that you will find on Wayfair are not hard to assemble by yourself as they are shipped in easy to identify packages and come with an instructions manual that is picture heavy and shows you exactly where each part needs to go.

If you have prior experience in assembling furniture, that might also lend a helping hand in assembling your Wayfair furniture piece with ease. Some bigger furniture pieces, such as beds and couches, can be tricky and prove hard to assemble by yourself even if you have the clearest of instructions and may end up frustrating you, especially if you do not have prior experience assembling furniture or even any home DIY projects.

For these times, you can always order assembly with your Wayfair order, but that might cost you extra, and it is up to you to figure out if you would rather spend time on assembly or money.

Do You Need to Purchase Any Tools?

Assembling Wayfair furniture at home does not require a lot of specialized tools and can usually be done with the tools you have in your toolbox at home.

For the tools you may not have lying around, you can easily get them at any hardware store near you, or you can borrow them from your friends or family.

Usually, the common tools you need are screwdrivers, a hammer, a level, and a measuring tape, along with some more specialized ones such as an adjustable wrench, a wooden or rubber mallet, and sandpaper.

Wayfair furniture comes with all the screws and bolts you will need, so you won’t have to worry about those.

Final Thoughts

When you are trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for any room in your house, having a lot of variety in one place makes it easier for you to make an informed choice, and that is what Wayfair can do for you with the many retailers they have on their website.

Wayfair saves themselves and you the cost of shipping and delivery by sending your order unassembled with very clear and easy to read instructions that help you assemble your furniture with ease. If you are seriously on a time crunch or are finding it hard to assemble the furniture,

Wayfair also has an added feature where you can add assembly as you checkout and set a time and date when a handyman can come and set up your furniture. Wayfair is a great place to find the best variety of furniture for any budget that you may set, and you won’t need to look any further.

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