Does IKEA Have California King Bed Frames?

Does IKEA Have California King Bed Frames?

California King is a reference to a certain type of bed size. They are bigger than a King size. If you’re looking at upgrading your furniture, can you go to IKEA to get bed frames or mattresses to fit the California King sized items you have at home?

IKEA does not sell California King sized bed frames or mattresses. The size difference is enough that without careful measuring you won’t want to buy a frame or mattress from IKEA for any California King sized item you have as they will likely not fit.

I’ll take you through the sizing differences and IKEA’s offerings to show the best choices and possible combinations you could go for. There are some things to be aware of and possible workarounds if you already have a California King size frame or mattress. Generally, IKEA is not your best choice to find a bed frame big enough to hold a California King but there are some offerings that might work with minimal issue.

Can You Use a King Bed Frame for a California King?

Does IKEA Have California King Bed Frames?

You may have some issues trying to use the smaller King bed frame with the larger California King mattress. If the bed frame is adjustable it could be made larger to take the bigger mattress but otherwise, it is unlikely to fit, particularly if the frame has a bedhead and footboard.

Having a mattress and bed frame that is mismatched not only looks weird but is unlikely to help you get the great night’s sleep that your body needs. It really is worth taking the time to measure to ensure you get the best match, as mattresses can be extremely expensive with bed frames not that far behind.

Buying mattresses not suited to the bed frames they sit on is going to cause issues, not the least of which ergonomically it could impact your health, and artistically as they will be an eyesore in your bedroom. IKEA tends to suggest certain combinations of mattresses and bed frames to avoid this issue as well as selling them as a set to encourage good pairings.

What Is a California King Bed Equivalent to?

The main difference between a standard King size and a California King mattress is the larger length and narrower width. A California King bed is slightly longer at 84 inches and 72 inches wide. A standard King is 80 by 76 inches. Generally, California King beds are uncommon in hotels or other areas so if you want that hotel bed feels, you’re better off with a standard Queen or King size.

There is no real equivalent to a California King size in the general market for mattresses, its main feature is that it is longer to allow taller people to sleep in it comfortably but slightly narrower than a King size. So it’s fair to say a California King is equivalent to a King size bed. It can comfortably fit two adults and a child. 

If the California King doesn’t do it for you, there’s always an Alaskan King mattress that clocks in at a huge 108 x 108 inches or 9 feet. These are generally custom-built and only really meant for extremely tall people. If you’re average height the extra cost is unlikely to be worth it and you would just have too much excessive space, let alone the issues you would face trying to get it into your room.

Does IKEA Make California King Bed Frames?

Does IKEA Have California King Bed Frames?

IKEA makes both mattresses and bed frames but to their own sizing which does not include a California King size. The biggest bed frame they make is a King size which will take a King size mattress. 

IKEA doesn’t do custom work on the bed frames and so you would be better off going to a specialty mattress or bed frame maker if you have specific dimensions in mind.

Does the IKEA King Bed Frame Fit Any California King Sized Mattress?

Although there are some variations on the sizing of California King sized mattresses, given that they are generally a few inches longer than King size mattresses, it’s unlikely that an IKEA King bed frame will fit a given random California King sized mattress.

Certain types of bed frames may have enough room that a California King mattress could fit. IKEA lists several different styles of bed frames, notably one style called platform beds is one of the best choices. As an example, the GRIMSBU has no footboard which would allow longer mattresses like a California King to protrude over and therefore fit.

Another choice in the platform bed category would be the MALM. The MALM is a long-time offering from IKEA that is King size with a headboard but no footboard. It is also a popular choice to do IKEA Hacking, which is a clue that this bed frame is flexible enough to take a larger mattress like a California King.

One last choice that could work well is the IDANÄS. It is lacking a footboard and has non-raised edges which would allow larger mattresses to hang over the side, giving you leeway to put a California King size mattress on it. Aesthetically it likely won’t look great to have a few inches of mattress hanging over the edge so if you’re stuck with a California King Mattress, perhaps it’s best to look other than IKEA to get a bed frame.

Lastly, one of your options is to use a box spring. We’ve written a guide on whether IKEA bed frames need box springs, and when you should choose each alternative – and you can check it out here for more information.

Does IKEA Make California King Sheets?

IKEA does not make California King size sheets. They have sheet sets for King size beds but these are not likely to fit the larger California King size, and in the case of fitted sheets almost certainly will not fit.

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