IKEA Fake Window: Types, Price And How To Make It

IKEA Fake Window: Types, Price And How To Make It

There is a reason why basements are usually dark and gloomy spaces –  the lack of natural light makes any space undesirable. However, just because there are no windows or natural lighting in a space does not mean that it is impossible to brighten up your space with artificial help. 

IKEA’s fake window is a perfect way for you to brighten your space, but what are the types, price, and most importantly, how do you make a fake window?

There are different types of fake windows including led lights, electroluminescent sheets, Smart LED windows, faux window views, artificial sunlight, faux-French windows, and many more. IKEA offers a LED panel that can be used in a fake window, FLOALT, which costs $129.

In this article, I am going to be examining how you can fake a window in a windowless room. I will also teach you how to make a fake window light. I am going to be talking about the different types of fake windows and I will also be looking at the cost of fake windows. 

How Do You Fake A Window In A Windowless Room?

IKEA Fake Window: Types, Price And How To Make It

To fake a window in a windowless room, the first thing you have to do is create a realistic window using LED lights, with the LED lights having to be placed in a rectangular design to imitate the design of a window. You have to ensure that the bulbs you use are shallow and bright bulbs that produce low heat and have the plug-in ability. To make your window imitation even look more realistic, you can hang a curtain over it.

How Do I Make A Fake Window Light?

Do you think you need a fake window light for your basement? Here are steps for you to follow to make that fake window light:

  1. Determine where you want to put your fake window.
  2. Transfer the measurement of your light source to the wall with the use of a pencil, straight edge, and measuring tape.
  3. Attach your LED light source onto the wall using adhesives or spray glue.
  4. Measure the perimeter for the window trim.
  5. Cut the trim so that it fits around the LED lights.
  6. Paint the trim so that it matches the other mouldings that are in your space.
  7. Fix the trim around your fake window using caulking or construction adhesive. Make sure that there is no glue on your adapter cord, and the wire is hanging from a lower corner of the window trim or frame.
  8. Have a curtain rod installed above the fake window, reaching almost the ceiling to stretch the room visually.
  9. Hang sheer, light-filtering curtains to the length of the floor, long curtains make a room seem taller.
  10. Plug your LED lights into the adapter and plug the adapter into a wall outlet.
  11. Close the light-filtering curtains to disguise the fake curtain and allow in some light. If you want more light you can open the curtain or increase the brightness of your led lights.

What Are The Types Of Fake Windows?

There is a lot of fake window variation largely because fake windows are DIYs. Discussed below are some of the different types of fake windows that you can have in your basement or windowless room.

  1. Smart window from LEDs for reading: instead of buying a reading light, you can build a smart window from LED lights that you can control on your phone. To make this smart window, you need two 16ft LED strip lights (daylight white), a 12volt power supply for the lights, two jumper wires, Raspberry PI, MOSFET (for controlling the LEDs), window shade, Short nails, or staples for staple gun, spray glue, tin foil, old sheet or canvas, two 8ft trim boards for the frame, two 8ft 1×3 boards for the sides of the frame and two 8ft 1×4 boards for frames.
  2. Fake window using electroluminescent sheets: even if you do not live in a basement, there might be another room in your house that needs a window for more lighting. Because of the cost of having a real window fitted, and the structural work entailed, you might decide to go with electroluminescent sheets which can add a sunny glow to the room.
  3. Fake window with old laptop screens: with this, you just have to find old laptop screens, if you cannot find enough, you can buy them online. After getting four or six laptop screens, you can put the laptops together on the wall, and you have your fake window.
  4. Fake window with smashed TVs
  5. Fake window with a frame
  6. Fake window from a cardboard
  7. Fake French windows
  8. Fake window with artificial sunlight.

How Much Does A Fake Window Cost?

IKEA Fake Window: Types, Price And How To Make It

There are a variety of fake windows and the cost is dependent on which way you decide to go. The most important thing for a fake window is a bright source of light, below are the cost of some that can be used in a fake window.

  1. IKEA’s FLOALT dimmable white spectrum 12×12” LED light panel = $69.99
  2. IKEA’s FLOALT dimmable white spectrum 12×35” LED light panel = $129.00
  3. IKEA’s FLOALT dimmable white spectrum 12×12” LED light panel = $129.00
  4. LED Plant Grow lights = $99.99


Adding a real window can be very costly or in some cases impossible especially if it is a rented apartment. Rooms usually need another window for balance, most of the time, space still lacks sufficient light despite having one or two lights already. Fake windows help you overcome this by brightening up your space with the much-needed light. They are very easy to fix and they do not cost a lot.

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